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  1. Thanks for the reply, and I agree. While we are not going to play with AOS interview date, we also were not 100% sure if rescheduling was permitted for non-emergency and if that would be a negative (to the sight of USCIS and to us if we need to blindly wait again)
  2. Hello VJ members, We finally got our mail with our scheduled interview date (7/3) and we are very happy and grateful. The interview date however was a bit of disappointment to us because there is a major christian conference we signed up for which is from 7/1 ~ 7/5. The conference is held once a year but because they have special programs for married couples (newly weds) we had high expectations to attend. That being said, as much as we don't want to fiddle with the interview date, I wanted to get some opinion of the consequences after requesting for reschedule. Will we be placed back to the same group awaiting for schedule (assuming those after biometrics) and have to wait not knowing when to be scheduled next? Of course at this time we are going to cancel our attendance to the conference and commit to the interview, but were curious if rescheduling interview was not such uncommon thing and perhaps no big consequences. Thank you and have a blessed weekend!
  3. Happy Friday~ We just got mail for biometrics appointment on 5/16/19
  4. Hello Everyone, We just sent out our packet yesterday. Glad to join this thread
  5. Thank you all for the clarification. Yes, I am grateful for my wife being to do anything in her maiden name, but we were trying to save time later in having to change last name again.
  6. Hello VisaJourney members, My wife entered the US via K-1 visa on 3/1/19 and we got married on 3/27/19. We applied for her SSN card before our marriage in hope to get her driver's license as soon as possible. Her SSN card (in her maiden name) came in mail on 3/30/19. Because we now have the marriage certificate (Not certified, but 1 of 3 copies given back to us) we wanted to apply the license with the married last name. However, the agent at secretary of state told us that we can only apply with the last name on SSN card (maiden name) and that we should go the social security administration to change to married name. This was all good until we visited SSA again which a non-friendly lady told us that marriage certificate will do no good and that they need to see in system my wife's new name and legal status. We told her that my wife came through K-1 and that we just got married last week. She kept ranting on that our next step is for her to apply for EAD and only then that SSA can adjust the last name. I explained to her in a calm way that we will be submitting for AOS I-485, but she will not apply for EAD as she does not need to work. The lady kept mentioning that EAD is the next step and that I should stop arguing with her about American law (hmm....) Anyways here are my questions: My wife got her SSN with her maiden last name but we now have marriage certificate with married last name. 1. In all forms to USCIS (I-485, 131, 765) do we use the married last name? 2. Can she request to change last name to married name for SSN card at SSA? Without waiting for NOA for I-485? 3. Can she apply for driver's license with married last name at secretary of state? Thank you for the time in reading this thread and hope everyone has a blessed week.
  7. Hello All, Glad to join this topic as we live in Michigan as well. My fiancee just came to the States via K-1 last Friday. We are currently gathering all documentation to submit for AOS and scheduled our marriage for 3/27/19. At this time we have her I-94 ready and waiting for the 10 business day from POE date to apply for her SSN. May not be relevant to this topic, but I do have couple questions if any can kindly answer ^^ 1. Will it reflect negatively if wife does not take on the husband's last name? 2. If she wants to have an American name as her legal name, at what stage will be most convenient to do free of hassle? We'd like to apply for SSN after diving deep to the above couple questions and submitting our AOS.
  8. Hi Everyone, Our case is in transit to embassy as well NVC case assigned - 11/23/18 NVC case in transit - 11/27/18 Good luck to everyone in the coming interviews and God Bless all for happy marriage journey
  9. Hello everyone, Just called NVC and they confirmed that they received my files from USCIS yesterday 11/13. Although the agent told me it takes about 8 weeks for case to be assigned, I hope that moves a bit faster
  10. Hello everyone, Glad to join this forum.. our NOA1 date was 4/13 and we just received our NOA2 10/25 ^^
  11. Hi Everyone, First time posting here and I wanted to share that our NOA2 approval finally came in ^^ NOA1 - 04/13/18 NOA2 - 10/25/18 Both dates are based on the new site (old site and case tracker are not updated yet). Also I first found out through USPS mail received last Saturday, although new site got updated same date as well. The letter does state that USCIS sent file to NVC so I'm hoping for good luck during that transit time as well. Best of luck to all those who are still waiting and also for those who are on the next step in this journey
  12. Thank you all for the kind reply. I will take up the advise on being careful on what we will wear during the shoot so it doesn't look anything close to a "wedding"
  13. Hi everyone, This is my first time writing a post on VJ. I've lived pretty much all my life in the States, but I'm still not super familiar with an "average" wedding planning here in the States. My fiancee and I have currently submitted K-1 petition in April and plan to have a small wedding in the States once everything is approved. Question I have is that we would like to take a wedding snapshot (photo) prior to having the actual wedding. In South Korea at least, is seems to be the norm to take a wedding snapshot (photo) about 3 months prior to use them for wedding invitation and during the wedding itself. Obviously we will be taking photos with tux and wedding dress and I would like to ask if this would be a potential red flag if posted in our SNS, saved on phone, etc?
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