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  1. Ok Got it. I will push for the eviction. I will file for the Divorce after the date of Marriage which was 30 March of 2019. I do not know what will come from the rest, but i think i have a good enough incling of what is going to happen. I just want her gone.
  2. She told me tonight that she is not going back to Colombia even though i offered her a ride back home. Let me deal with the divorce and she can leave. She refuses to leave the apartment because she says she has nowhere to go. Her plan is now to remain in the USA. Which is fine by me. I want nothing to do with her.
  3. If i had the money i would pay for her to leave. I do not at this time.
  4. i left the home sunday. I have visitation with my children this comming weekend. That is the reason i have left the home. I need to evict her. But i do not know if that is the right move for me right now. As it is, she already called the cops on me yesterday Feb 6th. I dont want another repeat of this. I can leave again on Sunday when my children are gone. But in the mean time i have to deal with this issue.
  5. She has her 2 year temporary green card. Not her permanent resident card. I will be filing for divorce at the 1 year mark of our marriage. I cannot do it any sooner because, she still live here in my apartment and North Carolina requires 1 year separation. i think this has been her plan all along. i consider this marriage fraud with the number of times she has left me. I want her evicted from the home.
  6. Tomorrow morning i am seeking immigration attorney help. I need this person out of my life. I know she is going to go to the cops and or immigration.
  7. here is the situation. My wife and i fought on June 2019. there is no police report. She is claming physcal abuse. She has whatsapp conversation where i am telling her that i am going to buy her a plane ticket to go back home to colombia. We got back together in July 2019. My wife left me again in septmber right after she got her green card. My wife got her green card on september 12th of 2019. Two days later she left me again. We lived in an appartment and she removed herself from the lease. I have proof she is no longer on the lease then after. We got back together in December of 2019. During january of 2020, we had an argument and she is clamming emotional distress, physical abuse and psychological estress. She is currently living in my appartment, last night she called the cops on me because she felt threatened and wanted to sleep. There was no police report on the domestic disturbance. We are now sleeping in seprate rooms. She is calling immigration tomorrow and is telling me she will be filing a VAWA case against me. I am the USC. I need to know what i am up against. I want to evict her from my apartment but she has nowhere to go. I do not want ICE or immigration after me or be tried as an abuser (mental physical or pyschological). She is going to the doctor for therapy and psychological help. She says i stress her and i cause her to go into panic mode. I do not know what to do here. - She has her temporary green card since september 2019. - I will not grant her permanent status. -She will not leave the house, her name is not on the lease. - she is asking for $3000 for her to leave. -She is claming emotional physical mental and economical abuse. I want her gone so i can divorce her.
  8. Interview was yesterday September 5, 2019 in Durham USCIS field Office. New Card Is Being Produced On September 5, 2019, we ordered your new card for Receipt Number MSCXXXXXXXXX, and will mail it to the address you gave us. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. But where is the EAD and AP?
  9. Maybe we can work together...I am going to the interview with my wife on Sep. 5th and I am so worried we will get a first denial. I just want to ensure I take everything I need to take with me.
  10. Hi All, I just received the 797C Monday August 12th, NOA for interview. I am now putting our paperwork in order for the interview which will be held in Durham, NC. Does anyone have a checklist besides the vague checklist in the NOA that I can follow. I want to ensure there are no issues getting my wife's AOS?
  11. Thanks for the advice everyone. I hope all is well. I just got off the phone with my wife. Things are not looking any better and i need to pull back. Please close this thread.
  12. I have not been able to talk to her since Wednesday night. I need to sit down and talk with her first. Out of respect for the marriage and her family, my children. I really would like to just calmly talk things through. I am waiting to hear back from her....
  13. Actually this all began because i am trying to keep a friendly relationship with my exwife of 18 years. We share children in common and my exwife was texting me nonsense about the children at 2100 hours. Which were not important and could have been handled latter on the next day. But my colombian wife decided that it was too much and called my ex wife and got into a yelling match with her.
  14. She called my best man wife at the weeding and had her come pick her up. She moved out on Sunday Jun 9th. I even helped her pack her bags without fighting. Even before she walked out the door i begged her not to leave...but she left anyway.
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