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  1. We just got our appointment notice in the mail for AOS July 10th. Much faster than I thought it would be <3
  2. Just sent ours off today, should arrive to the lockbox on Friday. 4/12 Did you guys get signature on your packages? We did on our just curious. Ahhh nice to have my husband here for good now. Cheers.
  3. Hello I am filling out the I-864 for my husbands AOS it asks for tax info for 2018. When I filed my taxes I forgot to put in a W2 from a second job I worked this year, so I amended my tax return. I have a copy of what I sent to the IRS but the tax transcript from the IRS website still shows my old AGI. Should I put the actual amount that includes my other income and attach the amended tax return copy or put the old amount and send just the tax transcript? Thank you!
  4. The civil surgeon near us seems like a good lady she works for the low-income clinic. It's $100 to see her so we will just see her and show her the instructions page for the I693 where it states we only need the vaccine page to be filled out. I'd rather not risk an RFE. Thank you!
  5. I found this and printed it from the USCIS website and I'll take it in with us when we see the civil surgeon. Thank you!
  6. My fiance is here in the US now from England. I was looking over his DS-3025 and under Varicella, it says not routinely available. He had chickenpox as a child. We only have one civil surgeon in our area, she said we need to either have the medical results from London (full medical results) or redo the tests here in order to fill out the I-693. My question- Can she just fill out the vaccine portion of the I-693 or do we need to have it fully completed? ALSO we called the Medical in London where he had his test they said they didn't have the results as they were sent to the embassy. Does anyone know if it is possible to get the medical results from the embassy in London? (Not just vaccine records) Thank you
  7. My fiance seems to think that because he told them he was leaving on the 12th of February ours got issued quickly. They also had his medical on hand because he did it two weeks before so that also could be why, either way we are excited and happy we got to move along quickly. Good luck!
  8. I asked him the next day after he had slept and he said they did ask how we met and the last time we saw each other. I need to update my review.
  9. Our CEAC just changed to issued! ❤️ YAY
  10. Congratulations! Thank you for your updates. It's very helpful! My fiance is planning on flying out in a few weeks we are so excited 😁
  11. Our case got changed today to NONIMMIGRANT AP. I think from what I've read this is a good thing?
  12. I know what you mean. It doesn't help that the lady said "should", she said the same thing to my fiance and he asked her to clarify as well. We just had ours on Thursday, the website hasn't changed for us yet either. But its normal for it to take a few days from what I've read amongst other LND approvals.
  13. We did too but even if we have to pay to change it I'm okay with it. We told them at the interview the day we booked for, I feel pretty confident about it.
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