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  1. indeed my friend , its must be done , much love to you for all the infos
  2. yes we are getting hard to have the money for , if its will take more longer to save it's cause a problem ?
  3. Yes i got you , so i can be no legal till i have the money to file the AOS or i must return to my country ?
  4. No all is ok i have my K1 already
  5. she is American was born in the US , she is working and she drive and travel too
  6. Yes I will check it out but i think we will me and my wife to save the amount to pay the fees . well its bout the time , this is the case
  7. Well Ihave no idea yet about the fees but i think its bout the 1220 buks , right ?
  8. Hello , I got my K1 visa and im married to my U.S fiancé but We are out of the 90 visa days , and we haven't yet the 1220 $ to pay the fees , so can i be able to apply for the adjust Status ? Thanks
  9. ManefMelissa


    Hello , I wonder if we need to have a money reciepts as proove for the K1 ? Me and my fiance we dont send money to each others ..... Im living in Tunisia we cant send the money aboard also i have a good salary i dont need help from me her so is that a bad for the processing ? Thanks
  10. ManefMelissa


    you are awesome , but i have all of the evidence docs and i have so much friends around to take pics with em when my fiance is coming here it's works ?..... ty
  11. Hello , i want know , if i will not have a pics with my family and my fiancé its whould be a trouble to get my k1 visa approuved , my family will be out of my country for vacations and they will not meet my fiancé ... any help ?