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  1. Oh #######!! wrote it wrong!! Wrote it at work and was in a hurry.. no it is DECEMBER 13, 2019.. Thanks for that...
  2. 4 days later and accumulative of about 4 hours on hold and we were able to reach a Tier 2 Officer and got our answer. The interview is scheduled for November 13, 2019. In regards to trip; yeah we will ultimately have to cancel .. good thing I bought insurance for them.. Thanks!!
  3. wait.. you can reschedule the interview? Thought all the USCIS stuff was more of a "you work around them" type of deal.
  4. Geez, so basically anything between 2 - 7 weeks. Kinda puts us in a limbo then. Im wondering if they will assign it for later as we are closing in on the year and we have many US Holidays..
  5. This has been touched on many times im sure.. but currently in 2019 once the "Interview Was Scheduled", from the date you received the email is it 30+ days from notice for the actual interview date or...? I Ask this as we have a planned (tickets bought) trip first week of December and we are now worried it might fall the days we are out of town. We already reached out to them over the phone and no surprise they are of no help. Im assuming we just have to keep insisting over the phone? thanks in advance..
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