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    I'd gone to the USA to meet a pen pal and one evening my Penpal, her boyfriend and I went to a bar and the boyfriend asked "Hey, I have a friend who may want to come for a drink, any issues with that?" Nope.
    Fast forward an hour or two and in walked Courtney and as they say 'the rest is history'. We spent the next three weeks galivanting around and a year and a bit later...here we are.
    I never believed in fate etc, but when so many things all had to line up over the previous 10 years for this to happen....it does make you wonder

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  1. Yeah I'll have to have a play through the notification settings
  2. Delta is definitely better in that case! Although they've just changed my ticket selection I always go for and I believe most of the normal economy, now your first bag is £45, but still not too bad overall.
  3. Hey, So I may have missed something in a different page/sub-forum, but is there an App made for this site? I understand there's a Mobile webpage that's quite user friendly, but to avoid my email inbox becoming VisaJourney'd up to it's eyeballs I'm just curious
  4. LukeU

    3 questions....

    As always thanks Wuozopo! I just don't want people to think I'm asking just for the sake of it, it's all good I think to get a rough idea for the future and I'm a stickler for knowing what's what Thankfully this didn't show up and even on the SAR (Subject Access Request) it shows it as a "Non-conviction" on this offence. So I'll just declare it and go from there, £80 or £100 I think it was. Many more years to prove it was a one off and hopefully nothing else in front.
  5. LukeU

    London UK interview

    As Wuozopo above mentioned, allow 2 clear weeks (10 working days) for your medical to arrive. They will say 3-5 days during your medical when you pay but I find that a little too close for comfort for sure. Appointment availability; On Sunday, the above image on the last post on page 3 was entered showing majority of March still available for an interview appointment If you go onto the interview booking site and process a payment to pay your interview fee, the calendar will open up for you to view. Don't worry when you first register, it'll show the "Next available date" and will probably be within the current week, just ignore it, make a payment and tadaaaah
  6. There's also the possibility of looking at Norwegian, they're doing amazing offers on London Gatwick to Chicago one way for under £300! I assume you'll be flying into Detroit for your POE but saving £1300 on a one way ticket is pretty tasty. As TboneTX said there are certain stories of people being accused of leaving the USA and I know from certain people in the company I work for, that cancelling flights etc and adjusting the manifests can be as much work (depending on your system) as booking a full flight itself so they'll cut corners. Which generally has no effect on the passenger, but in our cases is quite the opposite.
  7. LukeU

    3 questions....

    Does that include tickets in the UK or just ones received during your time in the USA? Long, long way away for me to be thinking about this but I'm just browsing all different stages of this whole process
  8. LukeU

    empty spots on i129f

    Hello, We entered N/A in every box that was not applicable, as per the instructions (direct quote below). The instructions for the I-129F really do contain majority of the items you require: These can be found here: https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/form/i-129finstr.pdf Personally, I'd refer to these on majority of questions just to be safe
  9. LukeU

    3 questions....

    Does that include tickets in the UK then? Like going forward, I got a ticket in the UK paid on the spot fine and that was it? Just a SAR shows this (not ACRO) so I'm stumped now. Long, long way away for me to be thinking about this but I'm just browsing all different stages of this whole process
  10. LukeU

    My K1 Knightsbridge London Medical Experience

    I'll have to see, I've only ever called them to book my appointment and that's it. I will maybe try to call them but I had my medical on the 8th and they said they'd contact me within 3-4 Working days if there were any findings or concerns from my samples, and I've heard nothing so Fingers crossed. It would make much more sense if the likes of Manchester/Edinburgh had visa medical doctors too, I was surprised that London was the only one. I'm from Hull so it's a good 4 - 5 Hour drive down for me (depending on how stupid people are on the M1 )
  11. Oh c'mon, logic and government practices never go together
  12. I'm sorry! But thank you, my heart race is starting to come back to a normal safe level now! I despised completing the DS-160 at the time and couldn't bring myself to do it again I don't think
  13. Wow, I thought the UK ones were "Regular" unless you were like a governmental employee. Now I'm dubious as I entered "Regular" on my DS-160.
  14. LukeU

    My K1 Knightsbridge London Medical Experience

    Thanks. Wasn't sure if there was a way to check if my medical had been received (without going on hold with Knightsbridge for up to 2-3 hours again :-P ) I guess I'll find out in 3 weeks today if my medical is at the embassy or not.
  15. LukeU

    My K1 Knightsbridge London Medical Experience

    I don't fancy the hold times like before, I'll just go by the "no news is good news" approach! :-) Thank you