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  1. You should get the NPC birth certificate and send it to them. Your son's visa will expire if you dont
  2. We finally got the visa last Thursday 🙌🏾
  3. But you will need the white birth certificate to apply for the green card. I saw people saying that on visa journey.
  4. They sent an email saying to submit the passport and they are ready to issue the visa now. We submitted the passport last week
  5. I told you we had the same issue. But a guy I know for it for me and the embassy accepted it. The guy went to the NPC and got the white birth certificate for us. My fiancé was born in 1990.
  6. Which visa is this for? You applied in Nigeria right? I think you needed the white birth certificate.
  7. which airport did you fly into? Did you do a layover in another country?
  8. DHL held our passport for over a week and never gave it to the embassy. my fiance had to go there 3 times smh That dhl office is horrible. it might be at DHL already.
  9. Did you get the notice from DHL to pick up your visa? what date was your interview
  10. They emailed us letting us know to send in the new birth certificate.
  11. that is great. What airline did he take? the prices are really going on. Did he have a stop in another country?
  12. nope. we submitted the birth certificate on Monday December 9th. So now the wait starts again smh. Did your spouse travel to america already?
  13. ok, maybe they will request it. keep checking your email and the CEAS status
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