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  1. Lana&Ivy

    Ontario Birth Certificate

    I initially got the one with just parental information, and then I asked at Service Ontario when I was renewing my health card, and the guy there said it was the birth registration I'd need. I've seen people reference both on visa journey and I don't know which is correct. I now have both versions and will bring both to my interview.
  2. Lana&Ivy

    K-1 filers - JAN/FEB 2019 NOA2--> Montreal Consulate

    How long is the DS-160 valid for? I’ve never read that anywhere and didn’t see any reference to expiration on the application itself.
  3. Nadine answered the phone most times I called and I thought the exact same thing. Then Lexi gave me my "received" news and Sasha gave me my case #. Its ok!
  4. I took a selfie against a white wall and it worked perfectly once I cropped it.
  5. Do you think the holiday on Monday gives those of us who received a case number toward the end of this week less of a chance to make the shipment because it's one day less to process whatever they process? I've looked through people's timelines for previous shipment dates and it looks like case #s assigned the Thursday before tend to sometimes get shipped, sometimes not, and the Friday before tend to miss the shipment more often. I think there is really no rhyme or reason, but thought maybe someone may have insight or wisdom. ...And yes, I'm trying to be patient and relaxed. Having number knowledge is what calms me (I *love* @DanielPlainview's statistics)
  6. You need the check done under the privacy act. There is a thread dedicated to this in the Canada forum with the exact information. I got all 3 police checks just to be safe, and they are good for 1 year.
  7. Our case # was assigned this morning. NOA2: Jan 22 NVC received: Feb 12 Case # assigned: Feb 14 Thanks @Olga&Jared for inspiring me to call again this morning!
  8. That is so frustrating. Please keep us posted if you find out anything.
  9. OOoohh!!! You might make it for next week! Do you know if the number was assigned this morning? I called late last night and they didn't have one for me yet.
  10. Lana&Ivy

    K-1 filers - JAN/FEB 2019 NOA2--> Montreal Consulate

    Yes. My immunizations are up to date. I had to get a new health card (I had an old red and white one) in order to look up my immunization records online with Public Health. Your fiance should be able to just do them at his doctor's office. Actually, what I don't know is if the US requires vaccinations that Canada does not.
  11. Lana&Ivy

    K-1 filers - JAN/FEB 2019 NOA2--> Montreal Consulate

    I have read that some people have done the last five visits and some have done the last 5 years (I-94) I did the last 5 years to be safe. Doing them all if you have a ton of visits seems excessive to me. I had about 10 or 11 visits in 5 years. Is all of that info on your I-94 when you drive across?
  12. Lana&Ivy

    K-1 filers - JAN/FEB 2019 NOA2--> Montreal Consulate

    Yeah. I don't understand much of what's going on at the USCIS. My guess is that yours will arrive at the NVC early next week. Mine was pretty much exactly a week after those with an NOA2 date of a week before me. For the most part, it's seeming fairly consistent...kind of.
  13. Boris, did your case # get assigned the day the NVC received it or did you just get all the info from them on the same day?
  14. Lana&Ivy

    K-1 filers - JAN/FEB 2019 NOA2--> Montreal Consulate

    The USCIS told me on Monday my petition had been in the process of shipping since Feb 5, and was still at the CSC. On Tuesday the NVC said they had received my case Tuesday morning. So I guess the process takes 1 week and the shipping itself is overnight? I have no idea. I'm just glad they have it, and now have an idea of timeline from one place to the next.
  15. Lana&Ivy

    K-1 filers - JAN/FEB 2019 NOA2--> Montreal Consulate

    NVC received my case today. No case # assigned as of yet. NOA2: Jan 22 NVC received: Feb 12