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  1. This is an immigration forum, not broken hearts club, remember this. We're here to help you with immigration side, and explain you stuff that we know. Not always our points come out as nice, actually, most of the time than not, it will sound rude. Cause breaking rules is never nice, regardless of wrong or right. We're here not to judge you, but to give you advice based on your given information, and offer a possible way out. We look at the cases from the eyes of the officers. Not sure which one would you prefer? Saying that the officer who turned you is bad and give no legit good information with it and just tell what you want to hear, or tell the truth. No one here is being personal with you. If your past or future has nothing to do with the current situation. Your main focus of being in US shifted from studying to your partner, therefore you're on the wrong visa. You admitted here that you stayed here longer to study, because you love your Boyfriend. They didn't let you in, because you wanted to use Student Visa, to stay with your boyfriend (might not be literally to stay with him), not primarily to study, hence the turnaround.
  2. Right, sorry. Somehow forgot that part. lol I like the idea of the conditions, but with all the waivers available its pretty much waste of our money lol
  3. Hey! Time for the controversial Empyrean to chime in (jk) They didn't "make you say it", they had a suspicion that you had a side gig. Whether seen something on your phone, or just suspected in general. They asked same question different ways until you cave in. That's their job and they did it right. You cannot work on Student visa, regardless of your circumstances. Secondly, as everyone else says - forget any USA visiting with non immigrant visa. That violation is permanently on your record. So there's that. Thirdly - go with CR-1 visa. TRUST ME on this one. K-1 is tedious, stressful and annoying, and requires so much paperwork it's ridiculous. Plus, spouse visas don't get scrutinized as much. K-1's have interviews in Embassy (same with CR1), then Adjustment of status (none for CR-1), then for Removal of Conditions (again, not for CR1), AND THEN Naturalization (yes for CR1). The speed in which K-1's are processed is so minimal, that the positives of CR1's outweigh it easily. Take it this way: CR-1 takes 1.5-2 years K-1 takes 7-12months *(roughly)*. Once you're here, you'll still have to apply for AoS for greencard (and that takes another 6-24months depending on local field office load), You won't be able to travel out of country until Advance Parole is approved (4-6months), and you can't work without EAD (4-6months). A lot of states don't issue Drivers' licence without EAD or Green Card. So at the end, it'll take you a lot longer to get to "live free with no restrictions" than with CR-1. And in general, K-1's have so many steps, that there are so many ways for things to go wrong, or RFE's for forgotten documents. AND CR-1 is tons cheaper. Get married anywhere in the world, and file for CR-1. It'll be easier for you down the road. keep visiting, video calling and this will test your relationship. If you go through all that - you shouldn't have any issues once you move to US.
  4. Nobody said it was legal.. They might've been discussing it with buying it off black market, just phrasing was vague or something. Again, regardless of what was said in those messages, it was enough to put Trafficking on him. We might be missing part of the story as well, so really not much we can advise anymore. No waiver available, and long time not seeing the big lady in the city.
  5. It's not profiling per se. There are signs that show higher probability of some violations, either by travel pattern, looks, jobs, family status and such. Can't go much into detail as it's gonna get scrutinized here heavily. It does look like profiling though, but in reality- it isn't. Yeah, powders in carry on is a 100% pull. Liquids too. Gels, larger tooth paste tubes etc. Every time i travel back to Europe and pack stuff into baggage, i know what to take to carry-on and what goes to checked. If you don't want them to open your luggage, don't have powders (spices i.e.), larger quantities of perfume/alcohol. I always take spices and stuff like this into carry-on. Looks retarded, but atleast i get pulled and they swab test it and let me go, versus having your stuff arriving on carousel scattered all over. They open zippers breaking locks etc, and then close it like nothing happened, and you won't tell they opened it, until you arrive and find "we looked through your stuff" slip there.
  6. My pops worked in an Airport, though in Europe. Once, when i was traveling back to EU from US, my dad said that if i'm gonna have this on me (nothing illegal though), i'll be pulled every single time possible for "random" check. Sure enough - i got pulled in departing airport in USA, once clearing security, then i got pulled in Germany, and then in Lithuania once i landed too. Oh, and my check in was opened too. So i have a rough idea of how these things work and what will and will not bring attention. Also, i know some ways to get your chances higher to get bumped to Business or Economy+. Different story though. back to your case, You had red flags written all over your face. Small carry-on with underwear only. If going shopping, why bring underwear then? Why not buy underwear too? (not actual question im interested, but rather how they saw it). Shower gel. People GENERALLY (not always) don't bring stuff like this with them, as it weighs a ton, and can spill, etc etc. It's one of those items that you pop in to the corner store, buy one for $4 and still leave half of the bottle after your trip. Meaning, it looks like you literally gonna go somewhere, take care of something, go back to the place, take a shower and go back to the airport. If you had check-in luggage, look at your barcode tag that was attached during check in, if it has any kinds of writings on it - you were flagged. How long were your previous visits? How far apart from each? You pretty much cornered yourself when you marked that you haven't used drugs, on ESTA. They saw the message, that's all they needed. And then you misunderstanding him was just making it worse. All in all, you were flagged as Trafficker, because unfortunately, all pieces put together - it does look like you're just dropping off something, or taking care of some business. It just so happened to happen they discovered your cannabis thing, and got hung up on that. If you had marked that you're doing/did drugs, on ESTA, they might've just scrutinized your luggage for it and most likely let you go. But you lied on ESTA, then You misunderstood them (which they took for a lie), and your general circumstances painted the trip as "quickie". Not likely you'll see US soil anytime soon, unfortunately.
  7. My .02 I agree with everyone else. Move out ASAP. Or else you'll just end up in jail for false claims that you'll have no way of defending yourself against. She's throwing VAWA already, so likely, that was her plan all along. You weren't listening from the beginning, and you got yourself to this situation where cops were called ON YOU. Which could've been prevented when you pull your I864. So far, you not listening to advices you ask for, is getting you in trouble, not her. You're being abused and blackmailed, and still try to find a way to work it out, versus her already giving up on you, and trying to mess your life as much as she can. Abusers NEVER change. And i mean that. Since she isn't on a lease, you can call cops on her (check your local laws) and get her evicted as she isn't suppose to be there. Make sure when you do that, there are people to witness the whole thing as she can and probably will start accusing you of abuse. Camera is a good thing to protect yourself against false claims, but all recordings can be thrown out in court if they violate her privacy. Again - local laws. The longer you wait and sympathize with her, the more she screws with you, and plans ahead. Move-the-hell-out as soon as you can. Like right now. Pack your stuff and go, before you get arrested and get Domestic Abuse charges on your record. Document every conversation where she asks for $3000 and go to police station and show that to them. Tell them the whole story and ask them for help. hopefully you'll listen this time.
  8. Wow 91+ pics.. That Waaaaaaaaaaaay too many. We sent 8 in total, with dates, people and locations written on the back with pencil. 2 pages of Facebook chat screenshots. Passport stamps scans. Couple boarding pass copies. As long as you can prove "meeting in person", you're good. Boarding passes, hotel receipts, passport stamps literally anything showing you two together in one place. It's not like you're getting convicted for a crime and need to prove your innocence with hundreds of pics lol
  9. Hey! As long as you filed AoS within a year of your medical - no need to get one in US. Also, your medical should be marked as "complete" for it to be valid for AoS. So check your DS-3025 copy. If it's incomplete, then you'll need to get the remainder of the shots here, and have it transferred to I-693 by USCIS authorized physician.
  10. I added/edited some stuff you said to the person asking for tips. Great and solid rundown. Good luck everyone!
  11. Hey! Soooo.. With regards to pictures, don't overdo it. Have like 5-10 tops from different locations and times. On the back write (pencil) dates, people in the picture, location. Don't overdo it. Then chats, have 5-10 pages scattered across the time you've known each other. It's secondary proof that they don't care about much. Have boarding passes + entry stamp scans, the more the better. Scan the main page of the passport, then the pages where it shows your entries to the country. Do the same with your soon-to-be fiance's, including the trips you took together. The clearer the view of you two traveling and staying together - the better. Hotel receipts for two are a good proof as well. Then you mention that you stayed in Cambodia together for a while, do you have anything official with your and your S/O's showing same address? Bill, drivers licence, insurance, rent, deeds, lease, anything. Have these sent in. Both have letters on intent, and have them with "wet" signatures. Meaning, original copy signed by the person, not the scan. Some people say scans are good enough, but to send a letter costs no more than $5. As i mentioned, do not overload the case. Just have strong evidence of your relationship. I also included a whole page of "how we met", and briefly explained each time we've been together. Went there, done that. I fit 5 years of visiting, in 1 page, that's how much i narrowed it down. Just straight to the main points. Don't staple stuff together, i used paperclips. Also, have a "content" page so the officer would know whats included in the packet. Other than that, follow the guide here and you'll be golden. Good Luck
  12. Hi! I know how it feels. Umm.. We've been in long distance for nearly 5 years until she could move to US, and we would see each other during Christmas break and summer. So 2-3 weeks in the winter, and 2-3 months in the summer. Thats it. There were times where it was getting really rough on my psyche, anxious for no reason, depressed and all that. I found that once we reached the finish straight, meaning, K1 was approved by USCIS, it all came together, and we felt a lot better, both of us. Key to that, is NOT to think about the distance, NOT to think about the separation, NOT to think about time. It JUST 6 months and if you get yourself busy, you'll get through it. With not wanting get out of the bed, crying. Try to turn the whole situation positive, look at it as the "preparing" phase. Your Fiance is coming soon, so make yourself the best you can be for his/her arrival. Gym, Music, painting, learn something new. Work on yourself. Get your place nice and shiny, get your room ready for him, get some drawers empty for your Fiance. Make it positive, the outlook is the key here. If you tell a smart person 100 times that he's stupid, he'll start to believe that. Same here, if you beat yourself up every day that it's all bad, and you're breaking down, you will break down. It's hard work with yourself, nobody else can help you with this. If you'll pull Yourself together, you'll be proud of yourself, you S/O will be proud of you, time will fly faster, and your days will feel brighter. Thats just what i can say after all this time apart from my S/O. Get into new year happy and with positive attitude!
  13. Sheesh.. Be patient. It's coming. It's USCIS, some get quick, some take longer. It's not even a week after. You're 3 business days after the interview only.
  14. I guess some people need to have last word and their word is the right one. I guess. It seems like. Ok "Boomer" lol
  15. I'm just commenting in general. But yeah, if one doesn't have a completed DS3025 - You'll need I693. If it was complete, but you don't have a copy - call the institution that did the medical, they should be able to issue a new copy for sure. But sure as hell, medical is needed sooner or later.
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