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  1. Quick update - we did a walk in biometrics appointment today in LA (La Brea office) and had absolutely no issues. We got there around 9:10am and were back at the car at 9:30am. There was literally one other family there and they saw us after waiting about 5 minutes. I've never seen a government office that was so empty!
  2. Oh also! USCIS sent us two versions of the same biometrics appointment letter. When I saw it on informed delivery I thought we were getting an RFE or something. But no, it was just them being great at their jobs. 😑
  3. We received ours on Saturday as well for Oct 1. We're going to be in SF that week, so we're going to try to walk in this week. Seems like it's not too difficult to do based on some searches here.
  4. Curious if anyone in the LA area has received their biometrics appointment notice yet. Looking at you @Naes 👀
  5. Well we have 3 letters from USCIS coming in the mail today, assuming those are our NOAs.
  6. I'm really just complaining. I'm assuming at this point we'll just get the notice in the mail without any texts. During K1 I only received texts relating to our RFE - nothing for our NOA1/2.
  7. Still no texts or emails over here, just took my money.
  8. I wouldn't worry. Knowing USCIS they put the Saturday packets on top of the Friday packets in their inbox when they started work on Tuesday.
  9. Our packet was delivered on Sat. 9/1 and our check appears to have been cashed on Friday 9/7. No texts or emails yet though.
  10. Happy to see some familiar names in this forum! Our lawyer mailed out packet on the 29th so hoping to hear something (or at least see a cashed check) this week.
  11. What's needed to get an SSN again? Just the passport with visa, I-94 and birth certificate?
  12. I realize that most Junies are posting wedding pics, but Bulent had his POE at LAX today. Finally. 😊
  13. If it's "non immigrant" AP this time then that's a positive sign that the visa will be issued soon, seems like typically less than a week to turn to issued. Mine was only on NI AP for less than 2 hours, but every embassy processes at different speeds.
  14. We have visa in hand today (could have picked it up on Tuesday, but we were out of town)! Below are all our CEAC/mailing status changes. 5/2 - interview approval / stayed on Immigrant Ready (same as before the interview but updated to this date) 5/3 (evening) - updated to Non Immigrant Application Ready (never saw an immigrant AP) 5/7 (~9am IST) - Non Immigrant AP 5/7 (~10:30am) - Issued 5/7 (~7pm) - PTT notification the passport was sent 5/8 - notification to pick up passport at PTT location 5/10 - pickup at PTT My fiancé will be doing POE on or around 6/20 since he’s going to spend a few weeks with his family. 😄
  15. Bulent had his interview in Ankara today and was approved in ~30 minutes from entering the building, including 15 minutes when there was a drill (I hope) where the embassy employees went under their desks. 262 days to NOA2, 324 days to interview approval. We’ll post a full review with the questions he was asked on the embassy page a bit later, but since everyone seems so concerned about being asked about wedding plans I’ll add that here. He was asked about our plans for the wedding and if we’ll have ceremonies in the US and Turkey. Bulent showed the officer our printed wedding invitation with our US date (8.11.18 - well within our 90 days as he’s not planning on POE until June) and our vendor bookings. She asked if anyone from his side will attend (yes, about 10) and how many from my side (he said he wasn’t sure since I’ve been handling all the planning, but a lot). He then said that we plan to have our Turkish ceremony sometime next year and that we’ll go on our honeymoon afterwards. She then asked where we plan to go on our honeymoon and then said he was approved. Bulent said the officer had a giant engagement ring on so maybe she was just more interested than normal in wedding plans, but she to really like his answers.