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  1. I'm not really good at this but I think my fiance can help you better
  2. Yes, my interview was pretty easy everyone at the embassy was so nice to me. All the government or the embassy wants is honesty. They only ask me 6 questions and I got approved. I don't know if this is helpful. And just send your fiance everything thing u have given to the government both the original and copy
  3. Yes I had my interview last Tuesday and I got approved. The problem was I chose wrong category
  4. hello everyone, please is anybody here finding it difficult to schedule an appointment on US embassy in turkey.... because i have been trying to get a date for my appointment since July 15 and still nothing. any ideas or help
  5. Hello, my fiance and I are going through the k1 visa process in Turkey. We recieved a letter from NVC last Friday that our case was ready but the turkish embassy has not contacted us yet. Is it normal for this to take a longer time? Is there anything we can be doing to prepare other than gathering documents? I am currently in Istanbul so I would rather try to schedule my interview and medical at the same time to avoid flying back and forth to Ankara. Thanks in advance for the help.