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  1. No yet... still waiting but on CEAC website is Issued I assume thats good.
  2. eduardo12305

    US Visa ISSUED

    you should fill your timeline.
  3. eduardo12305

    affidavit of support

    from my experience the didn't ask me for employer letter or pay stubs.
  4. good question I had my interview last Monday and don't know where's my passport.
  5. eduardo12305

    Question regarding police certificate

    No. you just have to apostle the documents issued by a different country
  6. hello the question is our I-129f was approved with a different address I recently moved so I have a new address would this affect the process ? thanks
  7. eduardo12305

    K1 approved, what next ?

    IS NOT Columbia is COLOMBIA.
  8. IMPORTANT NOTE:  You have to bring your original civil documents to the interview. If any of the civil documents that you will submit: birth, divorce, death, single or police certificates are from another country, and are not from the Registro Civil of Costa Rica, these documents must have the apostille certification or has to be authenticated by the U.S. Consulate in the country were the documents were obtained.  We recommend that the civil documents have a translation into English done by a competent translator. I am from Colombia and at least in Costa Rica you need to.
  9. and remember guys even when you get your NOA2 we still WAITING....
  10. Hola como dice el titulo me perdi no se que viene o que sigue que debo hacer Recibi mi NOA2 el 23 de noviembre Y no se cuanto tiempo esperar Si ellos se van a comunicar conmigo Si debo llamar o enviar un correo Cuanto tiempo debo esperar para tener alguna razon de mi caso Hay demasiada informacion y aveces puede ser un poco abrumadora y dejar mas dudas de las que aclaran Muchas gracias
  11. I'm pretty worried I am from Colombia living in Costa Rica and I been reading about the single certificate but Colombia Doesn't EXPEDITE that document what I should do any suggestions ? And congratulations to all those that have been approved. and can I have a Costa Rican single certificate
  12. eduardo12305

    June 2018 K1 Filers

    I am sorry what you mean with silent approval ?
  13. eduardo12305

    June 2018 K1 Filers

    Finally just got our approval