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  1. We are getting the letter today that tells us! I'll report back when we know
  2. Our Interview was scheduled!! I hadn't checked the new site since his EAD was approved and apparently our interview was scheduled a week ago!
  3. EAD/ AP combo card in hand! PD: May 13th Approval: October 22nd In hand: October 28th
  4. thank you!!! I did get the USPS tracking number and it looks like it's being delivered today!! YAY!
  5. Just got an update that our card has been mailed to us! Will we get a USPS tracking number or is that just for the green card? Thanks!!
  6. My husband's EAD status changed to "New Card is Being Produced" !!!!! I got the email yesterday around 5 PM ! PD May 13th and we were one of the cases with very delayed biometrics (his appointment was Sept 3)
  7. Hello! We are also waiting for our interview. PD is May 15th but we didn't get the biometrics until October 3rd. Status changed to "Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview" on October 5th. Waiting since then.
  8. Wow this is so interesting! I wonder if we should try that... I am also feeling so desperate
  9. Status changed to "Case Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview" over the weekend! Are there any Boston filers in this group? Any idea what my wait will look like from here? PD is May 13.
  10. The status on our EAD has changed to "Fingerprint Review was Completed". Is this any indication that we could be approved soon? PD May 13th.
  11. It was the biometrics for the I-485! Still good news though. Seems like now we're where we should be anyway... Hopefully the wait won't be too long from here.
  12. Keep us updated!! We have two letters coming from USCIS today too! Thinking one is the biometrics for the I-485?
  13. What does the informed delivery look like? Just so I can be prepared 😂
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