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  1. How do you see the receipt date for each service center? Mine is LIN so I am not holding my breath...
  2. Does anyone have the link to that spreadsheet where people from previous months were tracking their progress? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know how long it takes for biometrics? And is it possible to reschedule it if the schedules appointment doesn’t work for you? I have surgery coming up in late August, hopefully it won’t get scheduled on the same day.
  4. Thank you! Not even worried about the processing time at this point, just happy to have a case number 🙏
  5. Got my case number today through text and it starts with LIN. What does this stand for? Is it indicative of which location it got sent to?
  6. Hey all! Just found this thread. I sent the RoC application last week, received in Arizona last Tuesday according to the tracking number. I haven’t heard anything back yet and the card hasn’t been charged. I did include the e-notification form so hoping to hear something soon! 🤞
  7. Oh I have no doubt about that! I'm definitely not trying to make it big, if anything I'm trying to make it smaller. But I'm wondering if everyone else has gone through having so much evidence, and how many pages they ended up with in the end.
  8. Hey VJ friends! I'm just curious as to how big, in terms of number of pages, ROC applications are on average? I'm starting to prepare for mine (my filing date is in May) and it's looking like I'll need to find an extra thick envelope to fit in all the evidence 😅
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