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  1. I tried getting tax transcripts but for some reason I wasn't able to access them. I finally did get them in the mail a few days ago and you're right 2018 hasn't been processed yet, so I am using my 2017 Tax transcript as the most recent. I also am attaching the photocopies of 2016, and 2015 tax transcripts (which is optional according to the affadavit of support). Thank you for answering my question, if this is the case we will be fine then. I just hope another possible government shutdown doesn't affect the processing of my husband's adjustment of status.
  2. Hi everyone, My husband (then fiancee) came to the US on a K1 visa back in November. We were married within the first week of his arrival to the US. His K1 visa expires on Feb 14, 2019 which is in 2 days and also, coincidentally Valentine's Day lol. We finally just got the funds for the $1225 adjustment of status + biometrics fee. However I am waiting on my tax transcripts (which I ordered over a week and half ago) to arrive in the mail so that I can add them to the affadavit of support. I think we will be late in filing his Adjustment of Status. Will this be a legal problem or penalty in regards to the green card? As fas as his medical, I've read that it is good for a year (his medical exam was completed back in August 2018). -Nadia
  3. Nadia&Farouk

    Cousin wants to list me on her tourist visa

    Ok thank you. That seems to be consesus here. I just gave her my info. And thank you again!
  4. Hi, I have a cousin in Colombia who follows me on facebook. Recently my fiance and I had our K1 visa approved (he is from Morocco). So my Colombian cousin messaged me and told me she was going to apply for a tourist visa to United States and asked if I knew anything about the process . I told her it was a different process than the fiance visa and to check out the official government website as well this website visajourney. She asked me if she could list me as a relative that she wants to come see on her tourist visa. I agreed but I'm now wondering if that will affect my fiances immigration process. I don't want to raise any red flags, as if all of sudden I am being listed on everyones visa petitions. So my question is should I give her my information to list me on her tourist visa?
  5. You are able to choose your native language, but he chose English because that is the language he and I communicate in. Yes they told him he was approved, he only had to take a couple of documents he was missing to Aramex and turn in his passport there to have them process it. He also has to go online and apply to pick up the visa. It should take 1-2 weeks but in some cases it can take longer so we are not buying any plane tickets till he actually gets his passport back. Good luck to you!
  6. My fiance got his initial interview date scheduled via email on July 24 (2 weeks after we got the email from NVC). His interview was supposed to happen on August 23rd but that was the holiday week, so the embassy was closed. Someone from the embassy called him on August 30th and told him his interview was rescheduled to October 9th. Im not really sure why not many people were scheduled in September except that it is towards the end of the fiscal year and that may have something to do with it.
  7. Keep emailing them, they will eventually respond but it might take a few weeks as they are so behind and recently had to reschedule a lot of people.
  8. For the medical, my fiance had to bring in copies of vaccination records but since he didn't have all of those vaccines he was vaccinated. I will ask him about what else they do during the medical. As for the interview, unfortunately the embassy was closed during his scheduled interview (they never called or emailed to reschedule him). We have sent emails requesting reschedule and are actually waiting for them to reschedule him. They are very behind as they will be to reschedule all of the interviews that were scheduled during EID aldha week and after. Supposedly they made this mistake because a third party does the scheduling and that person's contract with the embassy just ended before EID aldha. If I had to guess, you might be looking at having your interview scheduled for sometime in October. But just keep emailing the embassy to ask them to schedule you for the interview, they will eventually respond.
  9. No. they have not given us a date yet. We have both emailed them. My fiancé will continue to send several more emails daily until they respond. Hopefully they respond this Monday when they are all back to work.
  10. Nadia&Farouk

    Interview Documents - Casablanca

    I'm not sure exactly when the case was transferred but I would estimate about a week from the time the NVC emailed us with the case number. It shouldn't take more than a month. Have you been emailing the embassy?
  11. Correction: I took us about 3 weeks. But yes you have to email them in order to received the interview letter. Provide your NVC case number in the mail Subject title like this: Request for Interview Date Case #__________ The email for Casablanca: IVCasablanca@state.gov
  12. You need to email them to request an interview date. It took us about 2.5 weeks after receiving the NVC letter to the time the embassy responded to our request for interview.
  13. Thank you 😊They just told him to email the embassy requesting to reschedule. They also said that on Monday the consular officers would begin emailing/calling people who were originally scheduled during Eidaladha week to reschedule interviews. We will update you all once we receive a new interview date. Praying its next week 🙏
  14. Update: He stayed in Casablanca yesterday and went to the embassy again this morning, and they basically told him that someone should have called or emailed him before to reschedule. All they can do is the give his name to the person responsible for the interview and remind that person to respond. My fiancé was advised to send the email so he will. I have sent one too already. Hopefully they reply soon.
  15. Keep emailing them before then. If they don't respond, print the email with the date you didn't book and just have everything ready for the interview for that day.