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  1. Im so sorry i meant he filled for asylum still pending and he got married to a US citizen about 1 year ago but they are wondering if they could file for adj pf status
  2. Hii, My cousin is pending a refugee status and he got married to a US citizens can they still apply for adjustment of status?
  3. Hi guys, I have some questions/concerns that some of you might be able to help me with.. My husband came to the States on a k-1 visa. When we got married we applied for his greencard. The greencard was processed quicker than expected. However, it came with a typo on his first name. Instead of Mustafa they typed Hustafa and so the issues began. He can't obviously get a SS# or a job. We filed for I-90 as it was a typographical error by USCIS and few weeks later they sent us a notice to go and do the biometrics again. We did and at the biomotrics office they gave him the original greencard back (we thought they'd keep it). SO far nothing from USCIS and its been a month. I just want to know how long does this usually take. few months? a year? If this has happened to anyone? I know all we can do is wait but can I contact anyone? I am just really confused. any advice? Thanks.
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