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  1. Thank you it’s about 5 weeks since I resubmitted hopefully it won’t be much longer. is the wait now just as long to receive a interview date as well?
  2. Happy new year everyone! I’m waiting on DQ for my step daughter. I submitted Oct. 22nd, got a email Dec 6 to submit a marriage license for me n my husband ..which I did, but they said I put it under my step daughter 🤷🏽‍♀️ So I resubmit under other documents. And currently waiting for them to review n DQ. She is IR-2 Dominican Republic Does anyone know how long the wait is..?. it use to be 2 weeks.
  3. Yea.. DR also as its issues, but a beautiful country. And i will retire there. We working on getting custody of my step daughter. The lawyer said we have a very good chance, and in this case he never saw a judge turn down the parent thats in the child life. We presented everything we had. My husband will continue with the plan to arrive here. And the lawyer advised us to continue with the immigration process. He said it will help to show the judge we in the process of getting her to live with us
  4. You absolutely right. And i didnt even think of that. Because why wouldnt they want the child to hve a better life and opportunties, especially when the mom is no where around and cant provide or give the child nothing, even for christmas she didnt send her anything..the past 4 christmas she sends nothing. We gave grandma money to make christmas dinner for the grandkids.
  5. Trust me its definitely in the best interest of my stepdaughter. If her mother was in her life, i would most definitely not want to take her from her mom. But only parent she knows her father. I will update this case and let everyone know what happens, thanks again for all your help and advice!
  6. Thank you. I think we have a strong case. We are going to court. My husband is gathering everything all the pictures, pics of all the school fuctions he attends, receipts of things he pays, the school bill he pays also. To show how much he is active in her life and that the mother does nothing n only been to visit 3x for 2-3weeks in the past 7yrs.
  7. Yea..we definitely wont kidnap or smuggle her. And she doesnt live with dad because they make him believe he has no rights to the child. Yes my husband works and he pays for everything. Thats all they want from him bur no let her live with him not even in DR. He jus thinks because her mom says no he cant. He has rights he is her father. She is not evening working and has never worked so she claims. My husband gives grandma everything for the child.
  8. Yep we are done with her.. she said what she said. But she abandoned the child years ago. So we going to court. My husband jus spoke to a lawyer and he will assist my husband tomorrow going to the court.
  9. Yes, we will continue on as planned my husband will arrive in the US September 1st. He will tell her again the visa is a permanent visa and if she doesn’t let the child come to live he will jus go for visit there to see her, as often as we possibly can. He still wants to file for custody and tomorrow he will go and talk to a lawyer, and if he has to fly back to get it all done then he will.
  10. Ok, I was just reading about it. My husband will come here as planned, he arrives in the US on September 1st. Next Sunday. He wants to continue with his daughter visa, the mother said she will sign but only for visits. He told her it doesn’t work like that and she insists it does, because she knows someone else that only takes the child for visits in the US. He told her you will see when we get the visa it’s for permanent stay and we can take the child to visit in DR for summer and Christmas to the her grandmother. But she is saying no, only for visits with us and child continue to live with grandma, he ask her when is she coming to visit her daughter she said she doesn’t know and she can’t come because she has no money.
  11. So just heard she got married to her Trinidad bf, does that now make her legal to stay there
  12. Yes we are... well the thing is she said she will sign for her to go but now only for visits, she hasn’t been in DR since we started the process, her mother talk to her long ago and told her was petition for the child, she ok let me know when I have to sign. Our case took almost 2 yrs. so now here we are ready for her to sign and she says she doesn’t want was to take her to live but only for a visit, my husband tells her it doesn’t work that way, she says well the child can’t cook so she can’t live with us, because we will leave her home alone. I don’t know what made her think that. But that’s not true. So we know she is signing but only for visits as she says. We thought well we just won’t bring her back, ok...I know, it was said in the moment of things. But we know better.
  13. I don’t know if the mother is losing her mind or what, but at the beginning of this she said we can take her, now she saying she will sign for us to take her but only for visits. Because the child can’t cook. I’m what in the world is she talking about, the child can’t cook. She’s almost 10, why she need to know how to cook to come live with us, saying we gonna leave her alone...why in the world would we do that. When I have my own support system that is waiting for her with open arms. But I understand what you are saying. We just didn’t think she would now say this.
  14. My husbands daughter mother, had another child before she met my husband. And she abandoned that child as well so the father of that child also migrated to the US and took his child because the mother was “living her life”as they say. Now here we are in the same situation and she doesn’t want us to take my step daughter. She did sign for her other child to go. It’s an option.
  15. He is on her birth certificate, and they have never been married. Thank you for the advice this really helps a lot.
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