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  1. On the home page of this website there is a " Country Specific Help " icon . Ask your question there for the most accurate info . But you can Schedule your medical exam and for this you should need your vaccination record . Search for what vaccines the US requieres . Probably would need to do two trips to London .
  2. exactly, they don't count hours and minutes ( USCIS ) When in doubt ,err on the bigger number of days
  3. In my opinion she should check " permanent resident application pending "
  4. not necessarily. Most Embassies accept scanned form . Check with the London one
  5. I think they are agreements with some countries ( UK, Canada, Germany ) and you can drive on your licence
  6. Please read the instructions on the USCIS website for the K1 visa.The US citizen fills out the I 134 form and sends it to the beneficiary along with the supporting documents . For a cosponsor another form filled out and their documents . You take the whole package to your interview at the Embassy.
  7. there are reviews of field offices here on VJ . I had my interview about 2 months after my biomertric in Detroit . Succes !
  8. @Shiran I 'm so happy for you guys ! Congratulations and thanks for your advice ! what happened with the vaccination record ?
  9. 1 .Yes , don't need to do anything except removal of conditions. 2 . I - 551 is placed in the passport when the physical GC is not yet available ( ex when you enter the USA with a spouse visa or Diversity Visa ) Since you have the GC the stamp is not needed
  10. @americaninlove you can reschedule the GC interview, if needed.! Congratulations 🎉 .
  11. @americaninlove You 'll get the interview letter in about a week and the actual date will be about 4-5 -6 weeks from then . So your husband return from Ireland will be really close . The Ead and Ap still process until after the interview. I think the IO has to put in a notice to stop the Ead and Ap . Mine continued to process after a month . Just curious, you guys had to pay for the Emegency Ap ?
  12. @Adam Zollinger If the vaccination record DS 3025 is marked complete just bring it to the interview ( plus a copy ) If not ,probably they will ask to do it after the interview .
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