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    We met on an online game through mutual friends. We stayed up the first night talking and drinking (5am for me and 11am for him!!). We knew from that night that we were meant to be together. We met in person a month later and have been inseparable (except for distance) since! I can't wait to marry him and start our permanent life together <3.

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  1. I'm in the Milligan lawsuit. My fiance got his interview date in Stockholm for May 18th.
  2. Hi! I was wondering if anyone from Norway has joined the 3rd round of Milligan V. Pompeo (Blinken)? I would love to have someone to chat with through this!
  3. So if our petition has gone from NVC to the embassy we should be ok?
  4. I just don’t see how that is accurate at all! Even during covid and NVC not really sending cases, mine was transferred to the embassy in 6 months. Approved March and transferred to Sweden in September. What’s he on about? Lol
  5. So heartbreaking for those trying to get K1s. Embassies are using the ban as an excuse to not process.
  6. Still doesn't take away the fact that it is $2000 extra into the immigration process. I was just saying it's too bad that this is happening in general. I wish we didn't have to pay an extra $1000 or $2000 or for a stay in another country for 14 days or another flight. You get what I'm alluding to, right? I was just stating that it's unfortunate that this is happening to everyone. My comment did not take away the value of your investment in the lawsuit.
  7. You bring up some good points! I think the uncertainty has been the worst part in all of this. And it must be super hard on you and your fiancé to be sooooo close. I wish you luck in whatever path you choose!
  8. I’ve learned that it will cost $2000 to join in the next round of plaintiffs. I don’t have that kind of money to put into this so I unfortunately will be in the wait and see category here. I am trying to remain hopeful that something will come out of this for non plaintiffs or the travel ban will indeed be lifted by Trump or Biden after his inauguration. Once processing does begin for non plantiffs, I think my petition will be close to the top as we were approved at the end of March, so that is something to keep me positive.
  9. Too bad it now costs $2000, which I can bet a lot of people don’t have to throw into this right now.
  10. That is so awesome for you guys!! I am genuinely happy for you but simultaneously so frustrated with the US govt. These blanket travel bans are beyond ridiculous. Croatia’s cases are in worse shape than Norway’s but our embassy will not process visas due to the travel ban. Why is Norway banned but not Croatia? It is just beyond frustrating. I’m sorry if this turned your post negative but I feel I needed a little vent. But I am absolutely so happy for you and your fiancé and I hope you guys get the chance to be together for the holidays!!
  11. I’m jealous but happy for you!! Keep us updated on how it goes! ❤️
  12. Yeah, that’s true. It just sucks...I’m tired of waiting. But I know this is only the beginning of waiting on the whole immigration process. Fingers crossed some good news comes soon for all of us!
  13. That’s where I’m going too. Maybe it’s because my status is still In Transit? Which I think is odd because I received an email on September 16th stating it would be shipped to the embassy and it hasn’t changed since then
  14. Where did you obtain this screenshot? I am looking at my status on ceac.state.gov and it looks a little different than this. Mine doesn’t show dates.
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