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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone. I hope all is well. I just got off the phone with my wife. Things are not looking any better and i need to pull back. Please close this thread.
  2. I have not been able to talk to her since Wednesday night. I need to sit down and talk with her first. Out of respect for the marriage and her family, my children. I really would like to just calmly talk things through. I am waiting to hear back from her....
  3. Actually this all began because i am trying to keep a friendly relationship with my exwife of 18 years. We share children in common and my exwife was texting me nonsense about the children at 2100 hours. Which were not important and could have been handled latter on the next day. But my colombian wife decided that it was too much and called my ex wife and got into a yelling match with her.
  4. She called my best man wife at the weeding and had her come pick her up. She moved out on Sunday Jun 9th. I even helped her pack her bags without fighting. Even before she walked out the door i begged her not to leave...but she left anyway.
  5. Yes, i shared the money with her. But i couldn't get her a bank account because she did not have a SSN. Before she arrived to USA i bought her a lot of things she needed...also on top of everything i bought her she made me a list of things to start getting in preparation for her arrival. There has been a lot of financial stress because my costs have increased due to her arrival. I handled it as best i could in an effort to maintain the household. I also made her my financial partner in coming up with the family budget. I didn't leave her out...it just was not enough money coming in for the amount of things she wanted.
  6. I did not kick her out. She left on her own...I even helped her fold her clothes into the luggage. I had witnesses present the entire time. Even before she walked out the door I told her to please not go. In front of everyone.
  7. I am a genuinely in a wreck. You guys are giving me the right advise I know. But this is someone I love and I did a lot for her to get to this country to turn out this way. She holds a lot of resentment and tells me she was never happy with me from the second week she got into the states. I gave her passport and ID cards last night. I never placed her name on the lease and she moved out. I don't think she Is going to try to move back in at any reason.
  8. I am working on that letter now for USCIS. I am military and it should be expedited. Regarding the toxicity....she texted me those things I have them on file to show the judge...that was on May 14 or 19. I have to look at the time stamp again.
  9. I have very detailed records. That is the first thing i am going to work on in the morning.
  10. Friends of mine offered here a place to stay. She just left the residence took most of her stuff with her and ID cards and passport. I am shattered.
  11. Its a rental property and her name is not on the lease. I will most likely have to do something unthinkable like call to have her removed and cancel the AOS. The interview has not been scheduled and its a long time after the interview until she can get her GC. Which i have explained to her and i will not support that.
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