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  1. Thank you very much for your help! I may have to do a letter like you to explain a hospital stay when I was younger. Did a doctor in the UK write yours?
  2. Hello, Yes travel to France is something I could do! Thank you very much for sharing your experience 😊
  3. Hello @veeandzack, I am just coming back on an old message thread 😊 I was wondering if you had to translate your carnet de santé, medical or police report from France for the medical and interview? If yes, which service did you use? Hope you got to the USA ok! Thank you!
  4. Hello, I am starting to look at gathering the information I would need for the medical exam and I have a few questions. I am from France but I am living in the UK for a few years now, I will need to request a few documents from both countries. Do I need to translate the french police certificate, medical, vaccination records (carnet de santé), previous hospitalisations ? One of my previous hospitalisation is the extraction of my wisdom teeth but I have no record of it (it was more than 10 years ago). Is it ok if I just mentionned it but dont have any paperworks? Thank you!
  5. The I94 is for me an electronic data base that record everytime you crossed the border. I would think that all land, sea and air crossing should be included.
  6. Hello @Victoria85 you will be able to get your I94 on the following link https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/home You will need your passeport info.
  7. @brandonflude1 I will follow up your timeline Keep us updated on any good news!
  8. Congrats to everyone that receive NOA2! Still nothing for me yet, NOA1 16/10 from UK. Keep faith 😊
  9. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with me! I totally understand that you spent that money to ensure that she had the safest journey. Actually if I have to do the same I would at the end, she deserved the best! Could you please give me the name of the company you used? Maybe they are in the UK too. I think it is nice they gave you updates. Thank you!
  10. Hello, Thank you all for your messages! @Zoeeeeeee I didn't even know about this cruiseship! Thank you, it seems a little expensive though. The only reason I would like to travel in the cabin with my cat are too make sure the airline doesnt loose her... and make sure she is ok at all time. However, because the bag must be little.. it is probably not the most comfortable for a pet! Also I cant really find an Airlines that accept cabin pet transatlantic! I found a company called World Care Pet. I think I will have a look more into these companies. If anyone else had a previous experience travelling to usa with pet, please let me know! Thank you,
  11. Hello, While we are waiting our K1 visa, I am starting to think about the best and safest way to bring my cat with me. Ideally I would like her to travel in the cabin with me, is it possible? Does anyone could share previous experiences and/or advise me the best airlines/company ? Thank you,
  12. Thank you for your answer! I think it will be easier to do just like you said!! Thanks again
  13. Hello, We sent our application early October and I went to spend Thankgiving with him a few weeks ago. I arrived at Miami Airport from London and I was very worried that they would ask me tricky questions but it was all the contrary. It was the shortest time I spent at the customs, they didn't even stamp my passport. They only ask me what was the purpose of my travel, I said : spent thankgiving with friends. You will be fine 😊 but it is good you are all prepared!
  14. Thank you very much for your comments! The reason I am hesitating to renew my passeport before getting the K1 stamp is that I used visiting stamps in it as proof of meeting. Would it be ok to only show copy? Thank you,
  15. Hello, My fiance submitted our K1 application last october. My passport is valid until May 2020 (it seems far away... but not too much knowing how long the process take..). Could you please let me know how many month of validity the ambassy required to apply the K1 stamp on the passeport? Would you suggest to renew the passeport as I am waiting for the NO2? Or after we get married for the Adjustment of status? Thank you very much,