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  1. Our interview was scheduled for november 15 and we received the invitation letter via email lasy night. Usually they give notice a month before the interview, so no worries! Good luck!
  2. I would suggest calling NVC. Thats what I did and I learned that our interview date has already been scheduled but, we havent received the letter yet. Our cc was september 21 for Turkey, they seem to be scheduling interviews for september cc's.
  3. I called NVC yesterday to ask something about the AOS documents and I also ended up learning that we got our interview date for November 15. But we havent received the appointment letter or email yet. Thé NVC agent said they sent the email- and to the correct address- but we havent received it. Anyone experience something like this? Is this a system glitch? Thank you! Good luck to everyone waiting I wish you all the best!
  4. I am waiting for the Ankara embassy. Our cc date was September 21, When was yours?
  5. I realize that people have been waiting longer. I didn't mean any disrespect. Just haven't seen anyone going to the Ankara embassy and wondered how long it usually takes. Otherwise i'm calm, i know the process is long. Again ı hope everyone the best and wish everyone the best of luck with their process!
  6. Firstly, good luck to everyone that received visa or have upcoming interview dates! Is anyone waiting for interview date at the Ankara, Turkey Embassy? Our CC was Sept. 21 and we havent received an email or invitation letter yet. Should i call NVC? thank you
  7. I have read that the best way to have any foreign degree evaluated is through the WES services. I haven't used it myself but know from researching about phd programs in the USA that they prefer that WES is used. The fees may be expensive but I think they offer 2 types of evalution: for professional work or for academic. You can find their website here: https://applications.wes.org/degree-equivalency-tool/. Hope it helps!
  8. Our file was received by nvc in march as well. We became so sick of waiting. I called after 6 weeks, they said 8 weeks. Still nothing. So, I called after 8 weeks. No info this time at all. Finally, after 10 weeks we got the email with our case number and invoice number, as well as info for the application process. It takes a while and is really frustrating to wait. But hopefully you should get a case number within the next 4 weeks max. Hang in there! 😀
  9. Good luck to you all @waiting561 , @LILI&FERRA and @shexy ! We are actually still waiting for our file to reach the NVC from USCIS Nebraska ... I know it's not quite the same issue you're dealing with. But, I see you've been able to find out about your cases from the NVC and I also want to find out whether they received our case or not. It was sent from USCIS on February 15th, so I'm assuming it should've reached them by now! SO, what I want to ask you all is if there is a quicker way to reach a customer representative after calling the NVC number 603 334 0700 ? Thank you!
  10. I think you provided more than enough. I only provided 1 affidavit letter, photos and evidence of a joint bank account and our i130 still got approved by USCIS. I don't think you should over do it either since that may raise suspicions. One more note, you should add ID info for you and your spouse, if you didn't do so already. Such as photocopies of passports and national IDs. Good luck!
  11. Thank you for the info! I actually filled out my tax return using the e-file online system with H&R Block. I eventually ended up not owing anything and did not get a refund either. But I will still be filing the return.
  12. Hello to all i-130 applicants! After receiving our NOA2 on Feb 1, 2018, from Hellbraska, I received an e-mail today from USCIS stating that they sent our i-130 package to NVC on Feb 15th. So, just FYI for anyone out there waiting for their documents to reach NVC, I'm assuming it takes about 2 weeks for USCIS to send out i-130 packages to NVC. Of course this depends on the service center it was processed in, etc. Add of course another 2 weeks for it to arrive at NVC, roughly making it 30 days to finally reach the DOS. I just hope it doesn't take so long to get a case number! 😀 Hang in there and good luck to us all!
  13. Ahahaha Just like you said i dont owe anything! I actually used the free filing system for H&R block and it helped out a lot. But, I can't file my return online-using their system- because I need to fill in the SSN space for my spouse. Being that he is an NRA (non-resident alien) I have to get an ITIN for him now. So that sucks! Otherwise the free filing system is pretty useful. Btw, thanx again for the info.
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