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  1. You got a lot of good advice above. My sense, like most others, is that you will be fine. Try not to get too nervous. Answer every question honestly and if in doubt, ask to clarify the question. Good luck.
  2. Ok The good news is, we had even less than you. We were in a small town in Alaska, no SSAN, no job, no back account, no insurance ,No joint accounts, no nothing, not even a lease. We brough: pictures and videos we had made in the prior year, Copy of application to add her to my health insurance, That's it. Officer asked her about our life in Alaska. He ended with he'd let us know. We were approved the next day. There is no bad news. Don't worry. Be open and honest.
  3. Yes.Just i had thought when i was your age:-) but life and experience have modified my views, otherwise would have married an American. You'll be fine. Don't stress too much.
  4. My experience tells me that you should: 1. take few steps back from the ledge, 2. take a few deep breaths, 3. As you have learned above, emigration for family will take a loooooong time Therefore, tell your wife your concerns, BUT remember it is her family and if she wants them to come, tell her "honey whatever you want" The reality is many things can and will change before they ever set would get approval, so you are really stressing about hypotheticals and that is stress that is not productive. And having got your rant off your chest, you do need to man up and remember that you married into the family. It is what it is. All will be fine.
  5. All the above advice is spot on. I was in a similar situation in that I was happily living in Vietnam. I filed the K1 six months after meeting my wife to be. But by then I understood that I would need to be living in the USA on a permanent basis as part of the K1 and AOS process. So I pushed my overseas living plans 5 years down the road. And I was able to show that I had ties in USA by returning 3x a year. Now, simply put, it's your job or K1. Sounds like you would be better off getting married and applying for CR1(?). THAT'S cheaper too in the long run and will give you a year to plan ahead. On a somewhat related topic, English teachers quit all the time with little notice. It won't hurt you unless you make a habit of it, but since you will be in the USA, it's a moot point. (And in sure the Counselor Officer thought of exactly that). Good luck. Read this forum on the married visa option before you do anything else. Don't hire a lawyer, more useful to burn the bills during Chinese New Year. Good luck
  6. Oh, I forgot about USCIS. I too checked the box to get ssan at same time, but since we were approved, they decided that that form was moot and therefore never sent info to social security administration. But by then, March 2019, social security offices were closed because government workers get paid whether they work or not, but I was able to beg an appointment, which finally happened in August. Good luck.
  7. I know it's late, but I was in rice exact same situation last year. Finally got SS office to make an appointment in August. Did not file taxes until we had those social security numbers. I'd do as HRQX said above. I too use Turbo Tax. Don't file separately. Good luck
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