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Found 16 results

  1. Hey all I’m starting this thread for any South African couples waiting for their visa to be processed, petition approved, or couples who have already been approved. If you have any stories or advice please do share. I sent my petition in on 02/12/2018 it was delivered 02/15/2018 I received my NOA1 02/20/2018. I’m currently waiting for my NOA2
  2. Hello my fiance and I received P3 from the SA Consulate in Johannesburg and I am trying to book an appointment for an interview however, it keeps saying to check back in a few days, does anyone know how often they post new dates?
  3. Hi all, Can anyone help us? We are trying to figure out the process of obtaining a police clearance from South Africa. My fiancé lived there for a period of time. He is not a citizen of there and no longer lives in that country. We are trying to figure out how to obtain the police clearance. He has completed the fingerprints and can send them via DHL there, but DHL said they don't pick up from there and therefore won't send a return envelope. We can't figure out how to get them from the SAPS when it is complete (since he cannot pick them up). Help!!! Also, do they need the apostille? I'm not familiar with that process, but I don't want the clearance to not be valid. Thanks for any advice!
  4. So Johannesburg consulate is apparently booked up for several months and our visa petition expires August 13th. I am just so frustrated that this isn't going as smoothly as we'd hoped. They only do interviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays so go figure. I am really hoping that there is someway I can get in before the visa expires. There has been so much money, time and effort into this and I am going on half a year without seeing my fiancé, it sucks. Anyone been through this particular situation before? Any good advice, what are the chances of scheduling an emergency review to get in before the expiry date. This is ridiculous that they expect the people to log onto a site everyday in hopes an appointment will open up.
  5. Hi everyone. Can anyone please guide me where to start getting medical/ vaccination records, if i dont have them. Do i contact my medical aid? If ive had different doctors over the years,do i have to contact each and everyone of them and the different clinics? Im trying to gather my documents timely. Thank you
  6. My fiance and I are completely ready for our interview in 10 days- we thought! I got an email from the consulate yesterday noting everything we need to bring including a COMPUTERIZED version of his birth certificate!? Everything we have read has said he needs the original.... which in south africa in the 80s is hand written. We have heard it is possible to get a second copy that is computerized but that it takes 8-12 weeks. Does anyone have any information on this? we are in a full on panic over here!
  7. Hi all - just got a FedEX email notice of a mailed envelop from DSHS (looks like it is coming from my birth state, TX). Seems like this is related to our K1 visa application we submitted in March. Why would I be getting this, and not my fiance (beneficiary)? Did I miss something? Do I need to go for med tests as well? No longer a resident of TX so this seems a bit off. Out of town so won't get the letter until Tuesday - hoping someone knows what this is and can relieve my anxiety before then... Many thanks!
  8. I was wondering, with regards to sponsoring a parent of a US citizen. Can a police clearance certificate be issued if the applicant has outstanding traffic fines or worst case scenario warrants of arrest for outstanding traffic fines? How does this impact the I-130 sponsorship / application?
  9. Hello everyone!!! I hope everyone is doing well and all your paperwork is being processed. In regards to the Removal of Conditions my husband and I submitted ours on July 20, 2017. We have received his one year extension letter and we have completed his biometrics. What should we do when the one year extension letter is expired? It is good until August 2018, and then what happens? What should we do if we do not receive his 10 year GC by then? Please respond with some advise. I really appreciate it. Shelby van der Merwe
  10. Hi all! Here is the situation: My Fiance is currently a South African citizen, living in the UK as a permanent resident, and in the process of completing his UK citizenship (he has completed his Indefinite Leave to Remain, and now is waiting on his Citizenship Ceremony and UK Passport). He began this process before we met, and thought it beneficial to continue even though he will be living here with me in the U.S. We just submitted our I-129F Fiance petition last week (3/16/18). On the application, we noted that he is a South African Citizen, and permanent resident of the UK. Questions: - Has anyone been in this same situation? What consulate did they make you go to for your interview? We are obviously hoping he will go in UK (London) as he hasn't lived in South Africa for 10+ years. - His SA passport will be invalid as soon as his UK goes into effect. Will they put the K1 in his UK passport (even though he filed as a SA Citizen)? - Has this caused anyone delays? Will they make us re-file after he gets his UK citizenship. A bit worried and concerned this may slow down the process. One attorney told us it is fine, that he would just wait to make his Interview appointment until he had his UK passport, and they would put the visa in that one. Meanwhile, while we wait, he will be traveling on his South African passport. I hope this makes sense and thank you in advance for your help!
  11. Hello everybody! My fiance just scheduled his interview in Johannesburg, South Africa for March 20, so we're hurrying to make sure we have all of the required documents/proof in order! Those of you who have already attended an interview and gotten accepted for the visa, what did you use as proof of your relationship? We sent a LOT of proof with our I-129F, so I'm not sure what more I need to bring. (I'll be attending with him, so instead of mailing things I will be bringing them with me). I'm thinking: - Multiple photos of us. From the last time we saw one another, the first time we met, everything in between, engagement, and photos taken of us skyping, etc. - Skype/Facetime chat logs (There's a LOT) - Gifts/Packages/Mail we've sent to one another while apart - Social Media posts/comments shared (I'm not sure if this would even be considered as proof of a relationship) - what else would we need?
  12. Hey everyone! So my husband is planning to travel to South Africa for his sisters wedding next month. He has received his one year extension letter for his removal of conditions so that will end up expiring in August 2018. Is he allowed to travel with just that letter and his expired green card? Do we need to do anything else? Can anyone send me a link to any government article that states that is all he needs to travel? If anyone is currently or have just received their 10 year/removal of conditions. Can you please tell me how long it took you to get it? I am getting so nervous for him to travel and I need to make sure he will be allowed back in the US with that letter.. Please help me. Shelby van der Merwe
  13. Hi Everybody.. My CR1 case is currently at the NVC.. my supporting Documents have been sent and should be arriving today.. all these should be in order, and say the NVC gets through my file in the allotted 30 days... how long is the normal wait time to get an interview date in Johannesburg? Thanks so much
  14. Hey guys. My fiance (beneficiary) and I are currently waiting for our application to arrive at the American embassy in Johannesburg. We have only a week or so and really want to hit the ground running when it gets there. What should we expect Packet 3 to ask us for? I saw an old thread where it's supposedly one, large online form now? But I also heard I'll need to send him an updated "intent to marry" letter. Is that still true? Does it need to be fresh ink signature and I snail mail it over (because booooo, if so)? Can anyone give any insight as to what we can prepare before we get packet 3? And is there a packet 4? Thanks!
  15. Hello everyone! I am starting this forum so that it can be a support system for those of use who have fiances/fiancees in African counties. Let's face it, people who come from these countries have a bad stigma attached to them (thanks to racism ) and we all know how great America is at discriminating against people from this continent (and people of color in general). This forum is for you all to share your frustrations and your stories about your process. There are so many stories about people from African countries getting treated poorly at US embassies during the interview and other parts of the process. This forum is to also promote hope. I live in Atlanta and we have plenty of people here from Nigeria, Ghana, and Ethiopia. So obviously people from African countries are allowed in America, but it's not always as easy as someone who is from a European or Asian country. So spill your heart out, we are all here to support. Please make sure comments are respectful. I searched and there was not another forum like this. Anyways, my fiance is from Cameroon. We filed for the K1 and got out NOA1 on November 1st. 2017. We are playing the waiting game now.
  16. Hello everyone! I hope your visa processes are going smoothly (despite the higher processing times lately)! I have a question for anyone who might have an answer! My fiance is from Mauritius and it’s where he’s currently staying while we wait for his K-1. After doing some research on the Embassy websites and VJ, we learned that he’ll have to go to the Johannesburg Embassy in South Africa for his medical and interview. The problem with this is there’s no definite timeline of how long he’ll need to be there for. I’ve read the medical should be done 10 Days prior to your interview, so there’s 10 Days, then the interview and then the days it will take for him to get his passport back with his visa in it. I was planning on meeting him there for a vacation together before he comes over here, but I’m not sure how much time I should plan to take off of work. My position is “temporary” so I can take off as much as I would like, but I don’t want to be there longer than I plan to. Any word of advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!