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  1. No the exam was in October 2018. I'm thinking maybe they lost the original and he might have to get it done again.
  2. My husband got his before his adjustment of status of interview, they sent the work authorization and the social days apart. As much as you probably don't want to deal with the social security office, its probably your next step. Good Luck with everything
  3. Our friends had an adjustment of status interview based on K1 and were told they can't make a decision because they are missing a petition from the beneficiaries wife. They were told they would get a letter explaining. Well they got a letter and its not even what they were told at the interview, its asking for form i-693 which is the medical examination and vaccination record. When my husband and I did the adjustment of status interview we didn't need this, could it be that they lost the information that was given when the beneficiary entered the US at the airport? We want to help them but unsure of this request of the I-693. Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions.
  4. Ok, that makes sense. Yes that’s right, with green card you don’t need the work authorization. Thank you for responding, I feel a lot better now with our situation.
  5. Did you get a social security card yet? My husbands card says for work only. I have talked to others who said theirs was just a regular social security card, so not sure why his says that. We are so confused but going with it
  6. When we applied for adjustment of status we also checked the box to have them send us a social security card. We also did the work authorization. We got the paper saying the authorization was approved, got the social security card the next day but 2 weeks now and no work authorization card. Is this normal or maybe it was lost in the mail? Our case hasn’t even updated. Our AOS interview is next week so I guess it doesn’t matter.
  7. Yes, they will do it for you and send it electronically for you. We thought we had to mail it in but we didn't. We actually forgot to do it, and then the ITIN came in the mail. We were surprised! So if you go to the IRS they do it for you, no need to mail anything in. Just bring everything in with you so they can verify. They also took his application even though his Visa was expiring that day and we still got the ITIN.
  8. At the end of April! We are worried though because we applied for the social security number before marriage and they didn’t file the application right at the social security office. After multiple times coming in checking on it they said that it was denied due to not having matching information. By then it was to late because we got married 3 weeks after we applied. I was only able to put my husband on my bank account. My apartments do background checks so I’m unable to put his name on there because he don’t have a social. I’m worried I won’t have enough proof to provide at the interview.
  9. We applied for AOS at the end of November and just got our interview letter. We also applied for work authorization as well at the same time and nothing happened with that. Is it normal to get the interview first and not hear about the work authorization?
  10. I feel like I have asked a million questions in regards to this topic, I promise my last question. So we went to an IRS location and they certified everything for the ITIN, and I'm getting ready to mail the federal form with the ITIN app. Since the state is seperate how will I send that in since the federal has all the information for the ITIN? Will they be notified that we applied?
  11. When you filed did you get credit for having your foreign spouse on your taxes or it didn't make a difference? I was reading on the irs website that if you use the ITIN # then even if I file jointly it won't count, like there won't be an exemption for your dependent? When I read that I felt like then whats the since of filing jointly and going through all this.
  12. I knew we had to mail it in, just getting past that error screen with the SSN. Thank you for the response, that helps a lot. We have an appointment with the IRS so won't they authenicate everything there at the appointment? Eliminating the need to send the passport copy in? Or do they certifiy it there and give me the copy?
  13. So this will be my first time filing with my husband who is here on K1. We have already applied for AOS in December. He did not get a social security number which is a long story. We have an appointment tomorrow with the IRS to apply for ITIN so we can file. I want to file jointly but having some difficulty finishing up the information on turbo tax because they won't let me go any further because he don't have a ssn. Is there a program that I can use that will allow me to finish up the taxes and print them, or will the programs not allow me to do this? Also, I was told that I would have to add my husbands income but he didn't have any. Is there something I should be doing before I send in the taxes along with the W7 application? I'm a nervous wreck over this. I have always done my own taxes so i'm overwhelmed with doing this right.
  14. Will be it ok if his visa is currently expired? I mean they will understand that whole K1 Visa situation right, and that he is legal here because we got married and just waiting for AOS? Also will we have to still do the tax return if we go to an acceptance agent? Thank you for your help.
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