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  1. The initial interview that your fiance was going to have in South Africa, did they ask him for paper work to prove his work permit in South Africa?

    1. Gigi & Gabe

      Gigi & Gabe

      No. His passport has his work permit in it and that would have been his proof. We would have included a copy of that page of his passport. Plus you have to take your passport to his interview. 

    2. Tish_Ghana


      Ok, thank you for the information


  2. @TheDjans But will he have to show paperwork to prove his current student permit in Ghana?
  3. My fiance is a Nigerian but currently living in Ghana on a Student Residency Permit. We applied for the K-1 visa and awaiting the NOA2. Do you know if at the interview they will ask for documents pertaining to his student permit in Ghana?
  4. Hi, did your fiance ever get the residence permit in Ghana? my fiance is in the same situation.


  5. Hi, my fiance is from Nigeria and living in Ghana also. Did you have a residence permit in Ghana when you applied for the K1 visa?
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