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  1. Thanks so much @Fe.Ta - you've been so wonderful and helpful! ❤️Definitely plan to join the AOS forums (I might already be following one). As long as my fiance's passport/visa show up next week, we are planning to head back to the U.S. together towards the end of this month!
  2. Interview was yesterday - APPROVED! Was a super exciting day and celebrated last night together with my fiance's family 🤗 I'll add more information to our profile/timeline about our interview, process, etc. Thanks to those before us sharing your experiences, we went into the Embassy feeling confident on what to expect and the steps to take! Seriously, you all have been the biggest help and we are so grateful to have such a wonderful group to answer questions and be supportive - thank you all so much! Hope everyone else is doing well and have a great weekend!
  3. Congrats!!! It took us around 3 weeks to have our file arrive to the NVC from USCIS and then another week to get the case number from the NVC. I would probably try calling closer to 4 weeks after your NOA2 approval date. Also, like @Fe.Ta mentioned, you can put in a request on the NVC website to try and prompt emailed information from the NVC. I followed this forum after we got the approval and were waiting for the NVC. It has people from all different countries, but at least indicates some common questions everyone was curious about during this "waiting phase." On the first page, this guide was pretty helpful: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nfin98c33IEpB0T0FlURERriblYmlm5O/view The guide will also tell you where to go to update your email/try and get email notifications from the NVC. If you do want to call the NVC, I recommend the 603-334-0888 phone number - this is for "nonimmigrant visas" which the K1 falls under. I had a lot more success getting through on this line faster then the other number. The other helpful thing is knowing the shipment dates from the NVC to the embassies. NVC does two bulk shipments twice per month. By the time we got our NVC number (8/20), we weren't on the 8/20 shipment, so we just had to sit and wait for the 9/3 shipment (another two weeks).
  4. @Fe.Ta Thank you again! I will go back through the thread and see what everyone has said about the questions. We also have googled questions and looked through the forums in general. Was more curious about the U.S. Embassy in Argentina/their questions versus other countries and general lists. I think it's pretty standard from what I've seen, stuff around how we met, jobs, marriage plans, etc. If there is anything out of the box that you think of, I'll take any advice I also looked at our group's timelines for consular/embassy reviews - those were really, really helpful! I feel a lot more confident on what to do when we get there because of this wonderful group of people!! Thanks so much!
  5. Dropped off our packet this morning!!! Now have to wait for our interview on Oct. 10th! If anyone has any additional tidbits on what questions might be asked or other information we should know, we are more than grateful to get your advice! I did check some of your timelines/profiles and those that left embassy reviews was super helpful! I also wanted to say thank you so much to everyone for helping, providing their own information on what they did, and your own experiences! You all have been so helpful and I'm so fortunate that we had a place to go to ask questions and get answers and help! We even ran into the same issue on the Police Certificate as someone else without having the article on it, and because of someone sharing what they did, were able to easily get it corrected in 24 hours! So seriously, just thank you all so much ❤️
  6. Ahhhhhh ok, thanks @Fe.Ta - I feel like everything is getting scrambled in my head trying to make sure everything is perfect 😅He was also given the x-rays but told to only take them to POE - not the interview, is that accurate too? Obviously, we trust the doctor, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask you kind folks with the experience!
  7. Hey everyone! So my fiancé just finished doing his medical today at Dr. Grillo's and they didn't actually give him the "sealed medical packet." They gave him this vaccination records document and told him to make a photo copy of it and put it into the packet to deliver to the embassy with our other documentation (same document needed for AOS). She informed him that they would deliver the sealed medical packet to the embassy, and then when he arrives to the embassy to let them know that the medical packet should already be there. Did anyone else go through this? Just curious because I thought I had read that you guys actually got the sealed medical packet after leaving the doctor's office (same day). But maybe I was reading things wrong.
  8. Hey @Fe.Ta!! Hope you are doing well! Our petition is en route to the embassy so patiently waiting to get our "Ready Status." It shipped out on Sept. 3rd so hoping for some good news this week! I know we'll probably have questions pop up after we get that, kind of have done all we could up until knowing when our interview date will be. Been watching the posts and even pinned some things to reference for us later so we aren't duping questions. Everyone is so helpful and we've really appreciated what others are sharing! Also, sorry hear about the delay in your process @Andrea + Gaston I've watched your timeline a lot since your dates were really close to ours (and then we got slapped with that RFE). Hope you guys can get things sorted soon!!!
  9. Hi everyone, I see some people asking questions about the social media on the DS160, figured I'd pose one as well... My fiance keeps his profiles pretty locked up (private mode on Instagram for example) and friends-only on Facebook. Just curious if there is any concern or issue on this? I think it's pretty normal that people that use social media also want to have a right to their privacy and who's viewing their content but also don't want it looking like he's hiding anything either. Any thoughts/recommendations/insights are appreciated!
  10. Hey guys, Kind of a weird question, does anyone know what you have to do (file or fill out) when your fiance moves to America so they aren't penalized for not participating in elections? We did some research about filling out a police certificate as proof if you are 500+ kilometers from where you live so you don't get penalized, but this seems to be more based on still residing or being in Argentina and not really living another country/America. Just curious if anyone knew, thanks!
  11. Thanks so much @Andrea + Gaston!! I went ahead and already pulled the tax transcripts from that site! We'll start working on the Acta and the evidence too! When you guys got the "Ready" email from the embassy, did you just go ahead and book the interview? I'm assuming you haven't turned in/dropped off the P3 yet? If that's the case, do you get to select your date or do you get assigned one from the embassy? Thank you again!
  12. Thanks @andreaam!! We had to do an RFE because there was an admin error, they said that my fiancé was previously married (and he never was), so he had to go get a Single Status certificate and then we had his mom do the translation and signed a document that said like she was proficient and capable of translating, got her to sign and notarized it, etc. So good to know something like that will be sufficient! Collecting and waiting on the stuff for the RFE and then coordinating translations and notary signatures, took us like 3 weeks to get the RFE returned so I know we are probably "jumping the gun" at little bit on things, but with how long it took to get those items before, I just don't want to be delayed again and trying to be proactive as possible! Really appreciate the help!!
  13. Super helpful!!! Thank you so much @Fe.Ta!!!!
  14. @Fe.Ta Yup - we are CABA! Thanks, kind of forgot to mention that 😅
  15. Hey everyone! I'm sorry if these are repetitive questions, I've gone through about 9/15 pages of posts and figured I'd just go ahead and ask! We just got our NOA2 🤗and wondering what we can go ahead and start gathering vs. what we need to wait on [more specifically to the things we have to get from another source; not our evidence and pay stubs and stuff] (I just want to make sure nothing "expires" if we get it now but it's still another month before we hear from the NVC/longer until our interview). I'm assuming we are safe to collect: -Police Certificate -Birth Entry -Anything else? Also, do these documents come in English or do we have to get them translated? If translation is needed, does anyone have any recommendations to where to get this done? I see in the Packet 3 something about School of Translators. Would we need to wait to book the Medical until we get our NVC case number? Lastly, my fiancé did a DS-160 for a Tourist Visa once, does anyone know if he updates this one (he has registered form to be able to bring it up) or does he start a new one? (I know we probably need to wait for the NVC before doing this form.) Thank you so much! Congrats to everyone that has received their Visas!!!
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