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  1. Thanks for your input and for making the March group, it gave me some hope when I knew there are already approved people there. Soon I will open a group once I apply and receive our Noa 1 hopefully soon.
  2. Thanks for taking the time answering my questions. Yes I saw January's filers too but I mean it's not like k1 filers when you see group for every month. And for my timelines, I applied for k1 visa 3 years ago and was denied and now we are preparing our petition to apply for cr-1 visa. Thanks again.
  3. Hi, I have 2 questions please. First why don't I see Ir-1 cr-1 filers from different months in this forum, why I only see March filers? Second I saw some people being approved in less than 2 months ( they received their noa2) is their a reason for that? Thanks
  4. Hello, I am originally from Iraq and my fiancé is Iraqi living in Iraq. My question is do I have to submit my Iraqi birth certificate when applying for K1 visa or just my fiancé Iraqi birth certificate? Thanks for your time.
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