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  1. I dare you to tell on the border that she'll adjust status while VISITING.. see how that goes..
  2. to OP: So umm... If you know so much, why ask here then? She clearly has intention to immigrate using B visa, which is visitors. She'd lie on the border that she has no intent to stay here and she'll leave before her visa is up (thats what you agree with when entering, that you DO NOT HAVE ANY INTENTIONS OF STAYING/ADJUSTING). So yeah, i don't get your "adjust" from visitors visa isn't fraud. She would be lying to the border officer. That is fraud: fraud /frôd/ noun wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.
  3. Neither im being racist nor discriminating against your country. You assume that everyone is against your country. It's not true. There are precautions that USCIS and border take, to prevent people from immigrating illegally, trying to shortcut the laws, and some are a threat to our society. Whether it's Pakistani, Iranian, Chinese, Russian, German, or any other nationality. What was funny for me, that without trying to see the big picture, you just started accusing everyone left and right- racist. Me, USCIS, CBP. Tell that during the CR-1 interview, see how officer will respond. I can guarantee a rejection. This. Concept is similar to this. If 10 people are using some services, 5 aren't paying for them, other 5 will have to cover for them, as well as themselves. Any new people trying to get into that service will have new rules to prevent that from happening, for example Credit check. You fail, you don't get the service. Same here. You give them the facts and try to prove that you won't overstay, and have no intent to stay, they'll give you a visa. If you fail to convince them, they reject your visa. Simple. No discrimination here. The fact that you have CR-1 pending, is proving that you do have immigrant intent, on top of that, your country, Pakistan, unfortunately is a high fraud risk. Add those circumstances into one, and you have a clear immigrant intent.
  4. hahahahahahahahahahaha Welcome to 2019, where "im being discriminated" doesn't work anymore Besides, it has nothing to do with you, or your nationality. Your country has proven to be higher immigration fraud risk, thank your own country for this, don't be upset at US government trying to protect their people.
  5. Very likely that it'll be stokes. Just go over each other lives a bit. Favorite, color, artist. Previous marriages, divorces, dates, kids, In-laws. You should be okay.
  6. Slight correction and addition. Call the office that you got your medical and ask them whether they could issue you a new copy. If that fails, i'd get a new medical, as they are pretty strict about vaccinations, and medical in general.
  7. read my previous posts on how to get a general idea when to expect interview i think 2-3 pages back.
  8. I wouldn't worry, at least as of now. Some officers are not as emotional or showing. So that's nothing to worry about. You had enough paperwork to show ties to the address, you should be good. We barely have anything, since we're staying with my parents lol No insurance yet at all. lol
  9. Hi, Wrong subforum, you might want to try May 2019 AoS. Other way you can check it out: Immigration timelines-> AoS Timelines-> sort it by the field offices. "Local CIS Office". Latest for Santa Ana, CA by NOA1: August 2018, Interview:2019-09-06 So 13months or thereabouts
  10. Congratulations! Happy to hear all went good. Thanks for an insight what to expect during the interview. But im gonna include short disclaimer, every office and officer are different so everyone's experience will vary. So in short, your interview was just like "embassy" interview, just with your spouse now. We have interview on 21st of Nov, in Newark. I got naturalized there, so hopefully we get an officer like the one i had for naturalization lol Our "issue" is that we're still with my parents, in a sense that, i want to save up as much money for downpayment for mortgage (thanks new jersey for being so tax friendly... not), or for moving to CA, so most bills are on my parents. All we have is her DL on our address, her dental bills on our address, her on my tax returns and bank accounts, and probably letter from my parents that we live there together for "saving reasons", and obviously pictures. I meet all the requirements though. But i'm a little tense. I shouldn't be since our relationship is solid 5 years now, and our initial file should be huge with proofs. Guess im just overthinking.
  11. It's a combo. I didn't have any updates on I-131 way after i received the EAD with AP on it.
  12. It is wayyyyyyy too much. You need to prove that you met within past 2 years. So focus on that. You can write in brief on your "how we met" paper. I did. Mine came out full A4 page with whole summary of our history since meeting. Just general stuff. When you met, what did you do (NOT TOO MUCH DETAIL), when she/he left. Add 5-7 pictures, boarding passes and anything that ties you two together in one place. I.E. two tickets to museum, that you've taken pictures in, add boarding pass, and receipts. Do that for couple meets and you should be good. To address OP, write with a pencil on the back of the picture something in the nature of Date of picture, who's in the picture, where the picture was taken, and occasion (Christmas, thanksgiving, new year etc). 10 pictures is more than enough. Add ticket receipts, passport stamps, hotel receipts etc. I'm not sure how strict USCIS with preliminary "approval" depending on countries. I know Lithuania is very easy, so i didn't front load THAT much. I had my then fiance to have extra pictures and receipts for the interview, but they never bothered to look at them. In fact, they said that most of the time, they can see right of the bat whether the relationship is bona fide or not. (My wife worked in a restaurant an occasionally she'd come across Officers from Embassy).
  13. Takes time depending on Your local office. You can check more or less here when to expect your interview. Go to immigration timelines->AoS-> and sort it by your field office. That way you'll see the most recent people who went to your field office interview. I did, and my estimate was right, same week when i said we should get it, we did receive the "interview scheduled" notification.
  14. 230k is not gonna be sufficient at all, especially with the new rule in place. 500k sounds about right, depending on location. NYC, LA - doubt even 500k would do. Somewhere in Carolinas, or Mississippi, maybe. Now, take into considerations insurance costs. Assuming none of them could work immediately upon moving, and insurance is 500$ each (varies but just for the sakes of this, bear with me) just 10k a month just on insurance costs, that makes it 100k on insurance costs, per year. Unless you have a lot of cash, or have indeed massive income, i can see this sliding through. Otherwise, it would be tough to convince CO that you'll be able to fork over 100k on their health insurance, despite making more than minimal. Plus on top of that, housing. Unless you have a 10 bed house, or 3-4 houses, again, will be tough in the view of CO. I can see this working, but then there are so many variables, that it's hard for us to tell exactly. Knowing the country and state you're in could help a tad bit. But besides that, best of luck. Keep us updated, im sure many will be interested in progress.
  15. I got worried about the new Health Insurance rule, but apparently it doesn't affect anyone who filed before OCT 15. So we all good.
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