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  1. Hang in there guys, I hope you hear from them in no time..
  2. I guess your RFE would make the process longer.I'd suggest you have your mind set on the end of April.Then prepare to submit an expedite request by the second week of May if there is no update on your status before then.
  3. I had my AOS interview on the 20th of February and got approved the next day. Good luck to everyone still waiting for one approval or the other.
  4. @Sarge2155 what was the outcome of your expedite request ? (if you have submitted one yet)
  5. I had my interview on the 20th of February and my status changed 24hrs later to “ New Card is being produced” . Thank you 🙏 VJ family and Good luck to everyone who are yet to get their EAD/interview dates or yet to be approved.It’s just a matter of time.
  6. Two Fingerprint appointments is strange. My question is what date do you officially have on USCIS website / app has your fingerprint completion date? Here is something I have experienced and lots of people did too : expedite request submitted at least 100 days after fingerprint-completed date has higher chance of a positive outcome.That is if they don't approve your EAD/AP before that 100 days on their own. So you might want to get that official fingerprint-completed date right and start counting down. NBC seem to be in charge of all family-based immigration applications including the EAD/AP that comes with them. Hence, apart from the fingerprint you did in Houston (ASC), the next time you should be asked to go to USCIS office in Houston will be for your AOS interview. Goodluck!
  7. If you are yet to make a decision, you should strongly consider Ikoyi just for the sole reason @Olubukunayo highlighted above.Yes, any local govt with a marriage registry can conduct a federal government-recognized marriage and issue marriage certificate.However; if you plan to apply for US-related visas, especially family/marriage based visas, Ikoyi registry records are easily traceable by the US embassy should they find your marriage questionable. That is of course not official but Nigeria as you should know is bereft of standard national data.So you do the Math. Goodluck.
  8. Have you submitted a “request for expedite “ ? If not , look it up on their website and do it ASAP.
  9. I want to believe 100 days wait after biometric is the new normal.And if you still don’t hear from them afterwards, I will strongly suggest you contact them to submit a “request for expedite” choosing one of the 3 reasons (in your situation) required by USCIS on the website. This is the only means to let the officer in charge of your case take a second look at it regardless of the outcome of your request. As a result of that, your EAD/AP status should be updated in no time. If not , you could get a date for your AOS interview, that is if you submitted it together with EAD/AP. And then you will most likely receive your EAD/AP before the interview date. Goodluck!
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