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  1. Hello. Forgive me in advance if I posted this question in the wrong forum as I wasn't sure where to post. My wife has a CR-1 visa, resident ID card, a SSN card, a state issued ID and has been working since February. We are traveling for the first time to her home country (Dominican Republic) since her arrival in the USA in December 2018. Our stay will be one week to visit family. What documents does she need for a smooth entry back into the USA next week? I also understand that she and I can go through the same line? (I'm a US citizen). Thanks for any tips and advice. We are also celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary in few days.
  2. My wife immigrated with a CR 1 visa in December. We moved last month for a new job. Two days before moving, we submitted the AR 11 online and mailed the signed copy 2 days later. I haven't heard anything and I called USCIS today just to see if her address was changed. The agent said that he could not find anything and filed a change by phone and gave me a confirmation number at the end of the call. I was able to pull up the AR 11 with the confirmation number on the form online, it is still in the system with 08/08/2019. So I called back and the second agent told me that the first agent wasn't supposed to file a change by phone because that is for pending cases only. She said all we can do is wait because she cannot look up non pending cases. I don't know what to do. We are trying to follow the rules by filing within 10 days of a move. We did what we are supposed to and the AR 11 is still showing in the system. All we wanted to do was confirm that the address was changed. Now this. Any advice? Please help.
  3. Will do! If it is something new, I'll do a general posting for information for others that might get something similar.
  4. I just spoke with them this morning. Last night they said it was too late to be transferred. I'm waiting now.
  5. The agent is saying that she cannot see a beneficiary's name from her end and transferred me to a higher department for a call back in five hours. Correction on my last post: it is an I-797C listing my name as "applicant" with an Online Access Code. Notice Type: USCIS Account Access Notice.
  6. We really need your help tonight. I, the US. citizen petitioner, sent I-130 petitions for my three stepchildren to the Chicago Lockbox. I placed each petition in a separate manila envelope clearly marked on the outside Petitioner: my name, Beneficiary: name. The three separate envelopes were sent in one larger envelope to ensure that case numbers are sequenced. I sent paper petitions with money orders attached to each petition. The forms were completed correctly. We received the I-797 for each case (three separate case numbers sequenced, like we hoped). The crazy thing is that all of the I-797 notifications do not have beneficiary names but my name (the petitioner) as the "applicant" and addressed to my name in care of my name. Also, I don't understand why they were assigned IOE numbers since I paid with a money order/paper filed not electronic files. I called USCIS and she said it is strange that beneficiary names aren't on the receipts and said the error was on the part of USCIS because if it was on our part then the petition would have been rejected. She said I need to call back tomorrow when I can be transferred to a higher department. I am calling tomorrow but I am totally confused about this. I am also worried that she wasn't informed enough to answer. The receipts are dates July 8 and the USCIS case tracker says the cases are at the Integrates Env Operating location. Please help. IOE? (when I paper filed) My name as "applicant" on the I-797? (On all three receipts?)
  7. Hello. I am sending separate petitions for each of my three stepkids. I plan to separate them into three manila envelopes. However, can the three envelopes all be sent together into one large envelope? Or should they be sent separately? My wife is worried that the three cases won't get sent from Chicago to the same service center for processing thus causing one case to delay behind the another. I hope this question makes sense. Please help.
  8. We are beginning I-130 separate petitions for my 3 stepkids. I'm the US citizen petitioner. We were married before their 18th birthday. So they qualify. One of the three recently turned 18. Here is my question. Does the 18 year old need to complete Form I 130a and do we need to complete the same form for the other 2 minor children? My thinking is the I 130a is only for spouses but we want to be sure to get it right the first time. Thanks for your help.
  9. Okay I know we need permission forms from the other parent or a court order but do we need it at the USCIS phase or is that documentation submitted to NVC?
  10. I'm a US citizen getting ready to start petitions for my stepkids. My wife has been here since December on a CR-1 visa. Is there a comprehensive checklist? If so, do you have a link? What should we include? We want to make sure to get everything right the first time. Thanks for your help.
  11. Just to clarify, you DID or DID NOT mention that your wife was abroad for that entire year? Making sure it wasn't a typo. I hope to be sparking too because it would be a much better feeling to actually get a refund rather than owing them! I plan to follow your advice to a tee. The "tax professional" turned around and said that if she has been here even one day in 2018, then we can file joint after saying she had to be here 6 months in 2017. He is an immigrant himself running a tax office, which is why I thought he might know something about this.
  12. Thanks for your help. I talked with a "tax professional" at a local office who said that of she did not reside in the USA during any part of the 2017 tax year, then an amended return isn't possible. He further said thar she wpuld have had to reside with me for 6 months. Not I'm utterly confused!
  13. Yes I proved it. The reason is that the return was done incorrectly (joint). 8 months later, I had to refile Married Filing Separately. Our case was nearing the end by that point. By the time we would have received the ITIN, she would already be here So the ITIN is now a non issue. We aren't interested in it since it will further delay and needlessly complicate matters further. She has her green card and at any moment her SSN card. So we are just trying to figure out what to do from here regarding the 2017 return. My only question is if Married Filing Separately and Jointly makes a great difference since I have a dependent child. Thanks for your help.
  14. Thank you for your advice. We did file for an ITIN in 2017 and it was rejected. I'm confused. Does she need an ITIN for 2017 in order for us to file an amended return? I was thinking we can go back and file with her SSN? Does it make a difference, having a dependent child, to file an amended return since she really had no reportable income?
  15. Hello. My wife is here and, like many of you, I had to file as Married Filing Separately last year because my wife was still in the DR. I owed the IRS $2200 and I'm making payments. The balance will be deducted from the 2018 tax return when we file (when her SSN card arrives. We filed at SSA: different discussion). I have a minor dependent and should qualify for a Child Tax Credit. I think that might have been affected by the Married Filing Separately status, though I'm not sure. Has anyone else here done an amended return for a previous year? How much of a difference is it between jointly and separately? Thank you.
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