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  1. Yes. The two months is to make sure it is not communicable, as the body has contained the disease. Vietnam has a very high incidence of Tuberculosis. It can be treated, the treatment is generally 9 months.
  2. Sorry, i'm not talking about visa scammers. But the usual identity thief that is rampant with rhe IRS.
  3. Yes, but then I printed my 26 page tax return 4 pages to the printed page. I gave them my two sources of income full size. They accepted it as it was. Good to know about the transcripts. I didn't know they existed, just that the IRS keeps losing our records to scammers. Well, at least it will be easier for the scammers now.
  4. I mean she wanted to print pictures of every day I've been in Vietnam with her. That's hundreds of days. I told her just to be natural, she didn't need to practice questions because she needs to just tell the truth. It was as I expected. No one asked for pictures and her interview was only 15 minutes, a bit slower because it was in English. Very nice staff, friendly and professional, I've had worse experiences at the DMV!
  5. Yes, it is a lung thing. I think it's having had pneumonia previously, as it shows up on the X-ray (I had the same thing a few years ago). She did all the follow-up tests and now I think it's just a waiting game to make sure nothing gets worse.
  6. My fiancee is subject to a two month medical hold in Vietnam. I'm just curious if anyone else has had this issue?
  7. Vietnam and Texas is probably a bad combination right now. We did take 6 weeks to get out of NVC. But with the announcement of the indictments, it seems they should be ready to move on now for you guys. I told my gf she didn't need so many pictures.
  8. Are you sure he needs "IRS Tax Transcripts"? I just gave them a copy of the tax return that I filed in 2019.
  9. Ah. Nothing authoritative. Internet legends continue You should not give advice for all countries. In fact, here is the requirement to bring originals from the Dept of State in Vietnam. https://vn.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/required-documents/ My Beneficiary had to show original documents of: 1. House book 2. Birth certificate for her and her son 3. Her divorce decree So, be careful of making absolute statements.
  10. Thanks. Sorry to hear about the refusal. I'm thinking the week together is a problem. No, never a beneficiary, though this is my second petition for a K-1. You may have to do CR-1 at this point.
  11. We too. Missleman and all above have stated the case well. Having said that, I was in your situation in that I was already in Vietnam when we decided to do the K-1. I flew back to the USA to submit it.
  12. Good topic. My gf just asked the same thing!
  13. I found the citation (However, I have noticed a number of issues, where the instructions are different than I have read on other US gov't sites): https://vn.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/required-documents/ 9. Marital Status Documents (not required if never married😞 * Marriage certificate if you are married (copy and original). * Legal termination of any prior marriages of the petitioner and the beneficiaries. (Copy and original of divorce decree or death certificate of ex-spouse, if applicable).
  14. One place I read it was here: https://citizenpath.com/k-1-visa-interview-checklist/ " Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé A complete photocopy of the K-1 fiancé visa petition (Form I-129F) that the U.S. citizen petitioner filed with USCIS. This should include original copies of all supporting documents submitted in connection with Form I-129F. But guess what? YMMV
  15. However, unless I misread something, while she does not need the 129F, she should have all the originals of the copies of documents that were submitted with the 129F. This is the only opportunity for someone to actually check the originals, to verify the copies.
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