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  1. Congratulations!!! can you please tell us about the interview? What did they ask you? And also did you have an I-693 or just DS-3025 was enough? My interview is tomorrow and that will help me a lot. Thanks
  2. Can you tell us your experience for the fingerprint appt please? Also can the petitioner go ?
  3. Hi! I have everything ready for my AOS( I-485, I-864, I-131 and I-765) but I am a little bit confused about how much I need to pay and also what to write in the check. If somebody can help me it will be appreciated, thanks!
  4. The 1040 form and the transcripts are the same thing? I will go to the interview in a week but now I am confused.. I have the 1040 and W2 ready but not sure what the transcripts are 😐 do I need them?
  5. Hi I am concerned about something: Appointment: May 17th NOA2 expires: May 22nd Do I need a NOA2 with a longer expiration date to leave the country when the visa is approved or it matters just for the interview? I sent an email last week letting them know about it but not an anwser yet and I got the P3 email yesterday but they did not say anything about the NOA2 either. Thank you!
  6. Hola, mi caso también llegó el 3 de Abril, envié un correo hoy porque mi NOA2 se vence en Mayo y me preocupa eso también. muchas gracias y mucha suerte en tu entrevista!
  7. Ya recibiste el correo de la embajada? Yo aún sigo esperando
  8. Alguien ya ha recibido la carta de la embajada esta semana para programar entrevista?
  9. Ds160 question: application receipt/petition number is the WAC# or the # NVC gives us ?
  10. Hola! Hoy el estatus de mi caso cambió a “ready” ,envié un correo y me dijeron que aún no estaba allí (creo que la razón es porque quizás no está en el sistema ya que apenas lo enviaron ayer pero físicamente ya está ) ¿cuánto tiempo duran en enviar el paquete de instrucciones? ¿puedo programar la cita en la embajada ? Que me recomiendan!
  11. I do but the embassy has not sent anything to me yet. I have a copy of the P3 because you have shared it here before and we have everything almost ready , can we schedule the interview ?
  12. My case says “ready” , can I schedule the interview or wait for the email confirmation? Should I send an email to the embassy? NVC sent it to the embassy yesterday.
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