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  1. Our interview for 3/31 has been canceled. Wonder if when they reschedule, and the new appointment is past the 1 year expiration of the medical exam my husband got during the K1 application, if he will have to retake the medical. I hope they will extend the validity of those medical exams due to the circumstances!
  2. Thank you for the extra info and well wishes! I might have to take an extra hour off of work just in case. Goodness, I hate going into downtown LA but hopefully it will be short.
  3. Hi, could you let me know how long your whole interview took at the LA office from when you arrived and when you left? We have ours soon and do need to time manage. Congrats on your approval way back then
  4. Hi, we have our interview scheduled for next month and need to know how long the whole interview in the LA office lasted, as our interview is at 8:15 and I have to get to work by 11. Can you let me know how long yours took? Congrats on your approval!
  5. Still waiting for the interview. We are in Southern California so expected a wait. EAD/AP card has been received already.
  6. My fiancé had his biometrics today. Thought we were processed by Santa Ana office but instead were assigned the one in El Monte in Los Angeles county. The place was full and it took an hour to be done. He just needed his appointment letter and passport. What can we expect in terms of the interview date? Are we looking at months from now? We are trying to mesh our finances and getting his name on bills and insurances as proof for the greencard interview but some of this is taking longer than I expected.
  7. Joining the September filings. We sent ours out on Friday and it arrived Monday according to USPS. We are in a hurry to get the travel permit to go to a wedding overseas in next May, so we hope the process goes quickly. I think our office is in Santa Ana also, so I hope to hear any info about it too.
  8. Thank you! We are looking for rings this weekend and hope to get the civil ceremony done next week, and then one for our family later this fall. I hope folks who go through this issue don’t get too worried about stuff that happened decades ago as teen. Highly doubt they will get denied for minor things, but just know to be prepared if they are in a time crunch, as we were. We were lucky it was only a week delay, because we need to travel out of the country next May so needed everything to move fast. Thanks for all your help and all of those on these forums. I’ll write my fiance’s Poe review soon.
  9. Hi Wuozopo, Yes, my fiancé had specified it was for immigration, and there was no information regarding what happened when he was 18 on the police certificate. My fiancé is in the US as of now, and we have yet to get the SAR or police statements sent to us. This leads me to believe that the embassy just called ACRO to verify what happened , and then issued the visa.
  10. Congratulations!! It’s been a long wait for you. Happy you can continue on!
  11. Hi, I don’t have much info to give regarding this matter, but my fiancé did say he had his vision tested on a chart at his medical.
  12. Hi Everyone, Our K1 Visa was approved today, a week after my fiancé had his interview, but I thought I’d share his experience with what happened so others could be prepared. We thought we had everything we needed at the interview but was not aware that having the “no live trace” on the police certificate would pose problems at the interview. We didn’t read the embassy website carefully enough. Anyways, my fiancé had a caution given to him when he was a teen, and the person interviewing him told him they needed to check this out. At the interview, he was given the 221(g) form with instructions to call ACRO and write down what the cautions were given for, and to email that to the embassy. He also had to tell ACRO to give the embassy permission to call to verify. My fiancé did this shortly after he left the interview. In addition, he requested a subject access request (SAR) on the ACRO website and went to his local police station to get copies of statements made at the time the cautions were given. He then emailed the embassy a few days after the interview to see if what he sent them in his email was adequate. He received a generic reply that they will contact him, but even with the visa issued today, he has not received any further email from the embassy regarding the matter, and he has not yet received the SAR or the statements from the police station. Check your police certificates, and if it says “no live trace” on there, it would probably be a good idea to order a subject access request (SAR) through the ACRO website a few months before the interview, and perhaps get copies of statements made to the police at your local police station regarding the incident that took place. This may possibly prevent receiving a 221(g) and a delay, or at least shorten the delay some. The SAR is free to request and can take up to a month to receive. Same with the police statements.
  13. Jamdie, come over to the UK forum. The packet3 is basically just a letter you get from the London embassy telling you that they received your case from NVC and tells you to go apply for the Visa (do the medical, set up the interview). It’s basically for people who aren’t on these forums. Here’s a link to a thread discussing this:
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