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  1. I started watching that show too! It makes me awfully angry that some of those people get approved while we in legitimate relationships are waiting around.
  2. Wishing you the best. Hopefully we wil hear good news sometime very soon.
  3. Congrats! Good to see that March filers are starting to get approved.
  4. Thank you everyone! Yes, I meant the medical summary from the GP to take to the medical appointment. I’ll have him ask his GP how long it roughly takes to get the medical summary when he goes there to pick up his immunization records and wait closer to when we get Noa2, or when we actually get it. Thank you for all the answers.
  5. Thank you. He just got his immunization records, but I will tell him to hold off on obtaining the medical summary until Noa2
  6. Hi all. I’m still waiting for Noa2 but would like to get things ready once we get that. Is it ok soon for my fiancé to get his medical summary right now? Our Noa1 was 3/29
  7. Thank you. I figured it would be only personal tax returns but wanted to be sure. Thanks for the information.
  8. Does anyone know for form I-134, to show out finances do we need to include the personal tax return only, or must we include a corporate tax return? I own my own corporation and am the sole employee.
  9. Definitely! I’m excited and relieved. Hope everyone else gets theirs soon.
  10. Update: Just got Noa1 through text. Check not cashed yet.
  11. 3/20/19 Petition sent to Texas Lockbox 3/25/19 USPS shows delivery Waiting on Noa1 or check to be cashed. Have not received email of notification. Do they notify you before sending to service center or after it is received at the assigned service center?
  12. Got it. Thank you for the replies, and I feared I was adding too much so will exclude the extra stuff.
  13. Hi everyone, We are starting out k1 visa process and are told to include the TOS for the website that we met on. Do I need to include every page of that website or just the part that deals with social interactions. Or can we just provide the link to that site? Also I created a timeline of our meetings over the last 10 years. We meet twice a year. Should I just leave out everything from before two years ago? My fiancé and I are writing love stories to include as supplemental evidence, as I’m worried they might need an explanation of why I was dating my fiancé while still married to ex for 7 years. Do you think I should go ahead and include these letters, as I’ve read it is overkill to do so. Thank you in advance.
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