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  1. Under the Immigration Violation section, the question summarized asked if you ever sought to obtain a visa by fraud or misrepresentation...yes or no with space for explanation. This is the situation-Beneficiary was removed from USA at entry from airport, during interview it was discussed about his security. Visa application was completed by employer, visa approved at interview and no questions were asked about his background. However, from the airport denial this resulted in a 5 yr ban and visa revoked. Beneficiary was not charged with misrepresentation however it was stated he was inadmissible due to inconsistent statements and not enough funds. 235(b)1.....212a (7)(A)(i)(I) Transcript discusses this issue-Employer completed visa. Consular office in JA did not ask about background. Beneficiary incorrectly assumed that background questions were related to Cayman Island (where he lived) and not JA. Final determination did not include being charged with misrep at determination of inadmissibility/removal proceedings at airport. Should this question be answered with Yes and brief explanation as provided here or any other thoughts Thank you.
  2. Yes, I had to just wait per my situation. The process was moving along despite our delays and issues. I received notification and the wording of the message suggested exactly what it was-a NOID. I already responded and submitted additional information and was approved today, per text/email notification. I am not sure but in my case a NOID was issued instead of an RFE. I successfully did the rebuttal. If you are contacted for an interview, they can approve it that day (from my understanding).
  3. Morning, Perhaps you can try avvo.com, you can search for an immigration lawyer in your state and read some of their client reviews. Maybe this can help until you get a direct referral from someone here.
  4. Yes there are unfortunate updates. Interviewed and asked questions about him (spouse) mostly. I didn't have "detailed" responses and facing a NOID.
  5. Hello, this is my current situation as well. The interview letter tells you at the bottom what documents to provide. They asked for his passport among other things.
  6. "Visa shopping" I can agree with you on this point about those assumptions. FyI..there was considerable time in between those. Thanks for your input.
  7. Definitely will follow up with the intent of the interview. That comment was a thinking aloud moment. As stated spouse was removed prior, had a tourist vis...also work permit/visa that I knew about but didn't share because to my knowledge no adverse affect occured from it. However, I am in the process of getting all of HIS documents to examine them for discrepancies in my 130 and all his "stuff." I have to keep remembering that common sense isn't so common and mindsets are not shared.... Thank you!
  8. Hello, it was before the relationship and yes. 212(a) (7) (i) (I) ...you do not have sufficient funds to support yourself while in the United States. Therefore you can not overcome presumption of an intended immigrant.
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