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  1. One thing I'd like us to know is that US visa applications is not a one-size fits all, if you think whatever is applicable from country A is the same in country B, you need to do your research because it's not. I posted the question because I have been asked before and it's mainly for the benefits of those from my part of the world as a reference. It's not something you learn on Google /YouTube or USCIS website. If everybody could find answers on those platforms, they would not come here at all . Our process/timeline in obtaining GC or USC might align while we are here in the US but the requirements on visa is country by country basis , so don't generalized if you are not from that specific country. If you must respond to such thread, look for experienced members from such country (which you can tell from the profile banners on the left side of the page) and refer them to the questions. Let's keep learning and re-learning.
  2. I mentioned my status because when you are inviting your " parents /kids" on B1/B2 not even siblings ( which is another case on it's own), it's totally different from someone whose intent is for tourism. For instance, some countries/cities have B1 visa application separate from B2 but in my city , it's combined .And some types of visa holder ( F1, H1B) also have the right to invite their parents/kids just like GC holder or USC but what would be asked to present varies. And what the CO base their decisions on is country-to-country basis. Thanks for your input and like I said I got the exact tips I needed from the Nigerian forum.
  3. Thanks @millefleur ,yes the wait time is long because of heavy backlogs. I got all I needed from another member who did that recently for his Nigerian parents, which is country-specific. Thanks guys.
  4. While appreciate the input of everyone, @Dashinka and @Jorgedig you are very wrong for your myopic and abrupt impression about my intent, if I had mentioned that I wanted them to live here, then your quick conclusions would have been appropriate . I am well aware that I have the right to bring my parents down here if I so please but it's not in my immediate plans or theirs and I do know how to do that without them leaving Nigeria. I just threw the question here because I have been out of touch when it comes to new developments in visa applications and they could only visit at a particular time because of their own schedules. Thanks everyone.
  5. Hi all, I am a citizen and I am about to start the process of inviting my parents from Nigeria . Other than the invitation letter and cover letter with my proof of citizenship, what else do I need to add ? I have seen all kinds of suggestions given but I believe a USC do not have the same requirements as GC holder base on this kind of application. Any input base on experience would be appreciated.
  6. I got an rfe for a divorce decree that was sent in the original packet. I’ve attached what was sent. Not sure what else they could want. Any ideas?
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