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  1. Looking for suggestions to send documents that my lawyer prepared for the interview to my husband in Jamaica. Anyone have experience and suggestions. His interview is on the 10th.
  2. He would also need a visa, either a visitors visa or a work visa. Does he have that? If not unfortunately he would not be able to visit you here. My husband has a b2 visitor visa but we never had him come after we started the process altough he could have. My lawyer said that he could visit with no issues up until the case went to NVC and at which point we would need to show proof that he would be returning to his country for the interview and that he still had strong ties, cause it would look like he was just coming here to adjust his status. He could apply for a visitors visa but I know they are hard to obtain. He would never want to mention he has a fiance in the US but he would also not want to lie if he is asked. Best of luck!
  3. Thank you. I appreciate your answer.
  4. Daphne I do understand they could put us in AP but not everyone is put into AP. So no that doesn't really answer the question. Most people here are looking for personal experiences. I got my answer from Jenny. Thank you for your response.
  5. Thank you for responding but that doesn't answer my question.
  6. How long after interview does it take to have visa in hand?
  7. If its country specific then it wouldn't just be Caribbean, that's why I ask specifically about Jamaica. Thanks for your response tho.
  8. Thank you. I appreciate your response.
  9. I was just wondering what the latest wait time is for case complete until interview letter for CR1 at the Kingston embassy, what has yr experience been with Jamaica?
  10. I'm also using a lawyer and I have yet to get any email or mailing with the case number and invoice. My lawyer contacted me last week about submitting the NVC fees and I see they have already been taken out of my checking account. So I'm confused as to why I didnt get my case and invoice number and is that what they call the welcome letter?
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