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    I'd gone to the USA to meet a pen pal and one evening my Penpal, her boyfriend and I went to a bar and the boyfriend asked "Hey, I have a friend who may want to come for a drink, any issues with that?" Nope.
    Fast forward an hour or two and in walked Courtney and as they say 'the rest is history'. We spent the next three weeks galivanting around and a year and a bit later...here we are.
    I never believed in fate etc, but when so many things all had to line up over the previous 10 years for this to happen....it does make you wonder

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  1. I'm still checking both the old and new site. My interview was December 9th and still waiting for the update to see approved etc. The IO shook our hands and whatnot and congratulated us but obviously still handed the bit of paper saying under review etc etc.
  2. Congratulations! We briefly spoke in the UK subsection many moons ago. We had our interview yesterday and the interviewing officer said she sees no reason why she should not approve our case and congratulated us! Waiting for the case change now and status update. Enjoy your time in DR!
  3. So we had the interview, the interviewing officer shook our hands at the end and said congratulations and said that she can't see any reason to not approve our petition!!! Soo I guess pretty good!! I will do a full review shortly and post it where suitable
  4. My EAD/AP Combo card arried today! So a very happy Friday indeed. I did have a RFE, my AOS interview is on December 9th, Detroit field office.
  5. Thank you both regarding this! Hopefully a SSN isn't required for most jobs then as I want to be in work prior to Christmas! How long did your SSN take to arrive? Absolutely agree with you there, there isn't anything nearby here which is my old job but hopefully it comes across as transferable as it is!
  6. Congrats on the interview date! I'm just thankful as having the EAD approved means I don't have to mess around getting a SSN as I selected the box for them to issue me one So fingers crossed next week or the week after I receive the actual card. Boredom does kick in intermittently, I'm sure after a few months we'll be begging for a few more months off
  7. So my GC interview is scheduled for December 9th. We received an update lastnight (Nov 20th) on our EAD to say the "New card is being produced". Just be nice to receive my SSN before the GC interview etc (I was lazy and ticked the SSN box on the EAD application).
  8. Hey sure, so it was dated 28th October on the actual notice to attend interview
  9. I know on some of mine it states "Unless already submitted". Thankfully we took copies, so I'm still going to take them with me as I don't trust them but...hopefully that makes it a little easier for you to compile! Most of all, goodluck! It maybe insanely crazy, but just think. If it is >24 months then you skip the conditional and receive 10 Yr LPR Which is a small plus. I obviously hope it isn't that long for you and that the EAD/AP are quick, but!
  10. I'll be sure to do this, I've done it for each other stage of this process so I will most definitely continue to do so So I think I've finally calmed down after being so excited by receiving the interview date, just to know it's almost over with and I can contribute again!
  11. The new website (https://myaccount.uscis.gov/) still just says "Case was received". The old website (https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/mycasestatus.do) just shows case is ready to be scheduled. Maybe so, a friend who moved from the same city as me in England is awaiting his interview date too so should all be receiving them soon, fingers crossed.
  12. I called yesterday and got some rude lady from the south. She just said "Sir, they received your RFE on the 11th October, they have 2 months to decide if they have more, thank you." But now I don't care about that lady I hope you get your letter soon also, my status hasn't changed either.
  13. Received my interview appointment date today for December 9th. Old website still shows "ready to schedule for an interview" (from 24th October). New website still shows "case was received". RFE was received by them on the 11th October.
  14. Today I have received my interview apointment date for 9th December So even with an RFE a pretty good processing timeline to be honest.
  15. Our NOA1 was early August, we received an RFE which was dated Sept 29th, they received the response 11th October. 24th October our status changed to "Ready to schedule an interview". I went on the premise that an RFE at least gave us confirmation that someone was looking at our case, I don't believe it resets the case. Detroit is my local field office but RFE sent to the NBC ofcourse.
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