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  1. Thank you Apple21. Thats a very helpful informations. Now am relaxed. Thank you very much.
  2. I discovered my Mom's year of birth is 1 year before (60's and not 61). But I have previously filled ds 160 form before (tourist visa) and got approved 2years, and also ds 160 visa (K1 visa) got approved, and also i-129f (parent information her year of birth 61's), but about to fill for Adjustment of status (which parent's information will still also be required. Recently, while discussing with her, that I want her to attend our official wedding ceremony in the U.S in the future, I discovered that I have been filling her year of birth incorretly (61's). But She has not applied for an International Passport before in my home country. Should we therefore stick to her incorrect year of birth (e.g 01-01-1961) or we should start filling her correct year of birth (01-01-1960) starting from my AOS? And while I will also apply for i-485 (adjustment of status) Should I maintain the incorrect year of birth in my A0S or I should start changing it from there. our official wedding date is not near, still far in the future. And when she will be applying for international passport, what year of birth is adviced to be used 60's or 61's. Thanks in advance
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