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  1. Ok, so a big releif. Looks like this question was recently added (its gotta be in the past week or so) because I know someone with a pending ds-260, and this is a required question, it does not let them proceed without it.. I wonder what they will do for people who already submitted the form when this question was not there?
  2. Ok, there is something weird. I actually dont remember this question even being there when I filled out the form a couple weeks ago. The page on which this information appears is "Additional Work/Education/Training Information" Up until 2 weeks ago, this form looked like this : (look at the 8:15 minute marker) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXT1n39eQo8 Now when I review my form, I see This is very worrying - I would think they would want to know travel history no? I didnt remember seeing it - and I watched through that video, and there is no where they ask that question, and then I also search google for the question, I only see it the context of DS-160 (NIV applicaiton), NOT the DS 260. It seems like everyone waiting for NVC review should be in the same boat that I am. Am I missing something? Sorry if I am overlooking something obvious,.
  3. Hi, I submitted my DS 260 form a couple weeks ago. I just noticed that the question "Have you traveled to any countries/regions within the last five years?" Does not have a yes or no option selected. I am petrified, I could have sworn I put all the information in, but I dont remember since it has been a few weeks. What should I do? Is it a glitch with the system? Or have I really forgotten to answer that question? I would be surprised that it let me submit the form without picking "Yes" or "No". All other answers are selected "Yes" or "No"
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