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  1. Thank you!!! ☺️ You are so close now!!!!
  2. He made it!!!! Thanks September people and good luck to everyone!!! ☺️
  3. MaryDave1992

    Detailed Medical Experience at Knightsbridge

    Thank you!!!! ☺️ He arrives tomorrow and we're getting married next week!!! Cannot believe how fast it's all gone. Ahhh I bet!!! It's so soon now!! 😄
  4. MaryDave1992

    Detailed Medical Experience at Knightsbridge

    He had it on the 2nd!! And he;s flying in TOMORROW! 😄 We are so excited
  5. Thank you 😊 That's what we were thinking, but, you know... nerves 😄
  6. MaryDave1992

    Detailed Medical Experience at Knightsbridge

    Hey! So when we booked the medical, we had an email from NVC telling us our number. If you email them, they usually respond within one week. So, we got our number via email response from them and that's when we booked the medical! By the time we had the medical, though, we had the official email from NVC saying that it was shipped to London! You can definitely book it as soon as you have the number.
  7. Question- has anyone had any problems when filling out the landing card when arriving in the US? I know it asks the value of the things you are bringing over and intend on keeping in the US. My fiance is coming over with most of his belongings. I don't think that will come out to more than around $2K in value for it all but what are others experiences with this?
  8. My fiance got his visa today!!! 😊 His flight here is booked for next week (April 17th) !! Thanks again for all the help!! See you all over at AOS! ❤️
  9. It took 4 days for us! I think it depends on the embassy though. Congratulations!!!
  10. MaryDave1992

    K1 Visa Approved!

    You're welcome! Our case was sent to London actually! My fiance is British, we just met in Madrid! I'm not sure if the process is the same for every embassy but when our case was forwarded from NVC, we did the DS160 and booked the medical! I think you should definitely be able to fill out the DS160 now but maybe check with others filing in Spain first! Last update: he received his passport and packet!!! 😍 Flight is booked for April 17th!!!
  11. MaryDave1992

    K1 Visa Approved!

    That's so exciting!! I will definitely be following your progress!
  12. MaryDave1992

    K1 Visa Approved!

    Update: my fiance received the email today that his passport has been picked up by a courier and he should receive it tomorrow!!! 🤩
  13. MaryDave1992

    K1 Visa Approved!

    I live in Somerville (Middlesex County). Do you know if that means I go through the Boston office?
  14. MaryDave1992

    K1 Visa Approved!

    Thank you so much!! ☺️ And I definitely will be taking you up on that I'm sure ☺️ Do you have any estimate of when you'll receive the AP/ EAD? We're planning to be married a week after he arrives and file right away 😬
  15. MaryDave1992

    K1 Visa Approved!

    Thanks everyone ☺️