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  1. My wife arrived in the USA on Dec. 19 and neither the SSN card nor the Green Card has arrived as of yet. We plan to go to the SocialSecurity Administration tomorrow if the SSN isn't here. Question: Can she use her CR1 visa with the I 155 stamp to apply or do we need to wait on the Green Card to arrive? We thought it automatically comes because we checked the appropriate box on the DS260 but lots of people are saying they ended up havingto go to the Social Security Administration. Thankyou for your help.
  2. My wife just arrived on a CR1 visa. We are now looking at petitioning for my 3 year old stepdaughter. Question: My stepdaughter has a dual citizenship (Dominican Republic and Spain). Her Dominican passport is current but her Spanish passport is expired. (We don't see a reason to update her Spanish passport since our petition is for the USA). **Do we need to include a copy of her expired Spanish passport in the petiton?
  3. From January 2018: Department of State Visa and passport operations are fee-funded and should not be impacted dramatically by the shutdown. However, decreased staffing levels may impact service and processing levels. It is unknown at this point, however, whether and how the upcoming Visa Bulletin (due out in early February) will be affected. With respect to immigrant visa (family, employment, etc.) cases pending at the National Visa Center (NVC), it is possible that they would continue to be processed as NVC’s staffing funding was under contract.
  4. Forgive me if this question has already been posted somewhere in VJ but I can't find anything on the topic. We are new to the process and just trying to learn as we go. At the port of entry, my wife received a I-155 stamp in her passport valid for one year. Do I understand correctly that stamp acts as her green card and the actual CR 1 green card will allow her 2 years? She was worried about the one year part. Second, does her actual green card automatically arrive? Or do we need to call anyone? The fee was paid before her arrival. Is it possible to check to status? If so, how do we so so? Her SSN is altogether separate. I understand that it should automatically come since I checked yes on the DS260? Based on what we have been told and read, it is probable that we might end up going to the Social Security Administration to apply. She wants to wait 15 days after her arrival to go there. Thank you for your help. It is a quite a journey.
  5. My opinion is that she really needs to make a concerted effort to accompany you at the interview.
  6. My wife just arrived a couple of days ago. While we are not concerned about her green card arriving, we are worried about the shutdown affecting her getting her social security card. She can't work, I can't refile an adjusted tax return, nor put her name on the banking account until she has her number. We marked yes on the DS260 that she wants her SSN sent automatically. I'm not certain if this shutdown will affect her getting it. Does anyone know?
  7. I spoke with a staffing agency and was told that she cannot work until she has her SSN because of E verify. How were you able to be employed before getting your SSN card? Thanks for your help.
  8. Ironically she will be landing on Dec 19. Will her visa serve as her green card until she gets it? In other words, will she be eligible to work with her Social Security Card and Visa (since it has the A number)? I ask because she is hoping to begin looking for employment in January.
  9. My wife is finally coming home this week and I paid the immigration fee on Friday. Here are my questions. I checked the appropriate box on the petition for the social security card to be sent. 1. Does the social security card normally come along with the green card? 2. Is there a way to find out the social security number before the card arrives? (I was told that my wife cannot be employed until she has the SSN although she has an A#). 3. Since we already requested the SSN on the petition and paid the fee before the 21st, could a potential government shutdown affect her getting the Social Security Card? (We are also concerned if it might affect E-verify preventing her from finding employment even if she does receive the SSN). Thank you.
  10. I filed as "married filing separately " for the 2017 tax year because my wife could not get an ITIN. We were married in October 2017. She is coming home in a few days. So my question is if it will be possible after the first of the year (maybe during tax season) to do an amended return as "married filing jointly" for the 2017 year after she has her SSN. I have two kids for which I might have gotten child dependent tax credit had it been a joint return but the married filing separately disqualified that from happening. Obviously she had no US income to report. So if it is possible, would it even be worth doing so?
  11. My wife's plane ticket is booked. What exactly does she need to present at the port of entry (Ft Lauderdale)? As I understand: 1. Her passport with her visa 2. The sealed packet she received with her visa. 3. The CD with her xrays 4. Her vaccination record (given by VAC and accompanied her x-ray CD. Is there anything else she needs to present? Thank you for your help.
  12. As far as documents are concerned, I think the other posts have some great suggestions. The only thing I would add is you might consider putting him on your bank account as POD (paid on death) since you obviously cannot add his name to the account without him coming into a branch to sign. That is pretty strong evidence that you trust him. The language barrier is something that you might watch out for. I've read that it could be a potential red flag though I'm unsure. In our interview, the CO asked if we want our interview in English or Spanish. I said, "Either for me but my wife doesn't know English." Perhaps not hearing me clearly, she responded, "Then how do you two communicate?" I responded in Spanish, "Because I'm fluent in Spanish!" So the interview was completely in Spanish for both of us from that point and we were approved.
  13. My opinion is that you should wait because you are approoaching the 9 month mark, which means you might be hearing something soon. Keep in mind that USCIS is the longest and most difficult phase to endure. After you pass that mark, everything begins to move faster. If you start over, you are looking at another year.
  14. Our petition was approved and now CEAC says "issued." When I set up the biometrics appointment in USTraveldocs.com, I registered the required info (passport #, email, 2 phone #'s, etc). In the address line 1, I typed "Specify Documentation Delivery" and the city and zip in corresponding lines. Was that correct? The CO told us the address where the passport will be sent and that we will receive an email once it arrives. The instructions say: "You may pick up your documents at a MBE location or at the VAC. You may select the pick up location at the step 'Specify Documentation Delivery.' This option is free of charge." I'm sure that I specified am MBE location when setting up the profile because what the CO told us corresponds with it but there doesn't seem to be an option in the USTraveldocs site to confirm. Is there a way to track the passport (online, call)? Did you receive an email or phone call when the passport arrived at the MBE location? We just want to make sure all runs smoothly as I hope to have my wife home before Christmas. (Dominican Republic)
  15. C&AH

    Cell phone storage

    Hello. Our interview is coming up in Santo Domingo. Does anyone know where we might be able to store our cell phones? Is there anything close by the embassy? Thanks.