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  1. Go to ceac.state.gov and click on "check my visa application status" and it will show you your status.
  2. We have pretty similar timelines with an expedite also. Mine has said "in transit" since Sept 4th but on ceac says "at Ankara" too. Still waiting for an interview date. We've tried calling the embassy and NVC but couldn't get any information. I don't know how long it will take to get a date but just wanted to say that you aren't alone and we are in the same situation! Waiting, waiting, waiting.
  3. My husband and I were DQ'd on June 16 and approved for an expedite on Sept 4. Our case was sent from NVC to the embassy that same day. My status has been "in transit" since then–almost 3 weeks. Has it taken this long for anyone else? I've called both the NVC and embassy but neither can give me any information on where my case is. At what point do we assume it's lost? Or, more likely, is it at the embassy but hasn't been looked at yet?
  4. Congrats! Can I ask when you got DQ'd? We are waiting for our interview in Ankara too.
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