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  1. Yes we printed the PDF but also brought the original one in plastic (from the hospital). It’s good to bring all originals just in case they question your print outs. Just make sure to legalize and apostille it before you leave the country so it’s valid in the US.
  2. We received my husband’s combo card today in the mail 🥳🥳🥳
  3. Combo card in hand today!!! 🥳🥳🥳 Love Saturday mail surprises lol
  4. Update: Tonight 7/30 our EAD/AP status changed to “Card was mailed”! Just about 16 days since “Case approved” on 7/14 🙌🏻 Hopefully this means things will be moving for others as well!
  5. First was "card being produced" then changed to "approved" a day later.
  6. We received the official paper NOAs for both EAD and AP in the mail on Saturday. Our status is "Case is approved" for both since 7/14. Waiting anxiously to get that Informed Delivery email lol 👀
  7. This thread is great! I think a lot about how stressful and emotionally draining immigration is for my husband, not to mention also being in a pandemic. It's been hard for us because he came here intending to transfer his job from BA to NYC and then lost it due to covid. Waiting months for the EAD has been extremely stressful and applying to jobs without it and explaining the situation as a K1 immigrant has been even harder. With quarantine we can't do most of the things we love as a couple (shopping, movies, bars, date nights), so that's an added obstacle -- finding ways to have quality time inside a small apartment that doesn't get boring or feel routine. I think a lot of us have really been thrown a curveball and are just trying to navigate it the best we can. Mostly I just try to put myself in his shoes. I'll never be able to 100% understand how it feels to be far away from family, trying to learn and adjust to a new country/language, and find a job amidst the largest unemployment period in history. All we can really do is be supportive and strong for each other. One day at a time is the best advice. And also focus on the small moments like sharing a mate in the morning, FaceTime with family and friends, making a picada on Friday nights, things that help remind us why we're on this crazy adventure in the first place. We have great days, okay days, and some very bad ones too but the most important thing to remember is we are together, not separated by 5,000 miles anymore. That's what's grounded us through everything.
  8. Hi all, Some good news, today we got the "New Card Being Produced" update for our EAD/AP (after 5 months), so they are definitely still processing cases. Our VJ estimate was almost exact so that might be a good thing to watch. Stay positive!
  9. Does filing for an expedited EAD pause processing? We called to expedite back in March but, with the pandemic, my husband lost his job offer and therefore couldn’t fax the evidence. So our case has been sitting as “Expedite Request Received” since then. By the looks of others timelines we should be getting the “card being produced” update soon.... just hoping it’s not in weird limbo. Should we call or do you think it’ll process like normal?
  10. Hi guys! It’s been a while, hope everyone is staying safe. This morning our I-485 updated to “Ready to be scheduled for an interview”!! We filed AOS in February so this is insane. Hoping it’s not a glitch but so happy to be moving forward 🎉🎉🎉
  11. This morning our I-485 updated to “Ready to be scheduled for interview”!!! Not sure what happens now, given the pandemic situation, but still so happy to be moving forward!
  12. Also wondering this. Our situation is we received the job offer and requested to expedite but the job has since been put on hold due to COVID. Can we still send it as evidence and receive the EAD regardless? Do they check your employer after you receive the expedited card?
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