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  1. We added my name to my husband’s existing checking, savings and visa and had no issues at BoA. It may be a much simpler solution to start rather than opening a solo account.
  2. My husband is also self employed and I have the same thoughts and questions you do. Also if the interview is after Oct 15 do we fill out the new I-864???
  3. It’s very quick. For both of us. We got really really lucky. I know people in my office filed months before I did and haven’t been scheduled.
  4. I'm wondering about the I-864. There will be an updated version as of Oct 15. If we have new info to supply, do we use the updated form or the form we initially sent? I'm just thinking about current income, etc if there have been changes over the past few months.
  5. You should get the letter within a week of "interview was scheduled" status. The letter tells you where and when. You can change date and time at the risk of delaying your interview. Note the status "ready to be scheduled for interview" doesn't mean you have been scheduled or will be scheduled soon. It means you're in a queue for interview that can take days, weeks, or months (or even years in some cases) and no letter has been sent to you. There is no action to be taken when you're at this stage unless you're outside of normal processing time.
  6. The websites updating have nothing to do with anything. They are so inconsistant and unreliable, I wouldn't worry about it. Don't contact USCIS for that.
  7. We have the same "Ready to Schedule" and "Interview Was Scheduled" dates. Seems Sept 25th was a big day for a few of us. My letter came today. You should get yours soon. Keep us posted!
  8. Thank you for this info! Did you have your paystubs in addition to the last 3 years' tax transcripts or in lieu of transcripts and just with tax returns? Curious to know if we need pay stubs or proof of assets for 2019 or if the 2016-2018 transcripts are sufficient.
  9. Got my interview letter. Oct 30th. Downtown LA field office. 3 months and 5 days from NOA.
  10. Hopefully things will move quickly for you now. It's my understanding that the NOA date is more pertinent to scheduling than the biometrics date. I'm sorry that happened, it sounds incredibly defeating.
  11. It looks like my appointment letter is in today's mail. I'll be able to tell you if it's the LA Field office or if they off loaded us to another office to speed up the process. Our timeline of 2 months from NOA to 'Interview Was Scheduled' seems insane for where I am located.
  12. Here you go. The app "Casetracker" is connected to this site as well. https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do
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