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  1. Just wait it out and that's it.. Why risk? USA probably at the top of "things to see/do inside the country". NYC, Vegas, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Niagara Falls, Florida, Washington DC. Anything you want is here. Want to lay on a beach all day having drinks? Miami, Carolinas or LA Sightseeing? NYC, LA, Boston, Chicago. Hiking? Grand Canyon. Casinos, Hotels? Las Vegas, Atlantic City. History, Politics, Museums? Washington DC, Philly area. Mountains, Skiing, Snow? Colorado We don't travel much cause saving up for a house, but we live in NJ. There is so many things to see in NJ,NY,PA,CT area it's insane. I'm not sure about your area, but you can travel within USA and see so many things while waiting, that i think is crazy to risk. Have an adventure within USA, once you get AP, go outside. Thats my opinion.
  2. It will take a week or so to hear anything from them. I was on hold for 35mins to get connected to Customer Service, which i knew was useless, so asked to be transfered to Tier 2. We wanna see our options first. I know they can tell whether your case has been handled or not, so if it's on someones desk waiting to be adjudicated, meh, we'll wait it out. If not, then we'll probably go the expedite with job offer route. Call back wait time around 225minutes.. sooo.. yeah.. That's my record there. lol
  3. If you ticked the SS box in EAD application, it should follow soon, call up SSA and ask them.
  4. I-485 depends on your local office which varies 8-26 months, so check on that on USCIS.gov -> check processing time-> i-485 (Family Based)-> choose your nearest USCIS office. Yes you'll only get a status update on the EAD/AP online, and once you have it as approved/card being produced - around a week to receive it. on Adjustment of Status You'll get a status update "Interview has been scheduled" and in about a week you'll receive a letter from USCIS with directions where to go, what to bring, date (usually around a month from status change online) Hope that helps
  5. I don't believe in god, but i hope that EAD will come soon.
  6. lol, they seem to be working on DEC filers.. So hopefully within this month we'll see more Jan approvals.
  7. Hi, Wrong subforum.. This is for Adjustment of Status NOA1 January. You need to find CR-1/IR-1 Jan NOA1. P.S. CR-1's take ~10months so you're halfway.
  8. Thats a great start, glad your husband understood you. It's tough only at the beginning, once you start making your own friends, get a job, settle in, it'll get a lot better.
  9. By the case tracker, only very little number got their EAD/AP's. Atleast 100 cases around ours. I think it's gonna be another couple of weeks of silence as it seems they're finishing up Nov/Dec filers, and should move on to Jan..
  10. Ouch sorry, missed that somehow. Then the only solution is to be honest with your husband and tell him how you feel about the whole ordeal and how they're treating you. Living under constant pressure messes with your head big time, ask me how i know.
  11. Sorry you're going through this.. It does suck. Well.. I'm not gonna be popular for what im gonna say but.. hear me out. Everyone is a little bit racist, no matter your race, gender, ancestry, sexual orientation etc, everyone is a bit racist. But your in laws are over the top with that and they seem proud about that, and the fact that your hubby isn't sticking up for you is honestly a bad sign. I'm the petitioner, but i'm sticking up for my wife sometimes, even though she's not always right. The fact of support regardless of situation right/wrong makes a huge confidence boost. My parents are sometimes harsh on my wife, so i make sure to be on her side rather than my parents, though our issues isn't racial stuff. Just general "you do it differently from us, and we don't like change". I like to remind my parents (old cut eastern europeans) that Soviet Union is no more, iron curtain has fallen, it's free world, and we're grown up, we don't need to be told how and what and when to do. Sticking up for each other is massive thing at the beginning. Her parents seem sometimes skeptical of me, but i'm a bit different from her (where she takes everything to heart vs me who doesn't care much of others opinions, and live my way). I don't get intimidated by them and stand up for myself, You didn't marry them, you married your current husband. Problem is that you live together with in laws, like we do with my parents. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes everyone is annoying each other. That will happen until you move out. But if i were you, i'd have a talk with your husband and clearly explain to him that you can't tolerate that kind of atmosphere at home, especially when he's not a home. His parents are dum-dums too. Want his kid to be happy by constantly bombarding and targeting you, who the hell does that? They're trying to establish superiority over you in my view. Stand up for yourself (i know you live with them, in their house, but that doesn't allow them to be racist openly, especially mentioning your family, do that about me, and in couple hours i'd be posting here asking for people to post my bail(joking)). Have an open and honest talk with your husband. Explain to him seriously that this can't continue. If parents target you, shoot back. What they gonna do? Throw you out? Of course not, and if they mention something like that, and your husband doesn't respond, i'd pack the bags on my own and go back where i came from and leave contacts to my lawyer, because if your significant other can't stand up for you in front of HIS parents, i wonder what would happen if say you got into financial crisis, or something major happens. Small things like that, might show you a bigger picture of whom you got married to. Money can be made, friends can be replaced, family will understand, injuries heal, but mental and emotional scarring leaves a deep mark for life. Don't take all the abuse. I'd be pretty clear with my significant other about his/her parents, either they stop, he stands up for you, or you start thinking about whats best for you at this point.
  12. Depends, i think yours is one of the longest ones. USCIS.gov -> check processing times-> I485 (Family Based) and it'll tell you.
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