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  1. Yes to all the love!! We just got our K1 visa approval on 4/6 so we will be getting married soon! We have been doing the long distance thing for over 2 years. I went through almost all the questions/uncertainties that everyone has listed. You're not alone! I would encourage you all to be confident in yourself and your feelings. I traveled alone to see him multiple times and each time had my own arrangements made as backup so if at any point something felt off I had a plan. I also planned trips with friends of mine so they could meet. One trip my bestie and I planned to do a good old fashion "pop-up" -- he didn't even know I was coming!!! I went knowing that there was a risk that everything could crumble that trip in particular (has he lied about everything, will he be angry I have just showed up, is there a whole family I may not know about, does me being here unexpectedly throw everything off, are things different when he doesn't have time to prepare, etc.) But that trip was the best one I had! Being unexpected, I was able to spend even more time with him in his element and see how he handled himself in unexpected situations. And again, if something went left my girlfriend and I could recover from my potential "break-up" in the comforts of a nice resort and life would still continue. I will leave with this...one evening early on in our relationship I was explaining to my mother I was still grappling with whether he may just be using me like what we all hear about, read about, watch in the movies and that awful show on TLC - don't get me started. My mother very sweetly reminded me, "honey, you don't have to go to another country for someone to take advantage of you. That could happen with a man you meet that lives up the street. Don't be afraid to love just be smart when loving." I would also say look online for LDR (long distance relationships) or on Instagram. I found it helpful to see that this is a thing and there are plenty of successful couples that meet from different worlds and thrive! Good luck to you all!!!
  2. Yes I have called and also emailed. They provided us the case # in email about 5 days prior to the official notice.
  3. Lol at "more patience". SMH. It is hard and frustrating. As with anything in life, those that have gone through it just understand more. Hang in there. I know when I get particularly frustrated I switch gears and add to my list of activities/events/vacations I want my fiancé and I to complete once he gets here. It takes a negative feeling and turns it into an exciting one. It may be silly but it helps me.
  4. I have started just sharing the "approval" steps with friends/family because they just don't understand the process. So ever so often I say "yea we got through Step 2" or "Yep, we passed step 3" and then they can share the excitement because they have no idea what I am talking about. But trying to explain the interim frustration is pointless to those that don't "get it". Hang in there!!
  5. Morning! I emailed AskNVC and they confirmed the case was received and provided our case number! NOA1:July 3 NOA2: Dec 6 Case #: Jan 3
  6. It's frustrating. Mine is the same way. USCIS site has never updated but I have the hardcopy NOA2. Argh!!
  7. Morning July filers! Just curious if anyone has gotten a NVC case id or if their application has even been received at NVC? My USCIS tracker has never updated but I got eh NOA2 in the mail. I called NVC but case isn't there yet - admittedly, I probably called too early. Just anxious I suppose. Good luck to everyone!!!
  8. Hi everyone, I got my NOA1 on 7/3/2018 and just received NOA2 in the mail dated 12/6/2018. Does anyone else feel crazy in the process or is it just me???? I go from calm to nervous to calm to nervous.
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