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  1. Skylar, people are trying to give you advice but it seems to me you are just trying to get information on the process. He needs to go there to meet you and you need to prove a real relationship. keep a copy of all proof of meeting and take lots of picture. you really should go on the uscis website and study it there are of details. That website as well as VJ will give you the information to qualify for a visa. you need to decide if you want k1 or cr1 being that you do not have money to travel back and forth he should go there and you guys marry. then he will go back home and file the paperwork it will take aprox. 1 year at the very least. The part that may get tricky for you is he will need to prove that he can financially support you 125% above poverty level. I think it is aprox. $21,000 for 2 people. If he does not make this much money you will need a co-sponser like his mom ect. he will need 3 years of tax returns and w2 to prove this. He can also use savings in the bank but it sounds like you are both broke. I hope this helped
  2. You should save the money on a lawyer and do it yourself. It's not that hard. Cr1 is really better imo wish I had chose to go that way. I am sorry to say it is very close to a wedding.
  3. you can go online to check about the marriage process in Egypt. One thing I do know is that it takes about 1 month to complete all the paperwork. Also you have to have seen each other within 2 years to qualify for cr1
  4. I am surprised that got past the USCIS. It took me 3 monthe to get my criminal records. Normally you should have gotten a RFE. Seems to me you got lucky. Some of my records dated back 30 years but I still sent them. Just a guess of course but I would not think it will be to long. (few months) I would not change your ticket yet.
  5. even if it was dismissed it has to be a certified copy of the arrest and the disposistion
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