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  1. My husband got the notification on Tuesday that his interview has been scheduled. So - now this is a bit more real LOL. What did yall bring to your interviews?
  2. We tried to do that too this summer. But we waited in the ss office for an hour and a half, just to find out we were at the wrong one, so we went to the other (st paul or minneapolis can't recall) one and that one had a line coming way outside of the building and it was about 95 degrees out, so we skipped it. Applied with EAD, and that worked fine, except the 4 month wait to get the EAD/SS card...
  3. It depends on their availability. My husband went to the Elshrouk hospital, I waited with him when it was time to pick up the results... it took a while, but it happened without any issues.
  4. I’m sorry if this has been asked- searching is difficult on the phone for this site. What documents should be brought to the biometrics appointment? Your AOS has a totally different case number. You need to add that to your account.
  5. He needs the receipt generated from the online profile website - the one you use to schedule the interview. Once the receipt is printed it is good for 5 days.
  6. Hahaha thanks for the suggestion. We looked on the aramex tracking app and saw it was delivered, therefore ready for pick up today. My fiancé just got back from picking it up! US arrival in 48 hours! 😀😀😀
  7. It used to say still at the embassy. Now it says nothing...
  8. Good morning all ☺️We were approved may 7, the visa was issued 8 days later on May 15. They then send the passport to a “fedex” like office for pick up. It still isn’t there. I know it will be any day, but waiting ...I can’t anymore! My wait meter is broken. Anyways- is this normal?? The office is literally 16 minutes from the embassy. Why is it taking 4 days?!
  9. My beneficiary had his interview at the Cairo embassy on May 7, I attended with him. We were given a quick and easy approval, the “congratulations your visa has been approved” letter and went about our day. The next day, may 8, ceac status changed to ‘administrative processing’ and shows case created may 8, and case updated may 9. Still in AP... don’t know whether to expect the “issued” status soon, or to worry that they want something more. The interview was so cut and dry and he only asked a couple of questions. We had piles of evidence with us but weren’t asked or given an opportunity even to share, just approved. I shouldn’t be worried, but I just am. I’m so ready for this to be done, and my fiancé here with me...the stress of the “hurry up and wait” might kill me.
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