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  1. Wow that's great, I'm sure others who don't have any red flags during the process and not from a high fraud country will all have interviews waived. This does help with the back log after reopening.
  2. HI everyone, Just trying to get everyone's option on this, my wife's friend who has the status of "Appointment is ready to be scheduled" on the USICS website. Usually you do not have to send in proof of bona fided marriage with the I485 to adjust status it is optional, and is needed at the interview. But even with the status of ready to be scheduled she got and RFE in the mail asking for proof of bonified marriage, certificates, utility bills, leases in both names, bank accounts etc.etc. Could this mean they will hand out greencards to those who send in good proof of a real marriage. She sent in her I485 on Sept 2019 before all the changes. It looks like they maybe giving out greencards without interviews, if the evidence sent with the REF is correct and shows a real marriage? What do you guys think? Why would they RFE for proof of bona fide marriage if it was not needed to be sent in with the original I485 mailing?
  3. what kind of job are you talking about, my wife came from her country as a marketing executive assistant, her English isn't so good so she had no choice but to apply for a retail job. Sometimes in a new country you have to start fresh and work your way up with experience. My Wife applied to CVS she just got her 2 year green card, originally they said thank you for your interest in our company ect. etc sounded like they were not interested in hiring her., a few weeks later after Covid 19 started to pick up she got an offer to accept a position at a CVS near our home, CVS said they were hiring 50k extra employees. Unfortunately she did not accept the offer due to the high risk of contact with sick customers. so yeah regular everyday jobs like this don't usually hire US citizens over immigrants you speak English pretty well you got a good chance. Same with Macy's she was so excited but they cancelled on her because the Mall the Macy's was in was closing in a few days.
  4. This is correct, they are asking if the child will be traveling with her which the child will not, so No is correct Then it asked will the child be traveling to the US later, yes is the correct answer since he will be traveling 2 months later
  5. What will happen to the people who have not filed their taxes yet, they will not get the stimulus check until they file? Also I had a CPA do my taxes this year which he took the fee out of my return and the rest went into my bank account, he won't get a cent of this stimulus will he ?
  6. If you can pick up your NOA1 over at the new address, you could save the hassle and just put your new address in. This house is already in your name and guaranteed that you can move in anytime yes everything signed and good to go if so use your new address. Be sure you will be able to pick up your NOA1 which comes in about a week.
  7. I know it can be tough being apart for along time, but its not too bad, the longest my wife and I were apart while we were doing our K1 between our second time meeting and me picking her up after her K1 approval was 15 and a half months. You guys will be ok, cancel the trip and wait till this all dies over. Use Line or Whats App and video call every morning or evening.
  8. Has not happened to me but, you may not get asked about your current employment at the interview, but take that updated joint sponsor i-864 with you just in case if you do get asked explain to them you are actively seeking new employment and have joint sponsor in the mean time. But you may luck out and not be asked about employment or asked for any forms or letters from work, you just may get by but it maybe risky if your caught. If they ask you a question like any updates to your forms we need to know about , then you would tell them don't say "no" tell them the entire story. I wish you all the luck in the world.
  9. Ahh sorry your doing the I-130 just send the photos and everything should be all good.
  10. If the interview went well to you, then your approved most likely soon as the REF is sent in and completed, your case will be changed to approved in a few days. I've known some people who sent in RFE's and get the approve and greencard mailed to them after. You just left something out, don't be to worried about it. You don't need a petitioners photo in the AoS process just the applicant
  11. Everyone should have one number and only one number, it will make getting benefits difficult if one number was used and the other number is used at Social Security, everything is connected to your SSN retirement, disability, getting a job, getting a house,....I guess you can use the number with the correct name going forward but let them know about the duplicate one. When doing official stuff use one number only.
  12. Check your Sponsor household size and see if you filled it correctly, filling this wrong will also flag as insufficient income. Such as what happened to me, I also sent the correct tax form in also. When they say it is not enough income doesn't mean its really not enough income. If you get what I mean, usually it something else.
  13. Won't at all what so ever interfere with the K1, unless the beneficiary is a minor. No parental consent is needed, non of the parents are contacted at all. So its up to you if you want to go through with it. Even if your parents don't agree you can still leave and live in america.
  14. When my wife and I were doing our K1 and our AoS she made sort of a small book collage like with our pictures and the date, time, where and what we were doing underneath separated by the years I went to visit. Try and go on some trips together, take pictures and keep the ticket stubs, bus passes with you two holding them and take the picture and put them in the picture booklet. Take pictures with her family, my wife and I went bungee jumping and we included that in our K1 pictures collage, try and keep plane tickets, hotels receipts of you visiting her/him try and visit 2 or 3 times before going to do the K1 . Make what you have now listed in to like a story book.
  15. Hi Looks like the person you were asking a question to hasn't signed on since November 12th 2012, maybe there was a miss communication within the office. You should try and call them and explain to them what happened,.
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