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  1. Ok, so a big releif. Looks like this question was recently added (its gotta be in the past week or so) because I know someone with a pending ds-260, and this is a required question, it does not let them proceed without it.. I wonder what they will do for people who already submitted the form when this question was not there?
  2. Ok, there is something weird. I actually dont remember this question even being there when I filled out the form a couple weeks ago. The page on which this information appears is "Additional Work/Education/Training Information" Up until 2 weeks ago, this form looked like this : (look at the 8:15 minute marker) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXT1n39eQo8 Now when I review my form, I see This is very worrying - I would think they would want to know travel history no? I didnt remember seeing it - and I watched through that video, and there is no where they ask that question, and then I also search google for the question, I only see it the context of DS-160 (NIV applicaiton), NOT the DS 260. It seems like everyone waiting for NVC review should be in the same boat that I am. Am I missing something? Sorry if I am overlooking something obvious,.
  3. Hi, I submitted my DS 260 form a couple weeks ago. I just noticed that the question "Have you traveled to any countries/regions within the last five years?" Does not have a yes or no option selected. I am petrified, I could have sworn I put all the information in, but I dont remember since it has been a few weeks. What should I do? Is it a glitch with the system? Or have I really forgotten to answer that question? I would be surprised that it let me submit the form without picking "Yes" or "No". All other answers are selected "Yes" or "No"
  4. Hello two quick questions, may be this is consulate specific, but for IR1/CR1 visa, after the case is complete at NVC, do you get to choose interview date/time? Or do they assign you a date time?
  5. No one trying to schedule Baghdad appointment? Are there any dates available? Are they even doing interview? I emailed them and they said they are, but it does not look like they are giving dates at all?
  6. We are at NVC, and we have to upload Civil docs. One of the civil docs says "Police Certificate - Iran". On the travel site, it says: Police Certificates Available Comments: Available but unreliable. Police records are not required for immigrant visa applicants because posts cannot verify them. Clean record certificates can be obtained in Iran or from Iranian Embassies and Consulates, and the physical appearance of the certificate changes significantly depending on which authority issued it. Does this mean the police certificate is an optional document, and we dont have to provide it?
  7. Hello. I am sponsoring my wife and parents separately. My parents process started before my wife, but they have chosen to stay back for a little longer. All cases are I-130 approved at NVC. Parents have chosen to delay their interview till 2020, while wife wants to interview late 2019. What should I fill out in I-864 for wife? Part 3 : Information about the immigrants you are sponsoring Principal immigrant wife. Parents *may* immigrate within 6 months after wife, but depends on how long wife process takes? I am really not sure.
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