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  1. You're right. Context clues suggest I may have meant August of 2021.
  2. Got a USCIS notification email this morning. "New Card Being Produced"! WAC. Came to the US on a K1 visa. Filed 08/02/2022 NOA 08/05/2022 Biometrics Waived: 01/05/2022 New Card Being Produced: 04/26/2022
  3. I received my biometrics letter in the mail today as well. WAC. Letter dated Jan 5. Biometrics being reused.
  4. Some Progress in my case. Jan 8, 2022: "Case Was Updated to Show Fingerprints Were Taken"--Is this the official "biometrics waived" notification? WAC service center NOA1 August 5, 2021.
  5. Yep. Mine wasn't found on the new site for a couple of days. It was on the old site though (the one without the two-step verification process to sign in)
  6. On the new site my case number was "invalid" at first too. I've since received the extension letter and now both sites recognize my case #.
  7. My photos were just in a printed Word Doc (mostly family Zoom calls from the past 1.5 years, tbh) I sent a stack of paper (about 1.25" thick) with sticky tabs on the bottom only (scanner machine friendly) to mark each section. I divided it into 2 sections and butterfly clipped them just to keep it tidy. No other paper clips or anything. It's ALL getting fed into a scanner. I've read here to keep it simple for them.
  8. Oh, yes, I do understand the purpose of the letter. When you say "as is written on the letter"...Are you saying the new date is written on the letter? Where exactly might I find that date - I don't see it. My question is what specific date goes on the I-9. If it's not on the extension letter, you're saying I do the math and add 18 months? And hope my version of 18-months is the same as USCIS?
  9. I have to fill out I-9's many many times per year because of the nature of my project based work. Once my Green Card is beyond its expiration date and I'm using the 18-month extension letter: Do I still use the expiration date printed on the GC when I fill out the I-9? Or do I add 18 months to the date on the GC? Thanks!
  10. My cheque was cashed, and USPS informed delivery tells me there's a letter that looks like an NOA dated Aug 5 in today's mail. They are wasting NO time this month! 2021-08-01: start of 90 day window 2021-08-02: mailed package via FEDEX 2021-08-03: package signed for by E. Quintana 2021-08-05: received text notification (WAC#) 2021-08-06: check cashed 2021-08-07: NOA arrive in mail?? (dated Aug 5)
  11. That was fast. Got my text message today. 2 days after package was delivered by FEDEX. (WAC receipt #) 2021-08-01 - my 90 day window opened 2021-08-02 - FEDEX'd my package 2021-08-03 - E Quintana signed for my package 2021-08-05 - TEXT message: Case was received (WAC#)
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