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  1. No, it is not working for us 😪
  2. Is there another phone number to call USCIS other than 800-375-5283?
  3. We are in the same situation 😕
  4. Congratulations!! When did you send the message?
  5. Still have not received our case number 😕 NOA2: 01/24 I am the beneficiary and this is what happened, as soon as we got our NOA2 we realized they misspelled my name and we immediately send an email to USCIS letting them know about it, we also call them the day after and they said they were going to update it (the website says is updated) Do you guys think that was a problem and the reason why NVC has not got the case yet? Should we call USCIS again?
  6. We are sending everything tomorrow but I want be really sure about the G-325A, do we need to fill it out or no? I would love your help please!! Thanks
  7. Hello! We are ready to send all the documentatios required but we want to make sure we have everything, here is a list of what we got. If you all can help telling us what else we need or what we are missing it would be really appreciated. Thank you Payment receipet G-1145 I-129F Passport style photo- Petitioner Passport style photo- Bneficiary Birth certificate- petitioner Marital status sworn statement- beneficiary Us passport- petitioner Letter certifying intent to marry- petitioner Letter certifying intent to marry- beneficiary Court and police background- petitioner Proof of having met in person in the past 2 years (pictures, cards, whatsapp conversations, phone calls, tickets, passport stamps) Affidavit of support of family and friends How we met letter by the beneficiary