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  1. I was in London yesterday for my interview and thankfully I was approved! I didn't get back my police certificate and just wanted to make sure this was normal? If anyone could let me know that would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Thanks!
  2. Our case has changed to In Transit. NVC case number received 10/10
  3. I think we are!! 🤣 Crazy we had exactly the same received date and NOA2!!!
  4. NOA2 date September 24th! Hopefully don't have to wait too long for NVC 😀
  5. Got an approval!! Old site February 6th New Site February 12th NOA2 September 24th I got an email to say that action had been taken on our case. The update appeared on the new website but not the old. For anyone still waiting, my fiancé visited his local congress office on Monday. He was able to speak to someone super helpful who put in an inquiry for us. Maybe just coincidence but we were notified of an approval the next day.
  6. I have the same date and no answer ☹️
  7. My fiancé just called and got told the exact same ☹️ It's so disheartening!
  8. My Fiancé is an Independent Contractor but for multiple companies. On the I-134 Part 3 it asks what the person is self-employed as. Would I be correct in saying that for multiple companies to use the additional information sheet? Would it also be best to put the company name and address too? Also would annual income come for question 3 of part 3 from line 22 on the 1099? Just wondered if anyone had been in a similar situation or knows what would be best to put. Any help of advice would be greatly appreciated! 😀 Thanks!
  9. Our pack was delivered on February 6th and we have just received a confirmation text. Fingers crossed anyone still waiting hears soon!
  10. Pack delivered to Lewisville on Tuesday 6th