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  1. Thanks everyone for the tips Bank Of America worked with just a passport and SS# and immigrant friendly.
  2. Thanks for the help everyone, going to try Bank Of America tomorrow. I'll let you guys know what happens.
  3. That's the bank I use now PNC , the lady at the desk we were sitting at said she needed 2 forms of Id she tried to enter the Passport ID twice to cheat the computer but her computer would not let it go through.. she was so nice I felt bad for her when we walked out.
  4. It didn't even get that far, she just said sorry come back when you have the card.
  5. I went today to my current bank, and they could not add my wife to my account the Passport SS# and marriage certificate was not enough,, went to a new bank and tried to open an account, again Passport SS# and marriage certificate was not enough, this one said she needed a permanent resident card, the lady was like when she has the card come back , I was like duh I need this to get a permanent residence card/green card. What to do what to do, a joint account isn't needed to much if you happen to get an interview is it? We have a utility bill with both our names, 2 credit cards that I added her as a authorized user with her name on the card, I have her under my health insurance and some life insurance, and she is a beneficiary for my 401k and others.
  6. Thanks for the help everyone, we are done this part 3 to 4 weeks until we get it. Only needed passport and i94 waited about 1 hour not to bad.
  7. Ah I gotcha should I put her as "legal alien not allowed to work?" what reason do i give when they ask why we need a number. It says if if you chose "legal alien not allowed to work or other, you must provide a document from a us federal, state or local agency that explains why you need a social security number that you meet all the requirements for the government benefit,.
  8. How about Social Security, should that be sent to them while the other forms are processing? I need a Social to add her to my bank account and medical insurance and to put her as my beneficiary, all need a Social Security number. Thanks so much you guys and gals for your help.
  9. Thanks for the info, we did the K1 ourselves with no lawyer how do you think the AOS is are we able to do it ourselves without any difficulties?
  10. Ah that make sense, so mailing all 3 together you only pay the AOS form fee approx 1230 including the medical. Am I understanding this correctly? Thanks for the info
  11. I know this is just in case they have to leave for family reasons and go back home, but is it really necessary? If she doesn't have close family or anything left over seas its just better to wait for the green card. For some of us $575 extra dollars could be spend for the future. I am in the process of an AOS was wondering for those who did the I-131 is it necessary or I can totally skip this form?
  12. We went through JFK on the 16th of June, it was painless, there was only one screener with a line of over 100 people, he was very professional and didn't show any frustration. Overall wasn't bad. Few questions, stamps, didn't go into another room I went to get the luggage and she was right behind me a few minutes later. Checked the i-94 and we are in the system.
  13. Congratulations half the process is complete, now for the other half good luck.
  14. If you do any kind of ceremony do not sign or do anything legally binding you 2 as husband and wife, you can have a religious ceremony as long as you are not legally married from it. They are many religious temples, churches, mosques in the US which will gladly do the ceremony here, but I know she probably wants it done for family.
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