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  1. Hey everyone, my fiance got our case number today (NOA2 November 14th) and he asked the lady if our case would be sent off tomorrow. She said that unfortunately not as the number was just generated today and still needs further reviews... but she did tell him that our case will likely be sent off in two weeks, so I guess at least we'll make the next batch.
  2. My fiance and I were both in Brazil when we mailed our fiance Visa petition to the Texas address in Lewisville. We used FedEx and paid about 350 BRL for it, took 8 days to deliver (from Porto Alegre, where I live). I believe you could do the same to deliver in Chicago, or alternatively go to a post office and ask about your options. I've mailed multiple docs to multiple countries through the post here and never had a problem, the most expensive options give you a tracking code so you'll know when it's delivered. Not sure about where you are in Brazil, but I particularly find our post service quite efficient and reliable.
  3. Hi everyone, We just got our NOA2 today (YAY!) and we're now reading up on the next steps. My fiance (USC) currently has two sources of income: 1) His salary from his full-time job (way above the poverty line, but he's only had this job since August) 2) He is renting out a house he owns and therefore gets income from the renters monthly We'd like to add both incomes to the affidavit of support to make our case stronger but we're not sure how to do that. Should he just add the total amount and include it in the box that says "my annual income is"? Of course we will be providing proof of everything. Also, does the fact that he still has a mortgage on that house affect anything at all? I'd really appreciate your input. Thanks!! 😁
  4. Thank you!! And may every one of the June family get their approvals soon!
  5. Thank you! Yes, I got an email saying that an action had been taken on my case. So I logged into the new site and it was there - Case approved The old site was not updated (still just says case received).
  6. My NOA1 from June 5 -- JUST GOT APPROVED!
  7. How are you guys coping with the last few weeks of waiting? Sometimes I get so anxious I can't fall asleep! Can't wait to see more June approvals 😍
  8. No worries, thank you for your help. Actually neither me or my fiance are Australian, we were on student and working holiday visas when we were there, so when we applied for the k1 we were both aready back in our home countries. He (petitioner) found a job in the U.S way over poverty line so we’re ok on the finance part. I’m just really worried about that de facto thing, but haven’t found a single person in the same situation yet so I guess I’ll just wait and see what happens😅 Good luck to you as well!
  9. If I may ask a non-related question, did you send your de facto relationship certificate in your original petition? I am asking because my fiance and I did (we also lived together in Australia) and now we are scared to death thinking they may think we are “too married” for a k1 visa and deny our petition... we know a de facto is not a marriage but I never knew what USCIS things about that on Australia specifically.
  10. Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply! It does look like the only complicated thing amongst the ones mentioned is the driver's license, so I'll make sure I research well before my visa is granted. 😊
  11. Hey! So I have some very specific questions about the processes I'll have to go through upon arrival in the U.S. It's been confusing to try to find an answer to those online so I'm counting on this community to point me in the right direction 😊 So my plan is to arrive in Texas on my K1 and stay there for the first 3 weeks, during which we will get married and then promptly move to CO permanently, which is where my fiance currently lives and works. That said, my questions are: 1. If I apply for my SSN in a TX office before marriage, can the card be delivered by mail to a CO address? 2. I saw a lot of people saying they had to go back to the SSN office after marriage to change their name to their married names. I am not taking my fiance's last name after marriage as this is not a thing we do in my family. So in this case, I wouldn't need to go back to the office for that change and can keep using the SSN as is. Correct? 3. In Texas, is the signed marriage license returned to the County Clerk by the couple or the person who performed the marriage? Is this done in person or by mail? 4. Is my Brazilian driver's license valid in the U.S after arrival on a K1 visa? For how long? 5. At what point should I apply for a drivers license in CO? Does my I-94 still have to be valid? Do I have to wait for EAD/greencard? Thanks a lot for reading and sharing 🙏
  12. It does take 6-7 months, but I've already waited 2 and a half, so only 4-4.5 months to go
  13. Thank you! We’re very excited about his new job, we visited Colorado last year and knew straight away we wanted to build our life there 😊😊
  14. Yes, we’re already counting on that thanks anyway!