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  1. I get so mad when ppl tell me to be patient ... uhmmmm you try being away from your fiancé for 3-8+ months at a time and see how far patience goes. I just want to hug him! And he’s in a country that Americans can’t even get a visa so it’s not like it’s easy to hang out. I’m so glad I have you all - it’s been a godsend. I’m def organizing a get together once we all get approved
  2. Right!!! I started to try to do the same to share the excitement. We are so close - can’t wait to be done and start living our life together!! Ugh I love him so much and it’s crazy how long all of this takes. I’m sure you all feel the same
  3. Same!! And it’s hard to talk to friends and family about it because it’s hard to explain the process and how frustrating it is! Feels like only people who have been through it really understand
  4. So glad that it was an easy fix! Hoping you get an approval soon
  5. Thank you! Wishing you the same, I know we all want our fiancées here so badly. It’s so hard missing them!
  6. ImpatientKate

    June 2018 K1 Filers

    Congrats!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
  7. Thank you!! Hoping that you get something soon. Be sure to be checking the new site, the one that needs two factor verification. I think that’s the one most people have seen updates on, when they do decide to update. Best of luck!!
  8. Omg we were approved. Logged into new site and saw it - I checked at 8 this morning and it said received. Checked a few hours later and now approved! NOA 1: July 25th/30th NOA 2: January 2nd
  9. So ridiculous!! I really wish the process was more human and actually treated us like people. I feel like the entire process needs a huge revamp, has to be a better way... hopefully it’s an easy fix and you can get it approved ASAP
  10. What was the RFE for?? I think we may be getting one too since we haven’t heard anything!
  11. Same dates!! Congrats to you hoping for some good news soon. I miss my fiancé so bad!
  12. So glad I have this community to lean on!! Just got to the point where I started seeing people get approved with dates after mine - looking as it as a good sign, but still kind of stresses me! Hopefully our time is soon.... Happy New Year everyone, hoping that we all get to be with our partners on this day next year
  13. Heyy guys! Joining the forum officially - been stalking for a while. Only been three weeks since NOA1 and it already feels like forever. Hopefully the wait doesn't feel as agonizing for everyone else :)