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  1. Hey everyone! My partner is from China and we are ready for AOS (K-1). Do we need to put in a certified copy of the birth certificate or will a regular copy be okay? Thank you so much. Best regards, Roxanne
  2. Hey everyone! We are waiting for visa to be approved after sending in the documents for the green slip/final processing letter. Our NOA2 said it is valid until April 14th. If we don’t get an approval until then, would we need to apply for some kind of extension from the embassy or is it automatic? We already interviewed and they said we wouldn’t need a second interview and we mailed in the passport with the docs btw.
  3. My fiancée put everything in pinyin. We wrote “see attached sheet” for past addresses and jobs because it’s too long. We added postal codes too. You don’t need a translation because it’s part of the form. You can change address during the process. We mailed that in (but apparently got lost in the mail) so we just changed it after NOA2 when we got a usdocs account. Not a big deal. They need employment for a long time like three years. If not you may need a joint sponsor(s). Assets could help but you need a steady job. Make sure to keep all of your paystubs you’ll need them. Bank letter too but probably later on. We put only intent to marry in the 129F but printed a plethora of wedding plan proof for the interview. And we updated the intents for interview, signed in blue and dated. That’s all I can help you with I can’t give you an informed answer on the rest
  4. Hi everyone! We got a 221g green slip after our interview on February 28 in Guangzhou. They asked us to mail back a i-134 joint sponsor along with a certified translation, and the passport and passport photos. We sent the documents last week and our cgi status changed on Saturday March 23rd. CEAC updated today under the immigrant visa section but the niv hasn’t changed since January 23. Should we be expecting an approval (or denial!) in the next week or two, or should we settle in for waiting for another month or two? Previous posts seem to follow no pattern 😕
  5. I actually got an RFE after filing the K-1 because I translated myself. I put the affidavit but it didn’t matter. Better get a certified translation and have them put in their contact info and stamp at the bottom with their affidavit.
  6. Send in a copy. I sent in a document to USCIS with a cover letter, and it was okay
  7. My joint sponsor (for my final processing letter after my interview in Guangzhou) makes $40,000 a year for the past three years. She has no dependents and is single. Is her salary enough to get us approved or should I be bracing myself for a request for another joint sponsor?
  8. Just find a sponsor. Ask friends/family, beg them, sell your soul, whatever you need to do. Make sure they make enough money. Collect their bank statements from the last 12 months, paystubs from the last 3-4 months, employment letter signed in blue, passport/birth certificate, i-134 filed in correctly (if the person filed taxes with a spouse check info on that and make sure you send in the right form) and tax transcripts from the past three years. I also put in my bank statements from the last 12 months, tax letter and tax transcript just in case. Print out their cover letter and send it in. You’ll be fine, it’s almost done.
  9. Okay thank you. Do you think that my sponsor’s $40,000 salary a year would be enough? I know it’s supposed to be 125% of the poverty line but this process makes me doubt 😆
  10. Hey everyone! Quick question. For the I-134 for a joint sponsor, are the last three tax transcripts, a letter from the employer and the last six months of bank statements enough? Or do they also need to include a bank letter? @Greenbaum
  11. Sorry to keep heckling 😕 but does this need to be notarized too? Or just their affidavit, stamp and signature will do?
  12. Hey guys! We can't find substantial information on requirements for certified translation of a no criminal record if it is from abroad (Ecuador). Would a translation and affidavit from a translator from the US be okay, or would it need to be from Ecuador?
  13. I got a joint sponsor now I’m all set. Thanks a lot for your helpful suggestions
  14. Our visa got conditionally accepted or conditionally denied...they need a joint sponsor because I haven’t filed income taxes or worked for the last two years officially. We are really upset because I don’t have anyone to help me. Just venting a little here on visa journey If I went to the US and worked for two years and filed taxes, would I be able to bring her over without a joint sponsor?
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