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  1. Adding my case here to help others as well. My cases timelines: I-751 - NBC case Filed: 2021-05-18 Biometrics: 2021-07-28 Case was ready for interview: 2022-02-09 Nothing else has happened ever since there. Then, I filed for N-400 (Field Office: Nashville - TN) Filed: 2022-06-12 Waived biometrics (reused) Received an interview letter: 2022-10-28 Interview scheduled for: 2022-12-06 (letter just mentioned N-400, no combo, status of i-751 never changed) The interview: Arrived at the office as scheduled, my husband was not allowed in, but everyone was friendly there. Also, almost no one wearing masks. I waited for more than 2 hours (!!!) for my turn. This got me very frustrated, even the security guards were worried for how long I was waiting. Everyone came in and out, and I was there, just waiting. It turned out the officer I was assigned to was behind schedule (not given any details on what exactly), but these things happen, so I just let it go. She apologized when she called for me, and everything went well. She asked about my pending removal of conditions and said that we would do both interviews, and my husband presence was not necessary. She confirmed some basic personal information, then went on to civics. I think my questions were: - What was the threat from the cold war - Name one right only to citizens - Name one obligation only to citizens - If president cant serve, who replaces him - Name 3 of the original 13 colonies The last question I forgot Reading sentence was something about country that borders the US (forgot it now). And writing sentece was "Citizens can vote". Then she asked the standard questions for allegiance, if I am affiliated with any groups, etc, etc. We moved into the i-751 part. She first started confirming some of my personal information, and from there she pulled in the affidavit questions. She made it sound like a casual conversation, it was very nice. For example, she confirmed my address and my husband's, and then asked about if we ever lived together before that, then how we met, who proposed, etc. She asked if I had more evidence to provide, I first gave her more photos, and she looked at the photos and asked about the situations in them (people we were with, where was each trip, etc). I was going to give her updated files for our finances, but they were the same banks and cards, just newer statements. She said it was not necessary and didn't take any. She then said she would approve me, but my files for the i-751 have not arrived at her office yet, so she needs to wait before approving, and if she needs anything else, I'd have to mail in, no need to get back there, but she doesn't think anything else was necessary. She told me to keep an eye in the USCIS status page for updates in the upcoming week or so. She also told me my oath will likely be to a USCIS office that is closer to my home ( had to drive 5 hours to Nashville), so that's also good. Right now I am waiting for the official approval and the oath letter. Hopefully will happen soon. For context, we are a young couple, we do not own any assets together, and affidavit proof submitted was mostly joint bank accounts, credit cards, health insurance, filed taxes and pictures. Good luck everyone!
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