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    Never allow anyone to tell you that you can't do something or that something won't happen for you. It will happen, if intentions are good and you go in with full faith and belief, IT WILL !

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  1. Hobidyali


    No need, the intention wasn't to rmbarads the person, I am not taking it too seriously. What is most important for me is for everyone to know that I am just like them, we are all in the same process and never wanted to disrespect anyone.
  2. Hello everyone, I want to take a minute out of my Saturday afternoon out with family to post the following. I am a bit aggravated to be getting messages calling me judgemental and wishing me bad luck covered with smile. I stand firm in my belief and every single word that has been posted by me ,by the amount of scam out of morocco and it's mostly the older/younger dynamic out of there. I said last post that I would never comment anymore but I will make this clear, I am not against large age gaps, I am all for love no matter the circumstance. So for that person messaging me with this BS , leave me the hell alone because next message I will expose it for all to see. Contrary to belief, I wish all of us luck, especially coming from an older petitioner younger beneficiary like myself. Leave me the hell alone and don't message me again. 😋😋😃
  3. Hobidyali

    AOS and the Fiance Visa

    Thank you, the interview is for what exactly? I know with the AOS you have to fill the 485 and prove income etc but I am clueless about the interview. I will check out the link.
  4. Hobidyali

    AOS and the Fiance Visa

    To be clear, once AOS is being filed, EAD/AP can be filed as well, once this process is completed, the greencard plus work permit and other will be administered? Correct?
  5. Hobidyali

    AOS and the Fiance Visa

    I am not one of the ones who are asking this question because of the cost involved, I was asking because I legitimately wanted to know if there was a deadline or anything like that. Thank you for the response, I appreciate it. It looks like the AOS should be filed immediately, I was a bit confused because I say some people filing immediately and others waiting.
  6. Hello everyone, Once the couple is married after the beneficiary arriving on a k1, is there a deadline on when the AOS needs to be filed? I see some people file as soon as they are married and others who wait and don't for months, I am confused. Thanks everyone, I am trying to wrap my head around this whole process, I am feeling anxiety building because of this DS form I am seeing everyone get, seems to be everywhere . Wishing you all good luck in your process and interviews.
  7. I apologize, can you delete this?I don't need a whole thread for this question.
  8. Is there a difference in time of arrival between petitioning the mother and father as opposed to a brother or sister? I am not sure about the answer to your question, I am sure someone knowledgeable in this subject will help
  9. Hobidyali

    K1 visa refused

    We might not be able to mind read but we all have a sixth sense, intuition , common sense etc but sometimes with love we can be blinded and I am very aware believe me how foolish we can be because of it and you are so right.
  10. Hobidyali

    K1 visa refused

    Very true indeed.
  11. Hobidyali

    K1 visa refused

    Aww this means sooo much, thank you ! I am not as mean as my posts come across I promise, I just hate injustices and I know it comes across sometimes as if I am unfair or attacking the older/younger partnership but I am not, heck I am older by eight years. I just get frustrated when I see these things because it is clear to me that it's not genuine and they are being taken advantage of YET they still skid through rather easily. Case and point, there was a case on here who went for an interview recently and sh'es significantly older than him, visited only once and he was told to turn in his passport and submit extra documentation. Two or three weeks before a young married couple went in and was given the DS form, others were flat out denied with no obvious red flags, this is what I am referring to. I am not targeting anyone, I just wish things were more balanced BUT as you mentioned as well as Boiler ,RJandHamid,Geowrian and others, we don't know what the real story is and what "red flags" if any a couple has. I sincerely from the bottom of my heart believe in love no matter the age, but if it's a visa motivated one, and that can easily be seen, I am not okay with it . I have decided to not comment anymore if it's harsh and I tend to be too honest but I won't, but I also won't be there to give sympathy when they come back crying and complaining and saying how bad Moroccan men are, hell, you should've known it was the case because you didn't think to yourself , "hell, this man wouldn't date me if he was a young 25 year old American". Thank you for your sweet comment, greatly appreciated ❤️