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  1. We received my husband's green card on Friday! Finally done with USCIS for almost two years now. July 2: Interview, not immediately approved as we were told they wanted to review my husband's military records again (he only did the mandatory service for Turkey) July 5: Case update to card in production July 12: Card received in mailbox
  2. Hi VJ! Glad to see a lot of progress here. I haven't posted here in a while, but thought I'd provide a few updates. My husband was able to use his AP to get a Shengen visa through the Italian consulate in LA with no issues. We went on a 6 week honeymoon visiting his family in Turkey and going throughout Europe. He had no issues throughout the trip from being on AP, other than he had to wait for like an hour coming back through LAX to get processed. The didn't even ask any additional questions, just made him wait in the secondary screening area. They do need the paper AP approval form, so be sure to bring that along with the card. Also, we received our interview date of July 2nd in the LA city office. Below's our timeline: - September 4th: NOA1 - September 25th: bio appt - March 4th: AP/EAD approved - May 14: received update that interview was ready to be scheduled - May 23: interview scheduled - July 2: interview date
  3. My husband's combo card was delivered today. Now the extra long wait for the green card (we're in LA city). This was after having a bit of a fiasco with USPS. When our USCIS account updated with the tracking number is said it had been delivered on Saturday. After calling our local post office daily they finally "found" that my husband's package was delivered to the wrong mailbox and delivered it today.
  4. Just a quick update on our end. We received our NOA2s over the weekend and my husband's new social security card was delivered today. Now we just need the actual combo card.
  5. Check again! I just checked and it now says "new card being produced" on my husband's EAD! It still said received earlier today. Well that's what it says on the old site the new site still says received. Also, we had 0 luck with any of our CA reps with our K1. They're all inundated with requests. Ooo also just got texts/emails while typing this.
  6. Ah thanks! It worked this morning! At least it's nice to know that there's likely not something wrong with our specific cases, just that someone has dropped the ball on our date.
  7. It didn't accept any online request for us either. 😕 Do you think it would be better to call?
  8. Just to add on the tax conversation. I found these links pretty helpful. https://turbotax.intuit.com/tax-tips/family/claiming-a-non-citizen-spouse-and-children-on-your-taxes-/L6VM4IzTQ https://turbotax.intuit.com/tax-tips/general/tax-tips-for-resident-and-non-resident-aliens/L9Mm0x1i6 I also talked to a TurboTax CPA and they said if your spouse qualifies as a resident alien then you can file jointly and claim their worldwide income in the "other income, foreign income" section. This is self reported as an overseas company won't have U.S. tax forms. Unfortunately to use TurboTax for this you have to pay for one of their higher tier options.
  9. We did our biometrics on 9/25 and haven't had any updates since then either. Really I'm assuming we'll be lucky to get the green card in 2019 considering we're in LA proper. Seems like EA/APs are going out to June/July filers now, so still a bit of a wait until I'll be concerned.
  10. Quick update - we did a walk in biometrics appointment today in LA (La Brea office) and had absolutely no issues. We got there around 9:10am and were back at the car at 9:30am. There was literally one other family there and they saw us after waiting about 5 minutes. I've never seen a government office that was so empty!
  11. Oh also! USCIS sent us two versions of the same biometrics appointment letter. When I saw it on informed delivery I thought we were getting an RFE or something. But no, it was just them being great at their jobs. 😑
  12. We received ours on Saturday as well for Oct 1. We're going to be in SF that week, so we're going to try to walk in this week. Seems like it's not too difficult to do based on some searches here.
  13. Curious if anyone in the LA area has received their biometrics appointment notice yet. Looking at you @Naes 👀
  14. Well we have 3 letters from USCIS coming in the mail today, assuming those are our NOAs.
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