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  1. jeanita68

    After rfe

    K1 might be faster, but cr1 is better n cheaper. My opinion! but I heard k1 has been taking up to 1 yr. And yes my husband is Dominican. What part is your husband from mine is in Santiago. I'm in the process of moving to Florida just to be closer to DR.
  2. jeanita68

    After rfe

    Ok.. not sure that it makes a difference, but every case is different. Not all CR1 rfe last 6 months. I know n saw rfe last a week to 1 yr.
  3. jeanita68

    Travel on DACA

    My daughter in law has DACA and she went to Puerto Rico..So I would say yes you can
  4. jeanita68

    After rfe

    Our took 6 months. 😔😔
  5. DR is one of the very few embassy that like and allow the fiance/spouse to attend. I don't think it's mandatory for you to attend but I heard they do like it for you to be there.
  6. Thank you!! Yes finally 🙌
  7. My case was approved January 14. And they received my case Feb 5. They won't notify you when they receive it. You will have to call them to see if they received it. Once they receive it, it will then take up to 4-8 weeks to get a welcome letter with case number from NVC that's when u will hear from them.
  8. Yes it was long... 15 months! Now I'm just praying the rest goes by fast. Good luck to you!
  9. We waited 461 days. Yes it sucks it's stressful. But hang in there just continue to send inquiries every 30 days. That's actually how I found out we got approved.
  10. We got approved January 14th after a long wait with USCIS. As of yet NVC still hasn’t received my petition hopefully they will receive it soon I will call again in the am.
  11. My thoughts exactly!... I’m following this thread and maybe I may have to do the same thing. It’s been over 1 yr. 15 months exact. And still haven’t even gotten an approve I130 yet. They are saying background checks. But why it take so long.?
  12. I'm starting to feel like there is no end to this wait. I'm US citizen my husband is from DR. I've called, I've done inquiries, got congressman involved and it's always the same I have to continue waiting. They are saying their waiting on Homeland security, and now that we having this government shutdown it really seems like there will be no end to this. I just scream sometimes. I never imagined it would take this long. Anyone had any experience with how long security check/background check takes?
  13. Yes, my rfe was for divorce papers and more evidence. I sent our phone log dating back to when we first met in 2015, more plane ticket from my first time. Western Union receipt, more pics, I called today again for the hundredth time. And they keep saying I have to keep waiting. They're saying they still waiting on background checks. And there is no time limit as to how long it will take.
  14. Yes same here but my petition is I130. Received rfe in June 6, 2018. Responded and received notice on June 18, 2018. And still waiting for an approval. I call once a week, and have done inquiries every month and had a info appointment. And basically they saying it's pending adjudication and to keep waiting...
  15. Yes you must send exact amount. 535.00 I've seen other cases on here where it has happened. Even 1.00 more will cause them to send it back.