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  1. Yes.Just i had thought when i was your age:-) but life and experience have modified my views, otherwise would have married an American. You'll be fine. Don't stress too much.
  2. My experience tells me that you should: 1. take few steps back from the ledge, 2. take a few deep breaths, 3. As you have learned above, emigration for family will take a loooooong time Therefore, tell your wife your concerns, BUT remember it is her family and if she wants them to come, tell her "honey whatever you want" The reality is many things can and will change before they ever set would get approval, so you are really stressing about hypotheticals and that is stress that is not productive. And having got your rant off your chest, you do need to man up and remember that you married into the family. It is what it is. All will be fine.
  3. All the above advice is spot on. I was in a similar situation in that I was happily living in Vietnam. I filed the K1 six months after meeting my wife to be. But by then I understood that I would need to be living in the USA on a permanent basis as part of the K1 and AOS process. So I pushed my overseas living plans 5 years down the road. And I was able to show that I had ties in USA by returning 3x a year. Now, simply put, it's your job or K1. Sounds like you would be better off getting married and applying for CR1(?). THAT'S cheaper too in the long run and will give you a year to plan ahead. On a somewhat related topic, English teachers quit all the time with little notice. It won't hurt you unless you make a habit of it, but since you will be in the USA, it's a moot point. (And in sure the Counselor Officer thought of exactly that). Good luck. Read this forum on the married visa option before you do anything else. Don't hire a lawyer, more useful to burn the bills during Chinese New Year. Good luck
  4. Oh, I forgot about USCIS. I too checked the box to get ssan at same time, but since we were approved, they decided that that form was moot and therefore never sent info to social security administration. But by then, March 2019, social security offices were closed because government workers get paid whether they work or not, but I was able to beg an appointment, which finally happened in August. Good luck.
  5. I know it's late, but I was in rice exact same situation last year. Finally got SS office to make an appointment in August. Did not file taxes until we had those social security numbers. I'd do as HRQX said above. I too use Turbo Tax. Don't file separately. Good luck
  6. Yes. As stated above, plus I'll add that my wife and son got green cards in April 2020. But because of Covid-19, could not get social security numbers issued until finally someone felt sorry for us and was able to submit application for social security number in late August. Then, when we received them in mid September, I finally filed my 2019 tax return. Yes, it was late, but knowing the irs, it doesn't matter as long as I owed nothing. Within a week after filing, my wife's first stimulus payment showed up in my bank. Then this week, both of our second payments were there. In both cases, nothing for our son, so I'll have to wait until next month when I file our 2020 return. I waited the extra months because to file because the whole ITN process was unclear to me for a resident alien, even though I had applied in the past for my business. So for me, i just felt the best solution was to get the social security number. In hindsight, we coykd have applied for the social security number with just K-1 visa and I-94, but didn't know that at the time. Good luck.
  7. Congratulations Again. Now, if anyone has an idea how to get SSAN's I'll truly be happy.
  8. That would be too simple. I spoke with them last week and they are still not accepting mailed applications in Alaska.
  9. Good luck to you all. While we did have the interview and received GC a week later, our Adv Parole appl with Social Security app was canceled since it was now moot. Problem, we have is that the social security offices in Alaska are still closed 4 months later, so have not been able to apply for or get social security numbers.
  10. SO great to hear. You were two weeks ahead of us for Bio appt, so was watching. Congratulations. I thought we were lucky to have our interview 12 March before all this mess, but it did cost us $1400 in plane tickets. Oh well, It's nice to have this monkey off our backs for a while.
  11. That's great. Congradualations. Next update, probably today will be case approved. Yes, it seems out of order, but what can I say.
  12. We got the GC in the mail last week, but now with the Social Security offices closed, we are still SOL. Could be worse. Thanks all.
  13. Green cards arrived in the mail today. Last week, we had our interview, on the 12th, next day, USCIS app said the card was being produced. Next day the app said the case was approved. 18 months from initial K-1 application to green card. Not so bad in the scheme of things. I checked the box to automatically apply for social security number. Does anyone how how that process works?
  14. We too, had our interview yesterday in Anchorage. Our outcome was about the same. Though later that day, it said our "Card was being produced" and then today, it said, "Case was Approved" Thanks everyone for all the landholding..
  15. It is, but I doubt it will that much cheaper. I know of few situations that it's cheaper to have two separate policies.
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