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  1. You will get an e-mail with the tracking number for the EAD
  2. Green card in hand, 157 days since filing Local office El Passo. Waited 100 days for the biometrics. Hang in there guys Chuffed!
  3. Great news! I got my social security number a few days later after receiving my EAD in the post. Good luck in the job hunt!
  4. That's awesome that you got your card so quickly! I had my interview 16th and my status updated today to 'card has been mailed to you!' Thank you for getting back to me and once again, congrats!
  5. Hello all. Had my interview on the 16th October and on the 17th October my status changed to 'card being produced'. On the 18th the status changed again to 'case approved' Assuming it goes the same way to the EAD the next steps will be 'card mailed to you' and 'card picked up by USPS' When should I expect to receive my green card?
  6. Sounds similar to mine. Have you checked your status or an update yet? congrats btw
  7. Bloodyhell. Just checked and my greencard is in production! Applied 20th May Bio letter 30th August Walk in 3rd September Interview appointment letter mid September EAD combined 23rd September Interview 16th October Green card in production 17th October After the frustrating 100 day wait for the biometrics I am reasonably pleased with the progress since then.
  8. Had my interview today at El Paso and it was by far the easiest part of my AOS process. Interview lasted 30 minutes, my wife and I were not split up into separate rooms. The officer pulled out my file and asked to see copies of our passports, birth certificates and marriage certificates which he checked against the ones in the file he had. He then went through how I met my wife before reviewing the wedding pictures. We did bring evidence of our joint life together (bank statements, car insurance docs etc) but he didn't take any copies. He finalized the interview by saying he expects us to be approved and that we should keep an eye on the post. It's been emotional
  9. Good to hear it isnt always that crazy. I landed at 6.30ish on a Saturday
  10. Hello All, I have recently used my AP card to gain entry back into the USA following a short trip back home to the UK. I did a bit of googling on the re-entry experience and from what I could see it ranged from 'a 5 minute secondary check' to 'hours sat waiting to be interviewed'. Below is my experience; 1. Entered IAH Houston. An airport representative advised that I should join the 'VISA' line 2. Went through a normal entry proceedure, finger prints, photograph etc and was told that with AP I would need to undertake 'secondary screening' 3. I was then escorted to another room by an officer who then handed my passport to an officer behind a desk who told me to sit down. There were 50 other people in the room, one guy mentioned he had been there 6 hours. You were not allowed to use your phone or leave the room, there was one key for the toilet which you had to ask for. The officers were very rude, peoples questions were ignored completely and others were shouted at for not sitting down immediately (?!) 5. After an hour I was called forward, not to an interview room but just to the front desk. The officer asked my name and my address in the USA . He stamped my passport and that was it, I was on my way and made my connection. Not a bad experience, but not a fantastic one. Make sure you allow plenty of time for your connections!!
  11. Card in hand 23rd September. Total expedite process took 3 to 4 weeks from initial phone call. Expedited over financial hardship with pending job offer on a k1 AOS out of El Paso, Texas. Thank you for all your help.
  12. Filed 20th May EAD combined in hand 23rd September Expedited. Not sure if it made any difference.
  13. Update from the USCIS this morning saying that the USPS has collected my card and provided a tracking number. Wooo!
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