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  1. Thank you zahraa 😘 But were they delayed? good luck to you too
  2. Hi guys, my fiancé interview appointment for k1 visa is on dec 11. The consulate in baghdad, Iraq sent us an email with the instructions and checklist. However, they have asked my fiance not to take the medic exam prior to the interview. They said they’d instruct him during the interview. - Is that normal?
  3. Hi Guys, I am the petitioner, and my fiance is the beneficiary in Iraq. I have a question, hopefully it is not too late to ask. A little overview: Our k1 application was approved and sent to the NVC on September 2018. Then, it reached the Embassy in Baghdad in October 2018. When I checked the CEAC site a couple of months ago it said, "Your case is ready for your interview when scheduled at the U.S. Consular section. If you have already scheduled an appointment for an interview, please prepare your documents as directed in your appointment letter and appear at the consulate on the appointed date and time. Otherwise, please wait until you have been notified of your interview appointment. Additional information about how Immigrant Visa interview appointments are scheduled can be found at:http://nvc.state.gov/interview." So my fiance has already submitted DS-160 and I have already filled out the forms, affidavit of support, and gathered all the evidence they might need and sent it to him in the mail. After he filled out DS 160, he was able to schedule an interview on Nob 26, right away. My fiance is also scheduling his medical exam on Monday. Here is where my question/concern comes in: were we supposed to receive a form with instructions to schedule the interview and then schedule it accordingly? Since we were able to schedule the interview, will there be any confirmation email or mail or anything other than the page we printed out at the end? How did you guys do it? Please share your experience. Thanks
  4. Yes I got that I meant since it reached the embassy what did you guys do? what were the steps? Did you file DS 160 before the interview when you received the case number? Medical exam? How is the process going? good luck its almost over ❤️
  5. I actually have no idea when the interview will take place. I am estimating maybe 2-3months. I received the approval letter from uscis on sep 4th
  6. Hi, Uscis approved us on Sep 4th. I received the letter on Sep 10th. I actually only called nvc once, on Sep 15th and they told me they has not received the case yet. Then, I received an email on Sep 20th from NVC with a case number. as for uscis office—> California
  7. My god, thank you so much! I thought we could only schedule DS 160 and medical after NVC approves? Im sorry, I am trying to understand the steps correctly. Thanks again!
  8. Hello everyone!!! So excited to recieve an email from NVC about receiving our k1 visa application from USCIS. Finally!! In the email they provided our case number and info. Now we are in this stage, besides gathering the required docs, what do you guys advise us to do? What else is required? I kept reading about completing the ds 160? Is it now or after nvc approves ? Thank you and good luck everyone
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