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  1. thank you guys, very helpful!!
  2. Hi everyone, i have a general question if anyone can help me that will be awesome. so i was a canadian temporary resident on a work permit then it was expired recently and now i'm waiting on a new work permit(i am inside canada right now) i'm married to an american citizen and was suppose to have our interview last month in montreal but it was canceled due to my lack of status in canada(because my work permit expired and didn't get the new one yet). now with all the covid -19 there are restrictions with the canadian border entrance stating that only citizens, PR, students, temporary workers are allowed in the border. the problem is that in order to get my new work permit, that will arrive soon, i need to cross the canadian border and come back to canada again go through immigration and they're suppose to issue my new work permit. the only question is- if i'm considered, under the new border restrictions, as a temporary worker and they will issue the work permit and let me in? or not? thank you
  3. hi, me and my wife are on cr1 visa application, on september 4th we became DQ and waiting for interview in montreal. does anyone here know how long it takes for them to book an interview? i heard it can take 4 months. and if there's anyone else waiting on an interview as well that's close to our DQ time? thank you, appreciate any response
  4. Can you add me to the group pls? We got DQ on sep 4th thank you!!
  5. my home country is israel. and about the insurance sounds like a good idea ill look into it thank you wow thats such a relief thank to so much for the information its very helpful!!
  6. is it something that we can do now while its been processed at uscis?
  7. no i guess he didn't. i don't know why but ill definitely ask him and ill see what we can do about it thank you for bringing it to my attention. that's something ill do for sure thank you! thank you guys you've been very helpful!!!
  8. hi, thank you for responding first of all. i'm aware we still have time until the interview. my wife petitioned for me on september 21th so it been almost 6 moths. in the petition the only bona fida proof is our marriage certificate- we did everything assisting a lawyer of course(all the rest of the document pictures flight tickets etc we're gathering toward the interview. -as of "red flags" i don't know exactly what you mean, but i can say this- most of our relationship so far is through face time and texting unfortunately, even before we got married the first 3 months of our relationship were face-timing so us living in two different countries makes it harder for us, obviously, to gather proofs like a married couple that lives together that is my concern so far asside from that everything is perfect 🙂 about what you mentioned taxes/rental agreement/banking etc' that exactly what i thought but if we're not going to have all that so the only things that are left are pictures of us(we have a ton!) and flight tickets/hotels etc' the question is, if they understand that we don't have the rest because of our circumstances? thank you again
  9. hi guys, recently joined Vj. i've heard its a great place to ask questions that bother most of us through this exhausting process. would appreciate some help. so, me and my wife married on august 17th 2018, until now we're still waiting for the interview- i'm living and working in canada(on a work permit) and she's in the states. we only get a chance to meet with each other when she's flying to canada to see me(i've never been to the states) so i have several of questions about the interview itself according the circumstances: - if we're living in two different countries for now, is there any point doing joint accounts/health insurance/taxes/rental agreement etc'? - does she have to be with me in the interview? - whats the best advice you can give us for the interview? i'll appreciate any help thank you
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