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  1. I got this message today and there are 2 problems. The first is NVC sent our case to the wrong embassy despite how I filled out the form. Secondly, it says we received an interview date but I did not see it in the email. The interview date will determine if we have to switch embassies or not since my fiancés student visa is expiring in 2 months. Is anyone able to help with this? Or did anyone else get a similar message but no interview date? Thanks!
  2. I’ve had this argument before with one of the admins. I 100% trust the spreadsheets and the app because it’s reflective of the dismal processing times that they have been denying for months. The admins in that group seem to think that “processing times are increasing because more filers” but that’s not the whole story. Something happened at USCIS back in October 2021 and its just now starting to be addressed. Our group and a few others (March and may) have suffered the most and it took almost 5 months just to get through March and start April. Clearly something was wrong. Also, my approval of NOA2 showed up in the app the same day as I got the official email from USCIS. I fully trust the hard work our group has done to keep track of the numbers in the spreadsheets. I guess the admins in the FB groups are just out of date
  3. Does anyone know what dates are being processed at the NVC stage? Are we just supposed to wait for un undetermined amount of time until our case is in transit? I really don’t understand what’s going on and it seems no one else does either 😅
  4. Hi all, My fiancé will have his interview in Panama but we just got our NOA2 on May 27th, 2022. Has anyone gone through the process with the Panamanian embassy recently that can give us any tips or timelines of how long the embassy phase is? saludos!
  5. This is shocking. I’m really hoping they are just now entering the approvals and we will see a large wave come in towards the end of the day. Otherwise this is so grim
  6. Hey guys, our case was finally approved last week! I was at the lowest point the day before it was approved and completely hopeless and it was a total surprise and shock that we finally got NOA2!! I will remain an active member of this community cheering everyone on until we are all approved. Thank you everyone for the constant support, encouragement, and especially those who make the effort every week to update the chart ❤️
  7. Tbh all of those should be in May and April. It bothers me so much that some are June.
  8. Guys I really can’t do this anymore. I feel defeated, ruined, my mental health is at the lowest it’s ever been and it’s because uscis has pushed my inquiry date back 5 times. I know I’m not alone but I saw June people getting approved today and it made me so upset. I’ve been crying all day
  9. I saw that. I think it’s artificially decreased because of that huge June chunk they worked on instead of focusing on those waiting already over a year. I’m really afraid it will get pushed back again because so many filers are able to now file inquiries yet it looks like they didn’t do a lot of work in the earlier April groups today. Let’s see what the end of the day numbers look like
  10. Wow this is horrendous. I’m very close to giving up and trying to find another option for my fiancé and I to be together
  11. I’ve noticed usually not much changes between midday and the end of the day. So what are the doing for the entire rest of the day????
  12. Super annoying they can manage to do 40 June cases a day when they should be using those precious resources to finish April and start May (Unintentional rhyme)
  13. Happy to see March still getting attention, I hope the remaining legit March couples are approved so soon
  14. Agreed! They should be putting those precious resources into approving remaining March (!!!) and April filers. June still has months before they are outside normal processing time
  15. It’s very upsetting to see June filers being approved ahead of us. What ever happened to “we process cases in the order we receive them” yeah right!
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