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  1. Visa ISSUED today!! 😍 (My case was in ADMIN PROCESSING for 3 days) thanks to everyone for your support!
  2. I hear you, I feel in the same exact way 😪
  3. I know, that’s what I keep telling myself. I’m just done with this whole process and the wait. I want to stay with my fiancé and finally start planning our life together.
  4. I feel like I don’t have patience anymore lol The Consul said “in few days/less than a week” so I’m hoping they’ll keep the promise and send me my passport asap
  5. Hi everyone. On Jan. 8th I had my interview at the US Consulate in Naples. I was told that we provided all the needed documents and that our case was approved 😍 The Consul said to expect my passport in the mail in few days. CEAC showed Application Received on the same day of the interview and the header changed to Non Immigrant. Startin from the day after the interview (Jan. 9th) CEAC shows ADMIN PROCESSING and it’s never been updated since then. Anyone has any idea on why my visa hasn’t been issued yet? Previous experiences with the Consulate in Italy show that it shouldn’t take more than 3 days to get the passport in the mail. I’m a little upset, I really thought I would have spent this weekend with my fiancé but no, I’m still stuck here in Italy 😢
  6. yup, APPROVED! 😍 Thank you!
  7. Had my interview yesterday in Naples, Italy As planned so the government shutdown isn’t affecting this specific embassy.
  8. This is the reply from the US Consulate in Naples, Italy Good morning, Please consider your interview confirmed unless you hear differently from the Consulate. Regards, Immigrant Visa Section US Consulate General Naples, Italy
  9. What about the biometrics results that the Embassies need to issue the final visa (I have an interview schedule on Jan. 8th for K1 Fiancé visa). If the Dept of Homeland Security won’t be operative because of the lapse of funding, than they won’t be able to respond to the Embassies...
  10. I received via email the payment confirmation, few days after the payment
  11. Basically my question is: why the CEAC shows “in transit” even if I already have the confirmation from the Italian Consulate that my interview is scheduled and the visa fees are paid? Probably is just the CEAC website not being updated.
  12. I was able to book the interview on the https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-it/iv/information/k_visa website as instructed by the letter received from NVC and already received the confirmation, but the CEAC still shows “in transit”. The pouch reached the Consulate in Italy on Nov., 30th and the above website didn’t let me book the interview until that day so I went ahead thinking everything was ok. Should I worry about something or am I just overthinking?? lol
  13. Shipping labels were created yesterday but the pouches actually left today so try with 11/28 as shipment date.
  14. I was able to pre-book the interview (waiting for payment confirmation now) even if our case is not under “ready status” yet but unluckily the first available date is Jan., 8th I was hoping for something quicker but at least we have a date now. This journey is almost over and I can reconnect with my loved fiancé.😍