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  1. Yayyyyy! Congratulations! Thank you so much. Thank you.
  2. He picked it up from DHL in Montego Bay. Well actually my mother-in-law picked it up for him.
  3. At my interview they only wanted my 2017 transcript, 1040 tax return, and W2’s. I simbmitted the 1040 and the transcript. I’m not sure if they actually wanted it or not at the interview. They wouldn’t even look at my 2018 W2’s. My husband picked his visa up yesterday!!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗 Wishing you all the best.
  4. Once your account shows paid for your fees.
  5. They only asked me for 2017 tax transcript/tax return and W2’s, but my interview was before April 15th. Most people won’t have 2018 tax transcripts for an April interview if they file near April 15th though. I think 2017 is fine. Just make sure the persons income qualifies, that’s what really matters. I had my 2018 W2’s but they wouldn’t take them.
  6. Urine drug screen, STD bloodwork and maybe vaccine titers if no shot records, Chest x-ray, doctor asks you questions listens to your lungs and stomach. Your medical paperwork to fill out should’ve been in your appointment packet.
  7. I had a nice lady. She talks very quite. She asked a lot of questions, but not in an interrogating kind of way like the other lady. She asks some questions, types, then asks more.
  8. Ok sounds great. You will be ok regarding your DS-260. I sent an email with updated information. You should be out by 11-12p. The earlier you arrive the better. My appointment was at 8:15a and I was one of the last to leave around 1-2p.
  9. Bring pictures. They love pictures. One guy was easy going. He didn’t ask a lot of questions unless your case was complicated.
  10. That’s great! They asked this one woman that was by herself so many questions. I was like oh goodness. Their is one lady that asks a lot of questions and she talks on the microphone loud so everyone can hear.
  11. If you are scheduled at an embassy that allows the petitioner to attend and you don’t have a lot of trips to the applicants country I would go to the interview. I saw applicants get a lot of slips to return with the petitioner and more evidence of bonifide marriage.
  12. Ok. Yes they will unlock the DS-260 and you will upload your civil documents. They may refund your IV fee. Your Embassy will send you a welcome packet with all details and your interview date.